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The Reason Of My Life …… Chapter 3

Good day lovelies 😀😀😀. How are you? Hope all are fine this lovely Friday! I know many of you want me to update regularly and I’m updating always with time gaps. Im honestly so sorry about it! Ans ill try my best to post soon!! Okay… here comes the 3rd part 😀😀😀. I left you readers curious last part so today you will know what’s the mystery 😁😁😁.


Previously on “The Reason Of My Life”……,


Her words halted when he pressed her to the nearest wall, holding both her hands behind her. His eyes are blazing with anger, making her get scared. “Think 1000 times before pointing your finger at someone. Just because I stay quiet and listen to all the rubbish you say about me always, doesn’t mean I’d do that forever. Don’t take my silence as a weakness!! What I did was what I had to do and I don’t regret any of it!! You wanna know the true story right? Ok, then listen!! The truth is that I never loved you! NEVER!! Dr. Malhotra told me to keep you and Veer separated and that’s why I did all that drama in the past!! I don’t care about you at all, even if you lived or died!! I respect and trust Dr. Malhotra a lot! That’s why I helped him and married you that day!! That’s the truth!!” Sanchi had tears glistening in her eyes. “You’re saying this marriage is a burden, but in truth, you’re the burden to me!!! Marrying you was the worst thing happened in my life, even if I did that to help Dr. Malhotra!! So why don’t we just end this? You want to walk out from this marriage and I want to get rid of you. The only option is a divorce!!”




He let go of her and took a file from a drawer and signed it. He placed it on her hand. She was looking at him shocked because of what he said.


“Here! I already signed it and now your turn. Just SIGN IT AND GET OUT OF MY LIFE!!” He snapped to her and went out slamming the door.


Sanchi still couldn’t recover from the the shock she got from his words. She slowly opened the file to see, **Divorce Papers??**


Tears rolled down her eyes. **Why am I getting so affected seeing these papers? I knew we’d come to this step sooner or later!! Then why!!!** She slid down to the floor, holding the file.


It’s not because she love him or anything. Of course she does not love him. Her marriage happened to save her dignity or as a big conspiracy. Either way it was an unwanted marriage. It has to end if both parties agree. But the thing is getting a divorce isn’t a simple thing like the daily soaps show us. It’s a big decision that we have to take carefully. Just as same a marriage changes many people’s lives and relationships, a divorce does too.


Thinking carefully, she got up and wiped her tears away. Clutching the papers with her hand she came out of the hospital. There is only one who can help her to make the decision. She has to meet her.


Taking a taxi, she came to the temple. She prayed to god. **Now only you can help me. Please guide me. I don’t know what to do. He did a big drama and betrayed me. I don’t love him. I don’t want to stay with him even a minute!! But divorcing him now…. is it the right thing to do? Please guide me… please guided me to take the right decision…!!**


A gust of wind blown. Temple bells started to make a huge noise. Then there was a weak voice. The noise reduced making the voice audible. It was like a little murmur. Sanchi turned back to see what is this noise and where it came from. There was a person sitting on the steps of the temple. Coming near she saw it was an old lady. She had a big wound on her head. Sanchi quickly took out a small firstaid box from her bag which she carried with her wherever she go and treated her wound.


“How did you get this wound aunty?” She asked kindly.


“A car… it ran over me… they didn’t even stop to see I’m alive or not. They just ran away….” old lady replied.


Sanchi just shook her head in disappointment thinking how low people are these days.


Meanwhile the old lady was looking at Sanchi intently. “Dr. Sahiba, I don’t have money to pay you…”


“I don’t expect you to! I became a doctor to help people. Not to take their money! Wait, how do you know I’m a doctor?”


The lady smiled kindly. “I know many things dear. I will tell you something as a repayment for helping me. There’re many people in your life. Some are good. Some are bad. Bad people want nothing but your destruction. They even go to the point to manipulate your loved ones. Good people will do nothing but good. Sometimes their good deeds are visible like clean water, sometimes hidden with dirt. You need to be wise enough to see all this”


“I don’t understand what you’re trying to say aunty…”


“You will understand eventually, beta”


“Are you an astrologer?”


The lady smiled gently. “No beta, I’m a retired principal. I have the ability to tell about people’s lives since childhood. And nothing I said proven wrong till today. You helped me and I’m giving you a simple advice today” she stood up and kept her hand on Sanchi’s head. “Remember very well. People can be deceiving. Sometimes the people we love the most would betray us. But always trust the people who love you. They never want anything but your happiness. You should understand that before you take any big decision in your life. So don’t trust the people you love blindly, trust the people who love you….” She slowly climbed down the stairs leaving Sanchi puzzled.


Sanchi on the other hand wasn’t able to get anything. The lady almost repeated the same thing over and over again. “But what does it mean? People who I love and people who love me? Everyone I love, loves me too…” She had turned back to God’s idol unknowingly. She looked on confusedly. “What was- wait! I’m I not understanding something? Is there anything more that I can’t see?” Her eyes went to the divorce papers on the floor. “What is it? What is it you’re trying to say maa? I don’t know. But I’ll find out. Only on that day, I will sign these papers and walk away from this unwanted relation!”


By the time Sanchi reached home, no one was there to be seen. She knows Kabir is home coz his car was outside but even he isnt anywhere. There was her dinner kept on the table. She got teary eyed seeing it 😢😢😢.




Sanchi was crying after Veer told her that Kabir married her to help Dr. Malhotra’s plans. Kusum saw her and came to her.


“Sanchi… beta kya hua?” She asked caressing her head.


Sanchi told her everything Veer said. Kusum got so shocked. “And you believe him? You think my son, my Kabir would do something awful like that?” 


“Why not? It’s the truth. I know it’s hard for you to accept it aunty… But Dr. Kabir would do anything for Dr. Malhotra. He’s trusting him blindly. So it’s not hard to believe he would do such a thing…”


Kusum got away from Sanchi. “You know nothing about the relation between Kabir and Dr. Malhotra. You know nothing about my son, Sanchi. It’s easy to accuse someone than trying to find the actual truth!! My son married you that day to save you from the evil society. At least be greatful for that!!”


From that day, Kusum wasn’t how she used to be. She treated Sanchi as a guest. One day when Sanchi was going to make something in the kitchen, she stopped her.


“You don’t have to do all this Sanchi. Malthi and I can manage. We don’t make our guests do household chores. So just relax!”


……….end of flashback……….


It really hurt her very much. Kusum aunty had always loved her. Her cold behaviour was like her own mother is angry with her. But no matter how angry she was, she always made sure Sanchi had everything she needs. Specially when it comes to food. Same as right now.  She started to eat her dinner but didn’t failed to notice Kusum’s shadow, that went away when she started eating. She continued her meal with a smile 🙂🙂🙂.


Finishing her dinner, she cleared her plates and thought to get some sleep to wake up early. When she was passing by Kusum’s room, she heard voices.


“You don’t have to tell me what to do Golu!”


**What are they talking about? Anyway what’s that to me?** she thought to go but stopped when she heard her name.


“But maa you always treated Sanchi like your daughter. Now what’s this difference?”


“Because of the way she behaves with you! I’m your mother Kabir. I know you didn’t do anything wrong. Why don’t you just tell her?”


“You know why maa. But please don’t blame her”


“But Golu she-“


“Please maa, treat her like who you used to… soon she will go from here. After that you’d miss her…”


Outside Sanchi was getting emotional. She went to her room. **He’s asking aunty to be how she used to be? But why? Earlier he admitted he’s helping Dr. Malhotra and now this… I don’t understand him……** Different thoughts kept her awake that whole night.


Two days have passed and yet Sanchi couldn’t figure out what that old lady tried to imply. Everyone was working normally. The only thing that was obvious to everyone was the distance between Dr. Kabir and Dr. Sanchi. Everyone came to the conclusion that it was because of the sudden marriage except Pragya, Isha, Veer, Garv, Riya and evil Malhotra. But even that group had different opinions on the situation.


Sanchi had already told Veer about the divorce papers Kabir gave her. And Veer being his usual self, encouraged her to sign it and leave ‘the shameless puppet of Dr. Malhotra’ as soon as possible. Those were his exact same words.


Sanchi too had agreed but she couldn’t tell him what that old lady had said. Today she wanted to tell him and ask what he thinks about it. So she’s on a task to find him. She looked everywhere but no Veer.


“Dr. Sanchi, can you give this file to Dr. Kabir? I just saw him going towards the hostel” Dr. Singhania asked.


“Sure sir” she got the file and went to the hostel hoping to find Veer there too.


Back in the hospital, Kabir came to Dr. Singhania and asked for the file. “Dr. Kabir, I saw you going to the hostel. So I gave it to Sanchi to give you. She just went to the hostel”


“Ok sir. I’ll get it from her” Kabir too went to the hostel looking for Sanchi.


Sanchi looked for both Kabir and Veer. First for Kabir coz the file is important. But instead of him, she heard Veer and his friends voices coming from Veer’s room. They were laughing. **Must be having a party** The door was slightly cracked open. She thought to talk to Veer while she found him. She was about to knock on the door when-


“Veer, mere dosth! What a plan you made to take revenge from that Sanchi!” – Garv


**What? Revenge?** Sanchi wondered what they’re talking about.


“Hahaha!! She’s so stupid to believe that I would marry her!! Did she honestly believed I forgave her mother for shooting my maa? No Garv!! I will never forgive her. Because of her, my maa is in a coma again!! I planned all this marriage drama to humiliate Sanchi. Imagine how it would’ve been? Hahaha….! Bride is waiting for a groom that will never come!! Hahaha….!” – Veer


“Yeah! And you made sure her mother come out of jail too!” – Garv


“Of course yaar! How can I let her miss the opportunity to see her daughter humiliated? I got a special permission from the court, just for this!! 😂😂😂 But last moment that Dr. Kabir foiled all my plans!! He married her and became the hero 😡😡😡. She believed him too. That’s why I cooked up a story about Kabir helping Dr. Malhotra. She believed it roo easily. She didn’t thought once, that a person as honest like Dr. Kabir can’t play with a girl’s live 😂😂😂”


“But now they’re getting divorced right?” – Garv


“Yeah. I thought he would give a fight. But he’s giving up on her too easily. After their divorce, Sanchi won’t have Dr. Kabir to help her. It would be so easy to shatter her 😈😈😈” The second Veer finished, the door of his room opened slowly. He, Garv and other looked curiously, only to reveal Sanchi on the other side.






Finally!! The mystery about Sanchi’s marriage is revealed!! Did anyone guesses something like this would happen??? 😀😀😀 if you did, then you and I are thinking alike 😁😁😁.


Ok I hope you guys like today’s part!! See you soon with another part 😀😀😀 and don’t forget to press the like button if you like it 😉😉😉 see you later alligators 🐊🐊🐊 love you 😘😘😘

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