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Tere sukoon ke liye ho jaau mein fanaah IshOm ff part-61

Hi everyone, how are you all. I missed you all a lot. I know you must be angry at me for disappearing like that. sorry for that, i was busy in my internship programme. Hope you all remember me and my story. If you don’t here is the link to the previous chapters

Here is the next part of the ff. kind of filler but as i am writing after a long time, i could only manage this. I just tried to make the connect with story which i lost by being busy. Hope i get the same love from you all which i used to. “fingers crossed.”


The silence

Omkara reached home gulping his tears. He does not to let any of his brothers’ notice his state. He headed to the bar room in a hope that alcohol may help him ignore the pain of his heart.

He took a drink sitting there on the table and lost in Ishanya’s thoughts. He took a sip and remembered how she took his hand from hers and held aadi’s hand.

He shut his eyes trying to block her memories but failed to do so.

‘What happened to you Omkara?  You do know that she doesn’t have any feelings for you, then why are you so sad seeing her accepting her ex back? What do you expect from her when you hadn’t even let her know about your feelings? Stop this crying now!’ He thought to himself trying to be composed.

‘How can I? How can I not feel sad after seeing her going away from me? I love her. I love her a lot and I want her. I want to be the shoulder she rests to cry, I want to be the support she needs. I want to be the medicine for her wounds. I want to be the reason for her happiness. Hell, I want to be the reason for her to live like she became mine. She had become my everything in this short span, she became important to him more than his brothers.’

Omkara got surprised at the intensity of his feelings. He did know that he loves her a lot. But he hadn’t realized that she had become the mere reason of his existence and that he expects the same from her. He thought he is fine with his feelings. He doesn’t have any expectations from her and all. But see now, when she is going away from him he realized how much he wants her.

He is angry at himself for developing this intensity on her when he knows very well that she can’t fulfill any of his expectations. He knew that she won’t even accept his feelings for her. Then why the hell did he developed all these?! He thought to himself and cursed himself for the state he is in right now.

Omkara was lost in his thoughts when Rudra came there and expressed his surprise in seeing him there.

“O!! You are back?! Where is slapping fairy?” Rudra asked cheerfully.

“She told me to go back and said that she’ll return on her own.” Omkara replied in dull tone.

Rudra noticed it but chose to ignore it and cheer him up.

“What is this O? You are celebrating about our sister’s wedding news alone!! This is bad O. You should have waited for your brothers’. Have you forgotten our brothers’ code? Celebrations or sorrows we will face everything as one united.” Rudra said making Omkara more emotional.

Omkara hugged Rudra tightly and tried to control his tears. He doesn’t want to show his tears to his brothers’ especially not to the younger one but right now he needed a supporting shoulder which is offering by Rudra.

Rudra got surprised by his brother’s sudden hug. He can sense that something huge has happened that his O is taking his shoulder for support.

“What happened, O?!!” Rudra asked coming out of the hug but Omkara stayed mum and looked at his drink.

Rudra knew that Omkara won’t share his worry with him. Even if Omkara doesn’t say he know that he takes him as a child even now and don’t express his worries to him.

So he said, “Ok, then. Let me call bade bhaiyya and then you both can sort it out,” and stood up to go to Shivaay as both of them go to him only when something happens rather than sharing with each other.  Though the three of them are supportive to each other it is Shivaay who is the main pillar of support to them.

But today Omkara had taken a step down and let his younger brother see his worry as Omkara needed his both brothers now. He stopped Rudra by holding his wrist and said, “Just sit with me here Rudra. I don’t want to be alone,” in such a tone that Rudra now got scared to leave him alone and just sat beside him as Omkara held his hand trying to fill the emptiness left by Ishanya’s hand.

With his other hand Rudra messaged Shivaay to come to bar room as soon as possible. Seeing Omkara like this Rudra is scared and worried but tried to be strong for his brother and said, “Bhaiyya will be here in a minute O. Don’t worry, whatever it is all three of us will sort everything out like we always do.”

Hearing it Omkara looked at him and gave sad smile saying, “It is not a problem to solve Rudra. It’s just that my heart is aching.” His voice cracked and a tear slid down from his eye.

Rudra got confused hearing this. Before he can say anything, “who hurt your heart Omkara?” Shivaay asked from the door. OmRu turned to him while he walked towards them and sat beside Omkara.

Omkara just looked down at his glass and stayed mum not knowing how to tell about his heart break to his brothers. It’s not that he is uncomfortable in sharing it with them, he just doesn’t have the strength to give words to his pain. So he just looked down at his glass.

Shivaay looked at him patiently and asked again, “What happened Om?” by placing his hand on his shoulder while Rudra just looked on.

Still Omkara stayed quiet without replying, confusing both the brothers. ShivRu stared at each other not knowing the cause of distress of their Om.

Shivaay looked at Omkara once again and took a deep breath and said, “It’s ok, if you don’t want to talk. We are just here.”

Omkara was about to take a sip of his drink when Shivaay stopped holding his hand and said, “When we are here to make you forget the bad things, why do you need this?!”

Omkara looked at him to see the pure love of his brother and he couldn’t hold his tears any longer and let them free.

Both the brothers held hands of Omkara, while he was silently letting his tears flow. Minutes passed in this silence, no one uttered a single word but so many questions were running in their mind.

Ishanya reached Oberoi Mansion. She is feeling light now as she had taken off the weight of pain and rejection off her shoulders. She is so eager to share this with Omkara. He had stood by her as her pillar of strength. Even after being friends with Omkara, she has her insecurities on and she couldn’t bring herself to trust him completely. But after today she trusts him wholly.

As she entered inside the mansion, she went straight to the kitchen as she thought the O’bros’ might be there as usual. But to her surprise she found the kitchen empty. She went to the pool side thinking they must be chilling out there, but they weren’t there too. She thought to check his room and went upstairs.

She met the girls who were chit chatting in the lobby.

“See, Ishanya di had came!” Soumya exclaimed seeing her. She smiled at them and went to them.

“di we were talking about you only.” Said priyanka smiling at her.

“Me? What about me?” she asked them in surprise.

“You know now wedding got fixed, I want you to design my outfits.” Priyanka said.

“Ofcourse, I will.” Ishanya replied at her fondly.

“Ishanya, aap ki haath mein ye thaali kya hai?” Annika asked noticing the plate in her hands.

“Ah….invitation hai, ek purane dost ki shaadi hai.” She replied hesitating a little.

“Anyway, where is Omkara?” she asked looking for him.

“All three of them are in the bar room.” Replied Soumya.

“Behen ki shaadi the ho ne ki khushi mana rahe hai!” added Annika.

“Oh! Fine then, I’ll meet them there.” Said and put that thaali on the center plate before heading to the bar room.

She went to the bar room and found complete silence contrary to what she expected. When she saw all three brothers back facing her holding each other’s hands, she knew something had gone wrong and the silence itself is spelling sadness to her.

She stepped inside quietly not wanting to shake them out of whatever they are in.

“Omkara….” she called softly after reaching near to them.

Surprised by the voice all the 3 O’bros’ turned back at the once. But Ishanya only saw Omkara and his tears. She shocked to see him in that state.


So, how is it?? Good bad or worse? Do tell me your views honestly. I am so looking forward to talk with you all and know your opinions. And yeah, let me remind you i want long comments. 🙂

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