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Swasan FF – Some answers of my questions (Episode 12)

She waited for him to give him his pendrive for a vry long time but he did not come to college that day…that day she messaged him that why he did not come,she waited for him,the next day she will be absent,he will get his pendrive the day after tommorow,,,immediately a reply flashed on the screen,”oh sorry shona,acutally i have some work so i did not come,its ok my pendrive is with u so no worries😀” and after that their chats started in one day she finds him a very interesting person,and he too feels good after talking with her,,,in the college when she give him the pendrive and he gives her a dairy milk too,after that day they used to talk regularly,they have small,cute fights too but they again become friends,,,,,,,,,,,one day they had a big fight over a small topic of chilli chicken😂😂😂and their chat seems to end like this

Sanskar:r u mad haa,,,dont uplift this topic next time😠
Swara:ok i will  not,but when u scold me u should use correct words😒+
Sanskar:when i use bad words????😲
Swara:no u didnt but next time scold me for unappropiate topic😔
Sanksar:ok i will not,gooood night😞
Swara:hmmm ok,good night
Sanskar:good night

Swara:gooood night
Sanskar:good night
After 2 mins he again give a message
Sanskar:did u sleep???….
Swara does not give any reply for 5 mins<br>
Then she said:no

Swara:dont know
Sanksar:me too…
Swara:hmmm,,,,it is raining heavily…
Sanskar:hmmmm….n i want to drench in it….<br>
Swasan now again started to behaved normally(silly fights,,,,pagal hein dono;hahaha)
Swara:hmmm….if u get drenched then u will catch fever,but if u want to drench then gooo
Sanskar:hmmmm,,,i want to go but no one is here
Swara:there are lots of people u can go

with anyone
Sanskar:yess there r,but…..its not so fun to drench with anyone there should be some other…………………………………..(i guess guys u will understand about whom he is talking)
Swara:hmmmmm…….u know sir,yesterday all of our friends get drenched in rain we had so much fun…..sometimes u join us it will be lots of fun
Sanskar:ok i will,n if u r here this time i would surely have get drenched in rain
Swara:hmmmmmmmmmm ok then we will surely get drenched oneday…..we will shout,dance and sing we will have loads of fun……😊
Sanskar:ok u will shout,but i will not……

Swara:oh yess i know u r so shy no…..but i will surely shout…..coz u knowme….m nlot shy typess….
Sanskar:yes yes i knw rani victoria……
Swara:m not victoria😒…….shuuu……sir,sir have u slept?
Sanskar:if i would have slept then how could i talk to u!madam….
Swara:oh i see sirrr…….
They were in each others house but both giggled in the same time…..
Swara:sir the the shirt u were today was so good….
Sanskar:oh come on that was not nice i guess..

Swara:wo wo sir!i think someone said u that thing!

Swara:why do u listen other peoples saying,just be yourself were what u love,do what u like….ok!
Sanskar:hmmmm its true i loved the shirt…thnk u shona u r really good….
Swara: oh yes i know that i m good actually my late brother too wear a same shirt……😔
Sanskar know about her brothers deathso he changed to topic to cheer her…..

Sanskar:oh madam its late now go and sleep m feeling very sleepy now good night

Swara:okz okz good night….

After few days sanskar were the same shirt and looked towards swara for her reaction…. swara cutely smiled and blinked at him…….many days went like that;sometimes they used to fight like cat and dog but still sanskars love and affection are increasing for her and swara she just could not understand her feelings
They never talk too much in public but in message they just cant stop blabbering
One day swara scloded him badly because he just joked with her after sometime she feeled very bad and texted him it was about 2.30 a.m

Swara:sir m sry for what i have said but today somethimg very bad happened to me so i just give out all my frustation at u
The next day when he woke up he immediately replied in a conscious way
Sanskar:what happened shona!
Swara woked up late that day when she wake she finds his message and said

Swara:wo actually sir nothing,m sry for yesterdays incident
Sanskar:what swara just tell me na,its me only whom else u will tell ha,say pls
Swara:actually last night One boy disturbed me very much,he whistle at me,bad mouthed me,hiss eyes were just penentrating at me,i could not bear him,but he roam around me all the time…..
Sanksar:who was that guy,tell his name,and why u roam alone at night are u any superhero or what ha!😠and and u should have punch him hard!

Swara:oh oh it was late night,i was alone so by fighting with him i dont want to become sunny deol and he was drunk tooo
Sanskar:hmmm…..listen stay away from that type of guys ok…..and take care i know u r a brave girl
Swara:hmmm ok see u tommorow……..

Day by day they were becoming close……all of the students talk about their company they were so comfortable with each other….many months passed like that when they started talking they dont need any one else,sanskar know that he love her but swara just think him as a friend
swaras character was little bit complex,tomboyish,simple,beauty with brain,with her gorgeous talks and cute smile,cool girl,little bit short tempered,she never belive in love,never ever in a millon years she thought about marriage and all she just focused at her carrier and a pure soul,clean character she has many good friends,no boyfriends till then,bubbly girl,but if someone badmouthed her or her friends she will never spare them……

Sanskar was the handsome hunk all girls go flat on him,he belived in love,he has 3 ex girlfriends till he join swaras college,good boy,respect girs a lot,support them in every way,wanted to marry someone who truly understands him,carrier conscious,bubbly and cheerful,some extra care for swara,wanted to see her face all the time……

Days were passing like that,whenever they did not talk to each other they miss their moments so much,swara was till now unable to know her feelings,he got to know about her,she was like a lottle kid for him so innocent but when she becane angry she was like rani lakhsmi bai(actually by sanskars pov)swara shared all her things with him he was like her best friend and he too listens each and every thing without saying a word she belived on him the most…..sanskar wamted to confess his love but was unable to do so……but one day he decided to confess his love…………….

Guys i know i updated this epi very late but i shifted to a new house and so did not get time to uldate but now i promise u that i will update the next part soon sorry for my mistakes pls drop ur comments i got so less comments for my epis thnk u alll love u guys….

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