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Swasan- A complicated love story!! (71) (A chance)

Sujata entered swara’s room and saw her crying bitterly sitting in corner with the side of bed..

Sujata rushed to her and engulfed her in a bone crushing hug and consoled her..

Sujata- na putter.. plz dont cry..??
its not ur mistake.. what has happened has happened.. we cant change anything .. its god wish..

Swara- nhi maa.. all this happened because of me.. just because of me.. i m the sole reason behind all the mishappening..

Maa. see. because of me only u are away from ur family.. u are not going to them .. n see my destiny.. m cha kar bhi sabke pass nhi jaa sakti..

She was crying bitterly..

Sujata didnt get what she should do to make her calm.. then thought to remind her the happy moments..

Sujata- see puttar.. dont cry now..
that day also u were crying like this only.. when u left home and i came along with u.. u know na everything became fine after that.. dekhna aab bhi jaldi se sab theek ho jayega..

Listening to this swara started reminding those days..


Swara left home with sujata and settled in adi’s flat..


Swara was crying bitterly thinking about all the past happenings in her life..and cursing herself for her mom’s departure from family

Sujata came with food tray in her room.. but when she saw swara crying bitterly.. she ran to her and made her calm..

Sujata- kya hua puttar?? why are u crying?? kuch hua h kya?? tell me.. i will solve everything.. kisne rulaya mere bacche ko.. ?? (cupping her face)

Swara- maa.. (still crying in her embrace) u r away from family becoz of me na.. i m feeling guilty to make u away from them.. the reason of sorrow in our house is me only..

Sujata- na puttar aaise ni kahte..
n where i m away from from family.. we are living in same city.. whenever we want we can talk with them or meet them.. and then .. its just for some days na.. untill u become normal.. then we will live like a happy family..
Chalo.. Aab chup ho jao.. (wiped her tears)

Swara smiled a little..

Sujata- thats like my good baccha..

After few days.. everything was going smooth and normal..

Swara sujata chinki always spend their weekends with whole family.. but Alas! Sanskarwas nevver a part of this celebration..

He think himself to be responsible for all mishappening and swara departure from family..

He think that if he will come in front of her.. she will be sad.. so he always maintained distance from swara for her happiness..

This change is noticed by everyone.. and all were sad for him..

Swara was comming out from her past and wanted to give him as chance as she too started loving him.. (seeing his caring and protective nature towards herself) but didnt get how to speak..

One day she went to sujata to talk about this..

Swara- maa. i wanted to tell u something..

Suju- ha puttar bol na..

Swara- maa.. vo m .. vo m soch re thi ki .ki.. i mean..

Sujata- (cupped her face) i know beta.. u wanna give a chance to sanskar?? na.. (Swara shyly nooded)

Swara- par ma.. aapka beta to mujhse door bhag rha h..?? (sadly)

Suju- par vo ye sab tere liye hi to kar ra h.. taki tujhe uski presence me awkward feel na ho..

Swara nooded understandingly..

Swara- par maa. gara aaise hi rha to how will i tell him that i wanted to move on from past and is willing to give him a chance..

Sujata- (thinking something) hmm.. to ye baat hh.. my baby want to talk with sanskar but he is not even making eye contact with her so how will she proceed.. haina..

Swara nooded with sad expressions..

Sujata- hmm.. i think i shold make some plan to unite my children..

Swara- i m sorry maa. but i dont wanna be his wife.. i just wanna start my friendship with him again.. hope u are understanding..

I mean .. maa becoz of me he is ignoring his health… he is not that old sanky.. which he used to be.. he is getting pale day by day.. i know he did mistake but still i cant see him like that.. afterall he used to be my friend..

Sujata smiled at her daughter’s confession and petted her head.. and thought something to unite them atleast as friends..

Hello friends!! Thats it for today.. I know its smll .. But plz do read it n leave ur valuable views in comments..


See u soon..

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