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Shakti 20th April 2018 Written Episode Update

Shakti 20th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shanno tells Raavi that arrangements need to be done still. Veeran talks on phone regarding arrangements. Balwinder comes and says he got her perfume from the market. Raavi gets happy and tries perfume on her hand. Soumya is sad. Harman looks at her. Raavi says she wants to use all perfume bottle, afterall her brother’s marriage is happening with complete woman. Balwinder says you said right. Jasleen comes there. Soumya leaves seeing her. Preeto looks at Jasleen and Harman. Jasleen says we can’t celebrate our marriage openly like others. Harman says marriage celebration don’t guarantee that we will have a happy life ahead and goes. Jasleen says Harman. Preeto tells Raavi that your brother is marrying a complete woman, you want to have full perfume, I shall help you and sprays all perfume bottle on her

and asks her to dance all night. Raavi is upset. Shanno asks her if she got happiness and asks her to do some important work. Preeto comes to Soumya and is upset. Soumya asks why you are upset and worried, let this happen. She says Harman will not feel good to see you unhappy. Preeto says am I looking sad and says I am his Preeto and he will understand my fake happiness.

Harak Singh comes to Soumya and asks who was that caller. Soumya says nobody will call you again and says Jasleen and Harman’s marriage will happen. Harak Singh asks her to answer who called him and threatens to kill everyone. Soumya says choti called you, but now I have talked to her, she will not call you again and will not stop the marriage. Harak Singh says ok and thinks he has to control Surbhi, she must be planning something. Varun have the jalebi and thinks he is the real man to control his wife. He gets Harak Singh’s call who greets him for Baisakhi. Varun also wishes him and says he don’t have even 10 Rs and can’t eat jalebis. Harak Singh asks him to wait and transfers 50000 to him. He asks him to withdraw money and have jalebis etc. Varun asks what is the matter? Harak Singh asks him to stop his wife Surbhi from coming out of house and tells about Harman’s marriage. Varun says nobody told me. Harak Singh says I will tell you later. He comes to kitchen and threatens Soumya that his name is Harak Singh and people think of him as pehelwan and he is a man. He says I know about man and woman, but don’t know about kinnar. Soumya says what do you want to say? Harak Singh says Jasleen is my friend’s daughter and asks her not to stop Harman’s marriage and go away from his life, and says then I will think that you will love him truly.

Soumya prays to Mata Rani to give her strength so that she can fulfill Harman’s wish. Anushka comes there and asks why you want this to happen. Soumya hugs her. Anushka says you didn’t call me, and asks why you want to give your Harman to someone else. Soumya says I am his wife and it is my duty to think about his happiness. Anushka says our Harman ji loves you very much and he needs to realize it. Soumya says their relation is broken and now she don’t have the strength to save it. Anushka says she came to stop the marriage. Soumya gives her promise and asks her to let the marriage happen. Preeto calls Soumya. Anushka thinks strength of love can do anything and prays to Mata Rani to unite them.

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