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Saam Daam Dand Bhed 20th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Vijay Performs Satyanayaran Pooja Without Family

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 20th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vijay shows sari to Bulbul and asks her to wear it during pooja. Bulbul asks if pooja arrangements are done. He says yes. She says he told his phone is missing, then how did he arrange items. He says he went to party office and Dubey ji explained him all items needed. She says he would have taken family’s help. He asks like family helped her, where is her jewelry, he knows she had to sell her jewelry and even mangalsutra to save him, but Sadhna or any family member did not support her, will he not know if she does not say. He shows her mangalsutra and puts it on her neck. He promises her that he will not let her suhaag or mangalsutra away from her She emotioally nods okay.

Vijay starts pooja while family members stand at a distance. Sadhna prays god to return her Vijay’s

peace of mind. Bulbul walks down wearing Vijay’s gifted sari. Vijay goes and brings her for pooja holding her hand. Pandit asks him to call all family memembers Rasik walks a bit, but Vijay says he has only his wife in his family. Bulbul says there are elders in this house and she cannot start pooja without Sadhna and Gayatri. Pandit says without family members pooja will be incomplete. Bulbul calls family members. Sadhna stops. Vasu asks her to come. Bulbul requests Vijay to call bhabhi for pooja. Vijay calls Sadha for pooja. Sadhna emotionally walks down. Bulbul says Sadhna is elder in family. Pandit asks her to sit next to vijay and says without elder’s blessings, pooja is incomplete. Bulbul says pooja should happen with rituals. Sadhna and Vijay at once repeat in pooja right hand in front and left downwards. Vijay reminsices Sadhna teaching him in childhood. Gaaytri says bhabhi taught hi same since childhood. Pandita performs pooja and says it is complete now.

Sadhna says one more ritual is left. She goes and brings Prabhath’s pagdi and says Vijay was handling family till now and only he has right on it. Vijay says thank you for considering him. Sadhna gets emotional. Vijay says he is incapable of it now as Angad wore it and he has right on it. Sadhna says whatever happened was due to misunderstanding, she hurt him a lot. Vijay says he cannot accept and asks Bulbul to dorn it. Sadhna says she made a mistake unknowingly, will he punish her for that. He says he is not punishing her, this padgi belongs who a person who stays with whole family, but he and Bulbul are leaving this house. Sadhna and whole family looks in shock. Vijay says he knew Satyanaryan pooja was Bulbul’s way to change his mind, but he has decided to leave this house. Rasik says that means partition of this house. Vijay says he will never let that happen and nobody should dare to manipulate his words. He walks away. Sadhna cries it is all because of her, she did not trust Vijay.

Pandit tells Bulbul that she tried to reunite family via pooja, but it did not happen. Bulbul tells Vasu that she will act as ill and will stop Vijay from leaving this house.

Precap: Doctor says Bulbul is fine now and can go anywhere. Vijay asks Bulbul to pack their bags and once he returns, she should be ready to leave. Sadhna gives Bulbul utensils for her new house.

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