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Rudra and Saumya ka Kahaani – Rumya FF Episode 6

Saumya is leaving the shopping mall leaving Reyaan alone. Reyaan running Saumya’s back and he get to stop Saumya. Reyaan says that he will bring Saumya back home and both of them leaving together from the shopping mall. Rudra who is coming out from a retail store saw Reyaan and Saumya together. He feels angry and jealous seeing Saumya and Reyaan closeness. At the same time, he feels confuse with his feelings towards Saumya. He thought why he should feel jealous with Reyaan and Saumya but instant he should hate seeing Saumya again or he should not bother about their relationship. He was walking while thinking about Saumya and his feeling. Suddenly, he bumped Shivaye and he didn’t realize that he bumped Shivaye.
Shivaye: Rudra, what is in your mind? Did you realize that you have bumped me?
Rudra is not answering of Shivaye’s question and still in his thinking. Shivaye called Rudra’s name loudly.
Shivaye: Rudraaa..
Omkara: Hey duffer, where is your mind until you bump Shivaye.
Rudra: Haa… I’m sorry bhaiyaa. I didn’t realize that I bumped you.
Shivaye: Rudra, are you alright?
Rudra: Ha, bhaiyaa. I’m alright.
Shivaye: Why everyone is dreaming today. Just now is Anika and now it’s you. Come let’s go Rudra. Everyone is waiting there.
Shivaye and Om is walking infront while Rudra is following at his brothers back.

Back at home.
Rudra is in dilemma after seeing Reyaan and Saumya. He doesn’t know how he is feeling and he wants someone to share with it. He don’t know to whom he should share about his feeling because he knows that everyone in the house hate Saumya and Kapoor family. Anika who passes the pool saw Rudra who was sitting alone and she goes near him.
Anika: Rudra, what are you doing here at late night? (She sits beside Rudra)
Rudra: Ha, bhabhi. What are saying?
Anika: So, you didn’t listen what I’m saying. Is there anything bothers you and you want to share with me.
Rudra: Nothing bhabhi, I’m alright. (He tries to wake up and leave the place to avoid Anika’s question)
Anika: (pulled his hand and make him sit) Rudra, I know about you and I also know that you are hiding something from everyone but you know well that you cannot lie. You will be caught easily when you hiding something from us especially me.
Rudra: Bhabhi, I don’t know who to share this matter with you. I hope you won’t get angry when I say it.
Anika: No. I won’t get angry. Tell me what the matter that bothers you so much is.
Rudra: Hmm… Bhabhi, today I saw Saumya earlier in the same shopping mall that we went.
Anika in shocked hearing Rudra saw Saumya earlier. She feels surprised and frightened after hearing what Rudra says. Rudra turn when there is a silence from Anika.
Rudra: Bhabhi, now what happen to you? You keep silences after hearing what I say.
Anika: Nothing Rudra. Is that Saumya’s ex-fiancee?
Rudra nods his head.

Anika: Did Saumya saw you and did you go and talk to her?
Rudra: No bhabhi. I’m not. I saw her with Reyaan. They were look so happy together. She looks happy with Reyaan.( with jealous tone).
Anika: I think you should go and talk to her. Rudra, can I ask you something?
Rudra: Ha, bhabhi. Why are you asking permission? My Anika bhabhi doesn’t need permission to ask question.
Anika: Do you still love Saumya?
Rudra: (nervously) No bhabhi. I don’t.
Anika: I think you are still in love with Saumya. That why when you saw Saumya with Reyaan, you feel jealous. I can see in your voice.
Rudra: No bhabhi. I have Bhavya. I love Bhavya. Then, how can you assure saying that I’m still love Saumya.
Anika: Ehmm… I have experiences in love Rudra. I know the feeling when you loved one is with someone else. I can see those expressions in your face. It is obvious in your face that you are jealous with Reyaan. That is the reason why you still can’t take it when Saumya is with someone else.
Rudra: I don’t know bhabhi what I am feeling about her. But I still can’t forget what she did to our family and me.
Anika: Rudra, I’m sure she has some reason to do that. I and dadi also believe it. You have to think in a clear mind what your feeling towards Saumya is. You cannot deny your feelings forever. I hope you can make a good decision.
Anika walk from there leaving Rudra alone to think on what she says. From the behind of wall, Shivaye seeing what is happening and he is curious in Rudra’s situation. He talks to himself says that he need to investigate what is happening. Anika at her room thinks about the way to make Rudra realize his love and she insist to find Saumya soon.
******** TO BE CONTINUED*********

PRECAP: Will Rudra admit his love towards Saumya? Will Anika able to find Saumya? Will Shivaye found out about Saumya’s presences?

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