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Rishten yeh banae hai pyaar ki rang mein (Chapter-26)

The day of engagement..

The whole Rathore mansion was decorated in a classy and royal way ..

We can see the brides family.. Payal wearing a red desinger saree with a blue crop cut blouse and Falguni in a orange and green saree.. Both are welcoming guests along with their respective husbands..


Yuvi : Naira if you stop standing infront of mirror.

Lucky : Let hr be bri she thinks she is the

Naira : Of course . bhai i am have to look like miss. world as its my sister’s engagement

Maya : That is there point..

Naira : What ??

lucky : its maya di’s engagement not yours

yuvi : and she should look awesome not you..

Naira gives them a whatever look  and starts doing makeup..

Al the time abhimanyu was siting next maya his own world..

A knock on the doorr..

payal informs them that the groom and party has arravied and maya has to come down

Maya enters the stage with her four brothers and sister . it was a emotional thing for rathores.. to see..

Arjun was stund seeing maya in a dark blue lehenga with a little embroidery and bead work.. Arjun was also in a blue sherwani having silver buttons..

Both are sitting in the respective chairs placed near eachother.. pandit was anouncing the date for their marriage and many other things.. but Abhi’s eyes were searching for someone else.

Arjun sees all the luthra members their except Geethu.. he goes to ragini.. Who was standing with naira

Ragini was wearing a pink halfsleve net lehenga with some silver works on it..

He was going to ask Ragini about geethu . Jut then his phone rings.. it was geethu’s call

Geethu (hurryly) : please come home faast..

She cutts the call. Abhimanyu was tensed after attending Geethu’s call so at once he leave from their..

Yuvi : Where is bhai going this hurryly

Lucky : May be something important

Yuvi then notices Ragini and folowed by him lucky also..

Yuvi : Wow….ragini is looking..

Lucky : Don’t you.. she is mine..

Yuvi : What???

Lucky : i meant she is my friend..

Yuvi : oh yeah.. comeon lets talk to your friend then

On the otherside Maya and arjun..

While listening to panditji’s lecture about marriage and married life.. Arjun notices Maya’s hand which was shivering . He holds Maya’s hand ..

Arjun : I have started my duties from today..

Maya smiles..

Ragini and nira sees thi and when yuvi and lucky comes they shows this to them also. they smiles..


Abhimanyu reahes luthra mansion and he knows its not safe to enter from main entrance.. he jumbs the wall and after many struggles he reaches geethu’s room..

He is shocked and surprised to see geethu in a tyipical rajasthani where with large guhghat..


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