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Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 20th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Diya Determines To Search Stolen Treasure And Save Relations

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 20th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Inspector asks Diya to check and see if all treasure is inside. When they open the brief case, they couldn’t find anything. Ratan and Diya are shocked. Police says thief left fake CCTV footage to divert us. Diya tells Ratan, what we will tell at home now. She says CT told us not to take risk. Ratan says even I am at fault, and says I will go home alone and will handle CT. Diya says it was all my plan and says she will accept her mistake. She tells that there was someone else who has stolen everything, and diverted Yash. Mohana brings the treasure and keeps everything in her safe. She recalls stealing it and thinks she wants just yash and wants Ratan and Diya to doubt on him, so that Yash’s blind faith on them breaks. Ratan and Diya returns home. CT asks where are those jewels. Ratan

says jewels were not there, and Police found empty bag. CT, Nitya, Bhuvan and others are shocked. CT blames Diya for making a plan to steal the jewellery. She asks her to tell where is the treasure. Bhuvan asks what is that plan? CT tells him that it was Diya’s plan to make Police tell about the real amount of our treasure, so that people shall think that they are not bankrupt. She says I warned you that I don’t want to risk our treasure, but today you have made us bankrupt. She says today what I will do on Maan Singh’s 75th birthday.

Ratan says Diya has done this for me, and I was involved too. He says Diya is not involved alone. Yash says I am also responsible. Nitya asks if someone else came to know about it. Yash says I was there all night and went seeing Police. Mohana says why did you get involved in the theft, now everyone will doubt on you. Isha asks Diya not to forget that Yash is Raghu and Priya’s son. Yash gets angry and leaves. Diya asks Isha not to tell this thing again against Yash, and says I trust him more than myself, and says even if God says then I will not believe him. She says I have protected baab ji’s wealth for many years and says she will bring the treasure and lost respect back. Mohana goes behind Yash and instigates him against Diya. She says Diya didn’t think about you and didn’t utter a word infavor of your loyalty. She says she is feeling bad seeing him in guilty zone. Diya takes all blame on herself.

Ratan tells that if anyone tries to sell our jewellery in market then Police will catch him. CT says I am answerable to anyone and says I will do whatever is needed. Bhuvan says until the jewellery is back, I will not have anything else will die. Ratan says if you don’t have food, then I will also not have food. Mohana further instigates him and says you can do anything for them, but they can’t do anything for you. You have broken engagement with me for them, sacrificed our marriage dreams and asks when did they stand with you. She asks if friends are like this, how can anyone be so selfish to prove their friend as a traitor. Yash gets angry and hits his hand on the table, and their photo frame breaks.

Diya tells Ratan that first they have to go to Yash and talk to him, as he might have felt bad about Isha’s talks. She says we will not let anything happen to Bhuvan. Mohana smirks and thinks Yash’s friendship with Ratan and Diya will end now. She thinks Yash is just mine now. Diya and Ratan come there. Diya says Yash Banna. Yash says I was about to come to you, afterall I have criminal parents’ blood in me and asks them to check everywhere. He opens the cupboard and throws the stuff out. Mohana gets tensed as he is about to stop the locker. Diya stops him and says she knows that he is innocent. She trusts him so much and asks if their friendship is weak to doubt on them. Ratan also shows trust on him. Mohana gets upset. Diya thinks she has to do something to save relations and respect.

Diya, Ratan and Yash come to a shop and asks if someone bought any medicine from his shop. Shop keeper says he will check and tell him. Just then he sees Mohana hiding and asks why is she hiding. Diya, Ratan and Yash try to see her face.

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