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Porus 20th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru’s Effort To Reunite Bharatis

Porus 20th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Puru saves Bamni from Ambhi Raj’s attack and falls down. He then sees his whole team fighting, gets up and lifts a huge pillar and throws it near canopy. Everyone hear sound and look at it. Puru climbs pillar and then stand on canopy. He claps and says Bamni, Ambhi Raj, Ambhi Kumar, Hasti are all fools to fight among themselves. Darius what them to fight and kill themselves to fulfill his dream of conquering Bharath. They can fight and kill themselves. They selected a king like Bamni who believes anyone blindly, selectd a king like Ambhi raj who is ready to shed his people’s blood for his revenge. Dasyus are fighters and can defend anyone, but he is seeing a dasyu rani closing her eyes like a pigeon closes her eyes seeing cat and thinks it will not attack it. They should count howmany Bharatis

are dead compared to Farsi soldiers, he is sure Bharatis soldiers would be much more

Darius provokes Ambhi to attack his enemies and take revenge which is waiting for since years, it is time to take a decision. Puru comes down and says Darius is right, it is time to take a decision. We respect their guests and cross barriers to keep guests happy, but when it comes to themselves why they become each other’s enemies. He asks again to count how many Takshahila soldiers and Pourav soldiers have died, they are Bharatis instead, then count Farsi soldiers, they will find none. They forgot being a Bharati, a king forgot his duty of protecting its motherland in fire of revenge and is killing his own people, this is what Farsi wants. His mother saw a dream of one Bharath, which he will eventually fulfill at any cost. Farsi Darius told right, they should take a decision now. They should forget they are Takshashila, Pourav, Magadh, Dasyu and become a united Bharati and chants Bharati jetu ki jai.

Darius provokes Ambhi again to stop listening to Puru and finish his enemies before they finish them. Bamni says Puru is right, they blindly considered each other as enemy, Ambhi’s sister Anusuya was right about dreaming for onee Bharath. Ambhi asks if he got afraid now seeing his death on him, what was he doing when Anusuya was insulted. Bamni asks if he saw his sister’s insult, did not he see Bharath’s daughter Anusuya’s plea, they should protect their bharath maa from intruders now. Ambhi Kumar tells Ambhi raj that uncle Bamni is right, they should unite and kick out these Farsis, Darius is their biggest enemy now. Ambhi raj fumes. Puru says him, Ambhi Kumar, Laachi are all Bharat maa’s children and their mother land is calling them to protect it, it is their duty now to protect it. Darius asks again Ambhi to use his brain and kill his enemies. Puru tells Ambhi that in kitchen, utensils strike with each other and make sound, but together they make a tasty feast.

Anusuya tells Ambhi that without some this revolution is complete, if he permits he can bring them. She goes to prison where prisoners plead her to let them free to fight against their enemies and protect their mother land. She frees them. They walk out chanting Bharath jetu. She then opens Amartya Shivdutt’s prison door. Shivdutt asks why she is freeing him when she knows he wants to kill her. She says she taught Puru that love for mother land is upmost important, she knows he hates her, but loves Pourav rastra more than that. She throws sword in front of him and asks to decide himself and leaves. Anusuya returns to battlefield and tells Puru she would not mind seeing him as martyr fighting for his land. Laachi joins Puru next and says Bharath Jetu followed by her dasyu team. Darius provokes Ambhi again to attack his enemies. Ambhi says utensils will decide among themselves to fight or not, first they will kick out enemy first and chants Bharath jetu..

Precap: Puru warns Darius to decide if he will return with respect as guest from here or wants to be kicked out, walks with this team. Alexander tells his soldiers it is time to meet the protector of Bharath.

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