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Here next shot…

Swara and nikhil looked at each other and remembered sanskar words.”Ahhh….” both shouted in union.”why you didn’t tell me that shona married to sanskar?” Asked swara angrily.Nikhil turned his head towards sanskar and asked angrily “why you didn’t tell me that you married to shona”.”It’s our secret marriage nikhil” said sanskar.”You didn’t even inform me sanskar” asked nikhil.”Actually it happened suddenly and we married in temple” replied sanskar.Swara suddenly caughs continuously.Sanskar got panicked.”Shona what happened?” Asked sanskar concernly and rubbed swara’s back.”Sanskar water plz..” asked swara.Sanskar take water near the table but interupted by swara.”Sanskar cold water plz..” said swara.Sanskar called servant but again interupted by swara.”Will you not get water for me sanskar” asked swara with puppy eyes.”Nothing like that shona i will go and get water for you” said sanskar and run immediately to downstairs.
As soon as sanskar went,swara climb down the bed and ran towards door but stopped by nikhil.” Swara where are you going?” Asked nikhil.”To hell nikhil,don’t you see i am not going to stay here” said swara.”plz swara try to understand,if you went then i cannot save my friend” said nikhil pleadingly.”Don’t you hear what sanskar said,he told that i am his wife.You didn’t told me that shona is married to sanskar?” Said swara.”I also didn’t about their marriage,plz help me.Nothing will happen to you” said nikhil.”But how can i help you?” Asked  swara.”Sanskar is addicted to drug after shona dissaperance.If you act like shona then sanskar definitely leave drugs because sanskar do whatever shona says” said nikhil.”But what if sanskar take advantage because he thought i am his shona” asked swara.” I swear that cannot happen,i know my friend” said nikhil.
Swara thought for a while then accepted.”But as soon as he recover from drug addiction i will go from this place” said swara.”Ok but atleast treat sanskar like he is your friend because if you think he is starnger to you then you cannot comfortable near sanskar” said nikhil.Swara agreed.”ok swara just think sanskar is your friend.You are just going to help your friend that’s it” thought swara.Sanskar entered  the room with water glass in his hands.He then make swara to drink water.Nikhil gestured swara something. “Sanskar we are going to hospital” said swara.”What happened shona?are you ok?” Asked sanskar.”I am ok but we are going hospital for your treatment” said swara.”why shona I am just fit and fine” said sanskar.”I know sanskar you are addicted to drugs” said swara.Sanskar looked at nikhil angrily.”Don’t you dare to shout on nikhil,we are going to hospital that’s it” said swara and left the room.As soon as swara left nikhil also ran outside the room.
Swara and nikhil waiting in downstairs.”Do you think sanskar will come?” Asked swara.”He will come because he will never say No to his shona” said nikhil.Sanskar came downstairs and went near swara.”I am ready shona” said sanskar.Swara and nikhil smiled brightly.The trio sat inside the car and went to the hospital. Nikhil already got appointment from doctor.”Ok Mr.Maheshwari you are in starting stage only, if you get treatment properly then you will cure definetely” Said doctor.After some discussion the trio left to the mansion.Sanskar sadly went to the room.Nikhil went to his room.(guys nikhil also have room in sanskar mansion beacuse after shona disappearance nikhil only stay in sanskar mansion).Swara went to sanskar room.Sanskar is  standing near balcony.Swara went towards sanskar.Before swara speak sanskar start to speak.”I am sorry shona,I became bad.I cannot accept the fact that you are no more.So I start to take drugs that give me peace.But don’t worry hereafter I will do whatever you say because you are my life” said sanskar and hugged swara tightly.Swara sighed but didn’t hug back.”Shona why you didn’t hug me back” asked sanskar.”Because you are not my old sanskar” replied swara.”I will become old sanskar,your sanskar,Your one and only sanskar” said sanskar.
Time passed away now it’s night time.Sanskar,swara and nikhil sat for dinner.Swara and nikhil are eating food except sanskar.Sanskar is playing with his spoon.Nikhil noticed sanskar.”Sanskar what are you doing?eat your food” said nikhil.”I am not hungry nikhil” replied sanskar.Nikhil know why sanskar didn’t eat food.Today sanskar didn’t take drugs so he cannot concentrate on anything.Nikhil messaged swara.”Plz make sanskar eat” messaged nikhil.Swara rolled over her eyes after seeing the message.”Sanskar eat food properly,You only take your medicines if you finished your meal” said swara.After that sanskar eat less food and try to leave dinning table.But swara hold sanskar hand.”Sanskar I said to finish your meal” said swara and make sanskar sat on the chair.Then swara take the plate and feed sanskar.Sanskar silently ate the food.After finishing the food sanskar immediately ran towards the room.
“Swara keep that in your mind sanskar will do whatever you say” said nikhil and went to his room.Swara entered inside the room with medicine in her hands.  “Sanskar come on take your medicines” said swara.Sanskar take the medicines and swallow it.Swara make sanskar lay on the bed and covered him by duvet.When swara try to move sanskar hold swara’s hands.”Shona where are you going?” Asked sanskar.”I am going to sleep on the couch” replied swara.”Why shona?Do you hate me shona?” Sanskar asked sadly.”Nothing like that sanskar,when you fully recovered from drugs then we can lead our life” said swara and try to make reasonable to sanskar.”Then I will go to couch,you sleep on the bed” said sanskar and standup from the bed.Swara try to argue but due to sanskar stubborness swara sleep on the bed.The next morning sunrises peep inside the room.First sanskar wakeup and saw his life who is peacefully sleeping on the bed.A smile crept in sanskar’s lips.Sanskar slowly standup from the couch and went towards swara.
Here in downstairs nikhil sipping his coffee.Sanskar try to kiss swara’s forehead but at the same time swara opened her eyes and shouted loudly.”Ahhh…” shouted swara.Sanskar jerked back.”Oh my god now what sanskar did” murmured nikhil and ran towards sanskar room.
“Ahh shona why you always shout when I came near you” asked sanskar.Nikhil knocked the door.”Here came your bodyguard” said sanskar sarcastically and opened the door.”Now what you did sanskar?” Asked nikhil.”That’s the problem I didn’t do anything” said sanskar and sat on the couch.”Why you shouted shona?” Asked sanskar.”I just scared sanskar,Do you think how it feel when you are in deep sleep and when you opened your eyes someone is just an inch apart you” said swara.”I love the feeling shona when the someone is you” said sanskar intensely looking at swara’s eyes.Swara avoided the eye contact and went to the washroom.
Nikhil sighed and went to downstairs with sanskar.Swara after fresh up came outside only with bathrobe.Then only swara remember she forget her luggage in nikhil car.Then she get message from nikhil.”Swara your luggage is inside the cupboard” messaged nikhil.Swara sighed and changed her dress.After getting ready swara went downstairs.”Sanskar go and get ready,we are going to hospital” said swara.Sanskar make faces and went to the room for getting ready.”Swara for few days I am going outdoor for business meeting” said nikhil.”But nikhil how can you leave me alone with sanskar” asked swara.”Swara trust me I know sanskar well,he never crossed his limits” said nikhil.
After getting ready the trio sat on the dinning table for breakfast.Sanskar again start to play with his food.Swara sighed and take the food.”Sanskar why are you behaving childishly” said swara and feeding sanskar.”So that only you are feeding me” said sanskar lovingly.Swara somewhat feel sad for sanskar,after knowing the truth how he will react thought swara.After finishing the breakfast they went to the hospital.After discussing with doctor they returned mansion.”Sanskar I am going business trip for some days and my flight is today afternoon. Don’t you dare to trouble my sister and take care of her carefully” said nikhil.”Ok Mr.body guard” said sanskar.After hearing the word sister,swara somewhat feeling good.But nikhil didn’t know what blunder he made by leaving swara with sanskar.
Afternoon nikhil bid bye to swara and sanskar and went to airport.In sanskar room swara was sitting on the couch and reading magazine and sanskar sat on the bed nervously. “Umm shona did I do anything wrong?” Asked sanskar.”Nothing sanskar and why you are asking such questions?” asked swara.”Because I feel like you didn’t like my presence,whenever I came near you, you are getting uncomfortable” said sanskar.Swara was searching words to speak.”Nothing like that sanskar,I just worried for your health and I am the reason for your condition” said swara.”Dare you shona,if you blame yourself then you will see the worst of me.You are my angel in my life shona” said sanskar.Swara went near sanskar and sat beside him.”Friends?” Asked swara.Sanskar looked at swara with question in his eyes.”I mean we make new memories so lets start from the first” said swara.
Sanskar happily handshaked with swara.
Afternoon also swara fed sanskar because he has no mood to eat food.”Sanskar I am getting bored” said swara.”ok come on we will watch movie” said sanskar and dragged swara.Sanskar played the movie and both sat on the couch.In middle of the movie swara get sleep.Swara slept on sanskar’s shoulder by holding sanskar hands.Then sanskar carried swara in his arms and put swara on the bed properly then covered her with duvet.At the time sanskar get call from nikhil.He went towards balcony without disturbing swara’s sleep and attended the call.”How is my sister sanskar?” Asked nikhil.”She is sleeping nikhil” replied sanskar.”Ok ok take care of her and sanskar now shona also came so why can’t you visit your company.I mean you didn’t came company last 3 months” said nikhil.”Ok send me mail, details about my company current project” said sanskar.”I already sent to your mail so go and check it” said nikhil and cut the call.
Sanskar was checking his mails.Sanskar didn’t know how time passed away.Now it’s 6 in the evening.Sanskar start to wakeup swara.”Shona getup it’s 6’o clock.Swara wokeup lazily.”I really don’t know shona that you are sleeping this much” said sanskar teasingly.”You are very bad sanskar” said swara and climb down from the bed.”I am not going to speak with you” said swara.”oh sorry shona,you will give punishment also but plz talk with me” said sanskar pleadingly. “Umm ok your punishment is…” thinking swara.”My punishnent is..” asked sanskar.”You cook food for me” said swara.”Ok my princess” said sanskar and both of them smiled.Sanskar and swara both entered inside the kitchen.Sanskar send servants outside of the kitchen.Sanskar started to cook.Sanskar was cutting vegetables and swara was seeing sanskar while sat on the kitchen counter.”Sanskar cook fast I am very hungry” said swara.”Ok ok until I cook eat this cake” said sanskar and handover plate full of cake.Swara was eating cake and also sometime feed cake to sanskar.

Sanskar tightly hugged swara and weeping badly.”Plz don’t leave me shona,I can’t live without you” said sanskar.Swara stood helpless.

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