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“Omg swara one second i am also thought you are shona”said nikhil through bluetooth.Swara winked at nikhil.Then sanskar dragged swara into the mansion.Swara gestured nikhil to come.Nikhil nodded.Swara and sanskar entered the mansion.Sanskar happiness has no boundaries.”Shona i know,you will come but that stupid nikhil didn’t believed me” said sanskar.Sanskar never leave swara’s hand like if he left her hand then she will go far from him.Swara was annoyed with sanskar behaviour.Sanskar saw nikhil who is entering inside the mansion.”Nikhil see my shona is arrived,i already told you she will definetely come to me” said sanskar.
Nikhil just smiled and looked at swara who is now fully irritated.”But shona where were you in last 3 months? why you didn’t come to me? What happened to you shona?” Asked sanskar.”Sanskar why are you asking so many questions? Now only shona came so stop your stupid interogation.Past is past so better you concentrate on your future” said nikhil for escaping swara from sanskar’s question.”Sorry shona i will not ask you any questions.Your presence is enough for me” said sanskar and hugged swara.Swara didn’t know what to do.She looked at nikhil and gestured him to help her.
“Sanskar now only shona came and she is tired.I think she should take rest” said nikhil.”Sorry shona i forget you go to room and take rest” said sanskar.” Where is guest room?” Asked swara.”Why you are asking guest room,go to our room and take rest” said sanskar.” What our room?” Asked swara shockingly.”Haan shona when you are mine and i am yours then my room is also yours and do you forget you only like my room” said sanskar casually.”What the hell? I am not going to live with you in same room” shouted swara.
“Why shona what happened? Why you are behaving weirdly?” Asked sanskar.Nikhil pleaded swara with his eyes.Without any option swara went to sanskar room.”Nikhil what happened to shona? Why she behave strangely? ” asked sanskar.”Sanskar don’t think too much she must be tired,she will be alright after taking rest” said nikhil.Sanskar sighed and went to his room.”Oh my god now what to do?” Thought nikhil.Sanskar entered inside the room and closed the door.Swara who is roaming inside the room see sanskar with shocked face who is very close to her.”Nikhil…” shouted swara.”Shona what happened?why are you shouting?” Asked sanskar concernly.Nikhil who is in downstairs ran towards sanskar room after hearing swara’s sound.Nikhil knocked the door.Sanskar opened the door with confused face.Nikhil entered the room hurriedly.”What happened swara uhh i mean shona” asked nikhil.”He closed the door and came near me” said swara.”What are you doing sanskar?I told you to not to disturb her” said nikhil.”Why you are behaving like i am stranger to her” asked sanskar.”How can i tell you sanskar that you are really stranger to her” thought nikhil.”I am not going to share room with you.I know you are my bf so is it necessary to share the room” asked swara.
“What are you speaking shona?we are married and you are my wife” said sanskar which shocked both swara and nikhil.”What…?” Asked swara and nikhil in union and both fainted on their spot.Sanskar stood blank.Sanskar got confused who will carry first.First sanskar carried swara and lay on the bed.Then he carried nikhil and lay on the bed in opposite direction.Sanskar take water jug and sprinkle water on both swara and nikhil face.After that swara and nikhil slowly opened their eyes and sat on the bed.Swara and nikhil sat opposite to each others.
Swara and nikhil looked at each other and remembered sanskar words.”Ahhh….” both shouted in union.”why you didn’t tell me that shona married to sanskar?” Asked swara angrily.Nikhil turned his head towards sanskar and asked angrily “why you didn’t tell me that you married to shona”.”It’s our secret marriage nikhil” said sanskar.

“She is not your shona, sanskar try to understand” said nikhil which angered sanskar.Sanskar shouted at nikhil and tightly hugged swara.Swara pushed sanskar and hide behind nikhil which shocked sanskar.

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