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Mere Sai 20th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Ratnakar Tries To Make Villagers Fight

Mere Sai 20th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kulkarni sings song. Ratnakar comes there. Saam Dhaam Dand Bhed Plays. Kulkarni thinks he came from Bombay soon and will ask me about land. He greets him. Ratnakar says I came to ask you about land. He says Nand Lal said that you are trying to get Pandari’s land. Kulkarni says Pandari is selling his everything, to save his land, but he will lose it. Ratnakar says I believe you and asks him to give that land. He says I met Governor and talked about you. Kulkarni says did you get the approval order. Ratnakar says Governor went somewhere urgently and promises to get approval for him. Kulkarni asks Anta and Banta to do something, and thinks Ratnakar is very clever. Pandari’s wife picks rice grains from floor and says we can’t waste it. Her son says why you are tying the grains in cloth and where did Pita

ji go with all the utensils. Sai comes there and asks for charity. Pandari’s wife gives him the grains which is left with them. Sai asks about Pandari. Pandari’s wife tells that he went to market. Sai says he needs some money. Woman thinks Sai refuses even gold coins, then why he needs money from Pandari. She gets confused. Sai smiles. She tells him that they don’t have money. Sai says no problem and says blesses her and her children. Woman thinks I still can’t believe that Sai needs money.

Pandari sells utensils to Kishan Lal. Kishan Lal says I will give you 50 paise. Pandari says you had said that you will give me good price. Kishan Lal says 50 paise is not less, who will buy this old utensils. He says this is not of any use to me and asks him to take 50 paise else leave. Pandari asks him to give 50 paise. Kishan Lal gives 50 paise to him. Pandari thinks from where to get 1.5 Rs and asks God to help him. Anta and Banta come out of Kishan Lal’s shop. Kishan Lal says nobody will help you. Banta says we will tell sarkaar, good news soon.

Ratnakar is on his horse and suddenly it stops. Ratnakar asks what happened to him. Sai says horse is tired and says we need to understand their needs. He takes water in his pot and makes horse drinks it. He then feeds the grains to horse which Pandari’s wife gave him. Horse eats it. Sabka malik ek plays. Ratnakar is still seated on horse. Sai looks at horse and touches it with love. He says now this horse can run. Ratnakar smiles and asks Sai to stop. He asks Sai to keep the money for feeding his horse. Sai says he has fulfill his dharm by feeding the hungry. Ratnakar says so you will not take and says there will be something which you need. Sai says Allah Malik and walks away. Ratnakar sits on his horse. Nand lal says Pakhandi, he talks sweet and traps everyone.

Ratnakar says I shall know what he talks and says Sai has the key to control people, even Kulkarni is helpless infront of him. He says I can’t be dependent on Kulkarni, and have to understand Sai and his weak point. He tells Nand Lal that Sai is very understanding and thinks 10 steps ahead of them. He says I shall learn first how is he controlling Shirdi people, then I will show him. Bela Tai tells that she wants to buy saree for Kamla, but she has less money. Old man’s bahu whom Sai showed right way gave her saree to Bela Tai. Ratnakar and Nand Lal see the villagers helping nature and says they shall break their unity. Ratnakar tells a shop keeper to trouble the farmers and make them realize that he is doing favour on them. Shop owner falls in his words and tells farmers that he will buy from the one who gives it for less money. Both of the farmers agree to give bag for 50 paise. Ratnakar and Nand Lal smirks.

Sai comes there and asks farmer to stop. He asks him how you will live this way. He says you will do the hard work and this merchant will have the profit. Merchant says if you listen to Sai then I will not buy from you. Farmer says what I shall do? Sai says Merchants are taking advantage of your helplessness and asks them to decide a price for the grains. Farmers refuse to sell the grains at cheap rates to merchant. Sai smiles. Merchant agrees to buy rice bag for Rupee 1. He buys two grain bags and pays 2 Rs. SAI TEACHING…HE SAYS IF WE THINK ABOUT EVERYONE’S BETTERMENT THEN IT IS OUR OWN BETTERMENT TOO.

Sai comes to Pandari’s house and asks him to give money. Pandari’s wife tell him that they don’t have money. Sai smiles.

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