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Mehrya My version Part 75

Part 75 20/04/2018

Nehal, Sonal and Jaggu planned something and Jaggu vowed he will only return once all his plan works and Shaurya and Mehak reconciled. The next day Nehal and Jaggu ask Mehak to follow them for outing she excitedly agrees to go with them. They went to isolated park and Mehak was wondering yaar where are we going now? They ask her to be patience as they are reaching soon. Soon they reached park and gets down from the car. Mehak was looking everywhere and wonder what is it here and why they bring her here, she turns behind and saw Shaurya stands with his hands rest on his waist. He was wearing his shades. Mehak was outraged as she was brought here to meet him by Nehal and Jaggu. She saw them and asked them is this their plan to bring her here, they nodded and said by talking once what will happen just once after this we won’t say anything. Shaurya walks toward her and called her name Mehak. She turned to look at him slowly she wet her throat with her saliva as its getting dry. He called her name again and said I want to talk to you please listen to me. Mehak turned to face him and asked him what he want to say now. Jaggu and Nehal move away from there and give them lone moment so they can talk. Shaurya looks at Mehak and said I have many things to say so please be patience and listen to me okay, after you hear me you can decide anything. He started from the Mumbai trip he went and how her picture with KD circulated as both has joined after the picture has been misinterpreted. Later I have many prospect investors declined to invest with me as the rumors of Khanna’s and KD industries merging. I have to do so many investigations and found out it was Archie who hired someone to follow you and trap you like this. The initial plan was to separate you and me her plan was partially successful as it made me angry. But later I got to know the entire story and I manage to convince the investors and sealed new agreements. On the Valentine’s Day I was planning to bring you to celebrate our business success and Valentine’s Day but you didn’t want to come. I send my message on the radio but you refuse as well that’s why I need to get someone make a prank call so you will come to me. But his voice stuttered as he said the accident happened. I know you were angry with me because I didn’t tell you all these earlier I want to make sure all goes well and after  I signed the agreements I came home straight so I can share my happiness with you and explain to you why I was acting cold at home. But trust me my love for you never decrease even 1 drop for you. Till my last breathe is only you I want and nothing else. I know the last few days I was doing all stupid things and made you angry and sick as well so I decided to go to Australia for sometimes you won’t feel irritated with my presence. That house is yours, you can come anytime no one will question you anything.

Hearing his confession Mehak’s eye filled with tears and she silently sobbing wiping her tears away. Shaurya hears her sobs and he came to her, Mehak quickly wipes her tears off. He hold her forearms gently calling her softly. She pushed his hands walks away from him and searching the ground for something. Shaurya was broken he thought he have completely lose Mehak forever even after his confession after months and she didn’t accept him. He felt shattered. He was looking up and decide to leave and turn himself from her. Suddenly he ouches in pain and turn to see Mehak just hit him with rock and now she is approaching him with a stick she got it from nowhere from there. She came to him and start to hit him and he started to jump and running away screaming Mehak, please stop please stop and hearing his screaming Nehal and Jaggu came there. Jaggu wants to go and save Shaurya but Nehal stopped him saying wait here and watch. Mehak was shouting at him so you want to leave me here and go Australia, America find new girlfriend is it? How can you even think about going away from me? You made promises to me will love me till last breathe and will be my side all the time but now you are planning to leave me here. She gets tired after running behind him and throw the stick away and tries to catch some breath. Shaurya was standing far away from her, shocked from what happen just now. Mehak walks towards him and stands in front of him staring at him he look at her petrified what is she going to do the next. To his astonishment she flung herself to his chest, her both hands cling to his waist as she hide her face on his chest and started to cry heavily. He enveloped her with his big strong arms around her one arm was at her waist another was holding her head. He was feeling so relieved to be hugging her, to touch her to feel her scent and everything about her. Few minutes ago he thought that he have lost her for good but her action where she is hugging him now made him the happiest man in the world. Both stand in that manner for sometimes, Mehak was still sobbing on his chest, he gently push her and looks at her face. He wants to see her but she was still hanging her head low, he lifted her face slowly and cupped her cheeks as he rub his thumbs to wipe off the tears away. He asked her not to cry anymore but hearing this Mehak cry loudly. He take his arms off and said okay you cry first then I wait for you here. Mehak was annoyed with this she started to hit his chest with her hands. He quickly grab those arms and pulled her towards him closing all the gaps left in between them and place a kiss on her forehead. Mehak became calmer with his kiss. He rested his forehead on hers. Both stands like that for sometimes with their eyes closed. Mehak opens her eyes as she inhale her breath she quickly planted a kiss on his nose tip. His eyes danced in excitement both hugged. He could feel her arms snaked behind his neck as her fingers buried in his hair. I love you Shaurya she uttered he lifted her from the ground and swing in around in excitement as his Mehak is back with him. He missed all these for the past few months and he felt a relief as now all the silent pain is gone. He place her on the ground and they gazed at each other lovingly. Just then Mehak pushed him away in mock anger and started to questioned him all these happens and you never wanted to tell me anything why . Sonal told me you got the job for Mohit and everything why you didn’t tell me that also. While all these happening why don’t you tell Chachus and everyone at home instead protesting with Purush Mahila Mukhti and make things even hard. Whatever you do is the extreme way Shaurya why are you doing like this? You always never choose the easy way of sit down and talk but do something crazy and make everyone’s bp go higher. Everyone at home are very upset. Shaurya looks for her eyes and as he cups one cheek and another hand caresses her hair. If I would sit down and talks to you and your family that’s not Shaurya Khanna’s style. By the way I heard you love my extreme style of doing things tell me now did you like it or not. Mehak pushed him and replied NO. He holds her waist tight grip and look into her eyes he chuckled and replied just your mouth saying NO but your eyes says the opposite, Mehak’s cheek turn red as she see the twinkling in Shaurya’s eyes.

Mehak looks down from his eyes and said I was planning to come home this week so you don’t think I’m coming home because of all the hungama you created. He asked is it so what makes you to change your mind Mrs Mehak Shaurya Khanna. She looked at him lovingly, she turn her face from her and say because maa, papa and maasi is there they are missing me besides that it’s my house so my wish you don’t think I am coming for you she finishes her sentence as she pull his nose. Shaurya said okay then I have something else to say also, I am not going to Australia or America to find new girlfriends it was another lie so that you will open up with me. Mehak’s eyes widened she yelled at him Khadoos Kahinka, bewakoof as she pulled his ears asking when are you going to be straightforward Shaurya? He winces as she twist his ears. He ask her to let go she took her hand off. He kept smiling at her cuteness. Both of them oblivious as Nehal and Jaggu are there looking at them. Nehal cleared her throat to sign them of their existence. Both Mehak and Shaurya turn to look at the direction and saw Nehal with Jaggu giving high 5 to each other. They came to them and Jaggu said I am so happy now seeing you both together happy. Nehal add in SJ you really know how to pacify di. If not because of your naughty tactics I don’t think she will change her mind. Shaurya looked at Mehak and asked shall we go home now, Mehak blinked her eyes yes then she asked how about Chachus and Dadu? He said we will go there and tell them and will go happy, he asked. She nodded. Mehak and Shaurya intertwined their fingers as they walk slowly. Mehak smilingly leaned in and placed her soft lips on his cheeks. He took her palms and place a soft long kiss as well and place her hand to his heart and both gets into the car. Jaggu and Nehal sat at the back seat they proceeded to PWG.


P/S: Dear readers I manage to unite them in this plot and thank you for all your well wishes and being patience with me all the time. Next week will be slightly slow as I am stuck with presentation for my project updatings. Hope you guys understand.

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