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Mahek 20th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Shaurya gets to know who kidnapped Anjali

Mahek 20th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahek says thank God Anjali is fine. Shaury says let me call doctor. He checks Anjali up. Mahek and Karuna do the arti. Karuna says to Mahek thank you. She hugs her. Anjali is angry. Mahek says God fixed everything. Shaurya takes Anjali upstairs.
Vicky says what did these kidnappers want? Dolly says money. The day they got to know that Anjali has property they kidnapped her. Anjali says we have to take care of 24/7. Karuna says have I made a mistake by giving her power of attorney. Should I give it back to Shaurya? mahek says ask her once. Karuna says why would she mind. Everything is hers anywway. Mahek says anjali rest please. I will make you tea. Vicky says ma come eat something please. Anjali sees the mark on his hand that she saw on the kidnapppers. She gets it. Mahek says get rest

Anjali we will take care of you now. Anjali gets up angry.

Karuna calls lawyer and says we want to meet you. Shaurya says we are going will come back tomorrow. Karuna says but.. Shaurya says call me when you need us. Mahek say ma Anjali will be fine let me give her this tea then we can leave.
Mahek comes to Anjali’s room. Anjali recalls everything.
Mahek says tea for you. Bitter medicines treat you right. Anjali throttles her and says you did all this right. Mahek shoves her and says respect me. I will break your hands. Yes I got you kidnapped. There was no proof before for me and now you don’t have any proof. Anjali is angry. she sees Shaurya and Karuna downstairs. Mahek says don’t dare breaking our family. I will ruin all your plans.
Mahek and Shaurya leave. Karuna hugs Shaurya and cries.

Anjali screams ma please help me. Karuna runs upstairs. Mahek says to Karuna you can call us anytime you need us. Dolly says Shaurya you thought Mahek was plotting all this. See how she united everyone.

Scene 2
Anjali tells Sooraj everything in jailer. He says she will keep an eye on you. Jailer says time is up.
Mahek is working. Shaurya says what are what are you working on so late? Should I get coffee? She says I am sleepy. Mahek goes to sleep. He says I didn’t want to be married. I was worried. He says I am sorry. She says I wont apologize so easily this time.

Mahek and shaurya are at work. Nehal says we are keeping an eye on her. Nehla says I will kill her some day. Shaurya comes and says Mahek.. He bows down and gives her a ring. He makes her wear it. Nehal says its so pretty. Mahek hugs Shaurya. Nehal and Vicky get a call they run.
Vicky later calls Mahek he says we came here where we kidnapped Anjali. We dropped a card here. They see a man but can’t see his face. Vicky says that card is mine. Mahek says hello.. What happened. The person having card is Shauyra.
Precap-Shaurya says to Mahek get. Never knew you would stoop so low. She says you have to know the truth. He says I can’t live with you either you leave or I will. Mahek says I will go. she leaves.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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