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Laado 20th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Rantej gets rakhi tied by Juhi to reach Inder’s truth

Laado 20th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anushka and Shaurya are walking on road and Tai is coming from the other end, but they don’t recognize each other. A man comes infront of them and asks to buy a bat, ball etc. shaurya says we don’t want anything. Goons come and kidnap Tai. Shaurya and Anu couldn’t see. Rantej asks about the food. Malhari says Inder eats simple food and that’s why it is cooked. Rantej sees marks on Juhi’s neck and asks her. Juhi looks at Inder. Rantej asks her to tell. Inder says it is good that you worry for your younger sister and asks him not to worry, says she fell down in bathroom and that’s why got this injury. He eyes Juhi. Rantej sees Inder and Juhi looking at each other and thinks something is wrong. Juhi goes to room and looks at the nail marks on her body. She applies powder to

hide the nail marks. Inder comes there angrily. Juhi gets scared.

Anu and Shaurya come to shop again. Shop owner tells that Tai haven’t come till now. Shaurya sneezes. Anushka says we shall stay here tonight and will go tomorrow. Shaurya refuses. Anu asks him not to argue and says she will not go. Inder scolds Juhi for not wearing dupatta properly and then hugs her with lust. Juhi cries.

Anu takes care of Shaurya and checks his fever. Dadi calls Anu. Anu tells her that Shaurya got fever and that’s why they are staying in Tai’s house tonight. Dadi asks her to ask Tai to make Kada. Phone gets disconnected. Shagun gets worried and thinks why Anushka and Amrish are not picking her calls. Dadi comes to Shagun and tells her that Anushka will not come tonight. Shagun gets worried and thinks if Tai met Anu. Anu takes care of Shaurya. Rabba Mere Rabba plays. Next morning, Shaurya wakes up and finds Anu sleeping resting her head on the bed. Anu wakes up and says she will check Tai. She goes to the shop and tells the shop owner that Tai haven’t come till now. Shop owner says may be she went to her relative’s house. If she returns then I will tell her about you people. Anu comes back and tells Shaurya that Tai must have went somewhere. Shaurya says he is feeling unwell. Anu says I will leave. Shaurya runs behind her.

Rantej sees Juhi crying and asks what happened? Juhi is scared. Rantej says I am your brother. He asks her to sit and says when I saw you for the first time, I got connected to you and says he has accepted her as his sister. He says you are my only sister and I can’t see you tensed. He says he is very influential in Veerpur and asks her to be happy always in life. Juhi is silent. Rantej says you don’t trust me. Rantej gives her thread and asks her to tie to his hand. Juhi ties thread to his hand and smiles. Rajjo calls Juhi and she goes. Rantej laughs and thinks it is easy to fool woman. He thinks to reach inder’s truth with Juhi’s help.

Amrish tells Shagun that he got Tai kidnapped. Shagun is relieved. Anu returns home. Shagun tells her that they need to go somewhere and takes her. They reach Dharam’s house. Shagun asks Dharam about his wife. Dharam says she is cooking in kitchen for them. His wife comes. He introduces her as Mrs. Komal Kriplani. Anushka and Komal see each other shockingly.

Precap: Dharam tells Anu that he needs her signature on the papers as court is closed for next 7 days then. Anu is about to sign. Komal thinks she shall stop her and falls near by holding tea tray. Tea falls on the papers. Shagun is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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