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Kriyam ff chapter: Love in Trip (Episode 3)

After getting freshed up they all come out of their tents.

Pratima – Let’s do a camp fire

Rags-  First let’s eat something

Krishna – Wait I will serve everyone, till then Daidu you start the camp fire

Yuvraj – ok

(Krishna is serving everyone some snacks and Yuvraj is lighting the fire)

Yuvani- let’s play something

Yuvan- But what

Bhavna – I have a idea but actually it’s only for new couples

Yuvani – Tell that game na first Krishna and sayyam and Baby and Yuvan will play it afterwards we all will play something

Bhavna – So the game is of paper dance. There will be a chart paper kept and both the couples have to dance on it, till the music stops. When the music will stop the next round will began and we will fold the paper. So after each round the paper will get smaller. If anyone fells from the paper then they will be out.

Suhani- And winners will get ancestral bangles.

Sayyam – But Maa what kind of game this is. I won’t play it

Suhani – Sayyam it’s like a ritual performed in our house. Every new couple of our family have to do this. Even I and Yuvraj have done it. (She blinks at Yuvraj)

Yuvraj – Yes, you have to do it.

Yuvani – so lets start (she places chart paper for both the couples. Baby and Yuvan are already on the chart paper. Sayyam and Krishna look at each other and then Sayyam holds Krishna’s hand and takes her on the chart paper)

Song plays

Tu itni khoobsurat hai

( Sayyam is constantly looking at Krishna while dancing and she is looking down because  she is blushing soo hard)


(The song stops)

Yuvani – ok guys round one is over. Now in round two the chart paper will be folded(she folds Kriyam’s paper and Yuvan and baby ‘s paper)

Now kriyam is very close to each other (song plays)

Halka Halka suroor plays

(When Sayyam looks at Krishna she seems to be quite uncomfortable, he whispers in her ears)

Sayyam – What happened, why are you uncomfortable, if you want we can step out

Krishna – No Sayyam it’s nothing like that actually I am feeling some pain in my leg

Sayyam – You step on my legs

Krishna – No you will get tired

Sayyam – Now it’s a challenge for me I won’t get tired

(She steps on his leg and they continue dancing)

Soon the song stops (Everyone claps)

Bhavna – Now the third and the last round both the boys have have to lift their wives and then dance

Krishna (whispers) – I know sayyam you won’t be able to lift me for long.

Sayyam (whispers) – Krishna you are not soo fat

Krishna (gets irritated) – I am not fat but you are not strong enough to lift me

Sayyam – Wait and watch

(sayyam lifts Krishna and Yuvan lifts Baby)

They start dancing (Kriyam are looking into each other’s eyes while Baby is looking at Krishna)

Soon Yuvan feels some pain in his hand and Baby falls very badly

Seeing this Bhavna and Yuvani break into Laughter but Suhani asks them to apologize to baby (Then sayyam carefully places Krishna down)

Everyone congratulates Kriyam (Baby gets super jealous)

Suhani – Come Krishna beta

Krishna goes and Suhani gifts her those bangles (Everyone claps)

Yuvani – Now together we will play something

Shard – Let’s play Passing the parcel

(Everyone agrees)

Rags is controlling the music

First Pratima gets out she sings the song”Lag Ja Gale”

Second Yuvan gets out he imitates Suhani

Third Sharad gets out he does a dance on Aaja nachle (its a funny dance)

Fourth Dadi gets out  she acts like a Hitler

Fifth Baby gets out ( she gets angry and goes in her tent)

Sixth Bhavna gets out she sings a song for Sharad

Seventh Suhani gets out she imitates Amitabh Bachan

Eighth Yuvraj gets out he does some karate moves

There is a competition between krishna and sayyam

Krishna gives him a slight flying kiss (Sayyam gets super shocked by Krishna’s Action)

He loses the game (Everyone praises Krishna,  soon David comes)

David – Guys tomorrow we are going for Trekking (He gives them the list of necessary items).

Everyone gets pleased all goes to sleep

Baby quickly comes out from Kriyam’s tent she thinks “Krishna today it will be your last night” she goes to her tent and sleeps

Kriyam enter their tent. Krishna goes to washroom and quickly changes into her nightware.

Sayyam – Krishna what did you do before sometime?

Krishna (understands what he meant) – (Innocently) what I did Sayyam.

(Sayyam is  about to say but stops. He moves close to her. Krishna is standing there with her eyes closed. He very slightly plants a kiss on her cheek. Krishna is shocked to hell as she didn’t expect him to do anything like this)

Sayyam – Don’t be over smart or else….

(He goes and sleeps on his side on bed. While krishna is standing there rubbing her cheek and blushing. After sometime  she goes and sleeps on her side of bed)

After sometime she feels something on her stomach. She opens her eyes and sees a snake on her. She is scared and crys softly. Due to this Sayyam wakes up and sees all this. He puts his hand on Krishna’s mouth to stop her from making any noise, with his other hand he holds the snake and throws it out of the window.

He sees Krishna and hugs her. She bursts crying in Sayyam’s arms he consoles her and puts her head on his lap and tries to make her fall asleep. Soon she falls asleep he looks at her innocent face and a unknown smile crepts on his face. Soon he also falls asleep.

Precap –  Baby’s another plan. Krishna is lost. Krishna loses her voice.









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