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Kasam 20th April 2018 Written Episode Update: AK tries to rescue Rishi and Tanuja

Kasam 20th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with AK is on the way and thinks he has to save them anyhow. Rishi and Tanuja’s car comes near the temple and goes past it. Tanuja sees Kali Mata’s temple and tells Rishi that they couldn’t live together, but can die together. Rishi apologizes to her. Tanuja says we live in each other. She tells that their love is for seven births, and says no matter if they die together, but their souls will never die. Rishi asks what you are saying, I want to live for you. Tanuja says we are made for each other since our childhood. Rishi realizes Tanu telling him same thing. She says my love can’t be expressed in two words, have no limitations and no end, her love is for many lives and 7 births. She says if God call me from this world then I will return and will take birth for you. She says I will

love you always, your love Kasam. Rishi gets emotional and says Tanu. Tanuja tells him that she is his Tanu. Rishi says I knew, but I thought you will feel bad. Tanuja says I didn’t tell because I thought you will not believe me.

Rishi says I didn’t love your face etc, but loves your soul. Tanuja says we will return again until we fulfill our kasam. They hold each other hands. Rishi says nobody can separate us. He drives the car still. AK thinks where are they? He sees Rishi’s car and follows them. He shouts and says there is a valley downstairs. Tanuja and Rishi’s car fall in the valley. They look at each other. AK stops his car, gets down from his car and shouts Tanuja, Rishi……Rishi and Tanuja recalls all those moments before their death. Their car collides with tree and blasts.

AK cries. He brings Rishi and Tanuja to hospital and calls doctor. Bedi family and AK’s family reaches there. They cry seeing Rishi and Tanuja injured. Doctor checks and says they have internal injuries and take them to ICU. Rano cries and says we have talked just now. AK says they have to be fine else I can’t forgive myself. Manpreet asks Abhi how did this happen. AK says they came to know about it before and that’s why they called you. He folds his hand and apologizes, and says I knew her truth before, but I thought she needs Tania. He takes Netra’s name. Ahana says she went there for Tania. AK says no.. Ahana says Tania is Smilie’s daughter, and Netra can’t do this. He says Netra told that she wants to kill Tanuja. Rano recalls Netra telling that she will kill Tanuja. AK cries and tells that when he came to know from Myra that Netra went there, he went there and came to know about her plan. He tells that he saw Tanuja and Rishi’s car falling down from the cliff, and took car out with much difficulty and rushed them to hospital and called Myra. Abhishek hugs him. Rano says I will not leave Netra.

Netra is at home. Rano, Ahana and Beeji go home. Rano slaps her for trying to kill Rishi and Tanuja. She says I have kept you at my house for 8 years and hate my own children. Netra says what I would have done. She says Rishi told Tanuja that he hates me, I have given my 8 years to Rishi and what did I get, nothing. She says what should I done, did their aarti and sacrificed my love, no. She says that’s why she took their life. She says I stayed here, taken care of Tania and loved his family, but he never loved her. She says he has wasted my 8 years in 8 seconds, and says let him hate me, but first let him die. Ahana slaps her and warns her. She says if I had known your intentions then I would have ruined your life. She curses her. Netra says you will see them dying. Ahana slaps her.

Netra says slap me, go and save your Rishi and Tanuja. She tells Rano that you loves Tanuja a lot suddenly, and asks if I was a maid servant and says I have taken care of everyone when she left. She says I took what I needed, I took their lives. Now they will die right infront of you. Beeji says you are not a woman, but a black spot on womanhood. Netra says you have identified me rightly and says she has taken revenge. Rano says you have seen my love and now will see our hatred. Ahana, Rano and Beeji slap her and curse her. Netra laughs and dsays nothing will happen to me, nobody can harm me. She picks a knife and says if anyone tries to harm me then I will kill them.

Rishi and Tanuja are critical in the hospital. Everyone pray for their well being. Doctors try to revive them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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