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Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 20th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Indra stabs Yashpal

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 20th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Indra saying you didn’t listen to me and got police, just make them leave if you want all the innocent devotees to be alive. Yashpal says fine, we shall leave. Indra asks what’s the hurry, come in and attend the aarti, after all Rahul loves Gauri and she is doing aarti today. Yashpal, Rahul and inspector enter the temple and see Gauri, pandit and people doing aarti. Indra says this is your line of limit, don’t go ahead, ask your team to return. Yashpal asks inspector to take force and return to police station. Preeti sees everyone leaving. Indra asks Gauri to start the aarti. Gauri does the aarti. Rahul says we can’t see anyone here pointing aim at them, why are they so scared. He goes to Gauri and fails to hold her. They get shocked when Rahul can’t touch the

people there. Everyone disappears.

Indra says you fooled me by shivlings image, I had to tell you that I m the master of this game. Yashpal says he recorded this aarti, just find him, he is here. He sees Indra running and shouts stop. He runs outside the temple and asks Preeti did she see anyone running. She says no. She sees Indra coming and shouts Yashpal ji. Indra stabs Yashpal and pushes him. Preeti hugs Minty and cries. Indra says sorry wife, I had to do this, Minty its not my fault, tell Rahul if he wants Gauri alive, then stop following me. Rahul sees Indra. Indra smiles and leaves in his car. Preeti asks Yashpal is he fine. Rahul holds Yashpal. He takes him. Gauri gets scared seeing Indra. Indra says I told you I will keep you safe and leave everyone if you get shivlings for me, but you didn’t listen to me, I killed Yashpal and will Rahul too.

She says no, don’t do anything to Rahul. He asks why, you wrote message for Rahul. She says I did big mistake, forgive me, I don’t know anything about Shivlings. He says this blood is of Yashpal, I will kill everyone. He wipes clean the knife with her chunri. She cries. Minty says Indra can’t be my dad. Preeti hugs her. Rahul gets Indra’s call. Indra asks are you in tension, don’t worry, Yashpal will survive, he won’t interfere in my work, forget your dream to follow me and Gauri. Rahul says you forget the dream to get shivlings. Indra says then I will kill you, I warned you as you are my brother, Gauri can’t message you now, how will you come after me. He laughs and ends call. Namrata says I m going Kashi to meet Rahul. She asks the men to move. The man stops her. She goes ahead. Rudra looks on. The man says the route is closed, some party members had a fight. Rudra goes back. Doctor says there was much bleeding, but there is still a risk, Yashpal may get conscious soon. Preeti prays to Lord.

Rahul asks where is your Lord, why didn’t he protect Yashpal and Gauri, Indra is doing this, he did many sins, he isn’t punished. Gauri prays that she gets strength to deal with this devil. Indra is on the way. Inspector says Gayatri was injured, she got conscious, she wants to talk to you, she is in same hospital. Rahul goes to Gayatri. Inspector says talk to her, I won’t let anyone come here. She says Rahul, don’t believe anyone, I m here else I wanted to kill Seth ji, you will do my work, promise me. He promises her and says but I don’t know where is he. She says Seth ji’s men told me about his four hideouts, I got you and Preeti at second hideout, this third hideout is in Varanasi, and fourth hideout is in Kashi, its an ashram, he meets people by disguise of Nandeshwar baba, he runs that ashram, you will find him there, you promised you will kill him. Rahul says I will keep my promise Gayatri.

Rahul says you caged Gauri here. Indra in disguise of Swami says she is living with her wish here. Gauri says Swami is right, I m living here by my wish.

Update Credit to: Amena

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