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Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 20th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Varun forces Devika to marry him

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 20th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Maasa puts gun on Lajjo’s head and asks Devika to listen to her, she counts till 3 but Devika sits down in mandap. Maasa asks Jaggu to wear sehra and marry her. All are stunned and says how can I marry her? Maasa says she is young so marry her.

Alek says to Varun that why you are trying to save Devika? are you crazy for her body too? Varun grabs him and says I love her, true love. He beats him.

Jaggu sits in mandap. Maasa asks Kesar to do gadh bandhan. Kesar is in tears and makes Jaggu wear sehra and does gadh bandhan, all look on. Devika is in tears. Varun comes there and says stop it. Maasa smiles seeing him. Devika is relieved too. Varun comes in mandap and stares at Devika, he takes off gadh bandhan and says I told you I wont let you marry wrong person.

Jaggu moves away. Varun takes sindoor and puts it in Devika’s forehead, all look on. Devika touches her forehead in daze, she slaps sindoor plata away and glares at him. She tries to wipe away sindoor but Varun stops her and says I am your husband now. Devika says it should be of Alek, where is he? Varun recalls flashback how he beat Alek and tied him and told him that now he will see him marrying Devika. He made him unconsious, put him in a bucket and kept it near mandap. Flashback ends. Varun says you want to see where Alek is? then marry me, she says never, Varun says marry me otherwise you will see Alek’s deadbody, she says I will never marry you. Varun makes her sit in mandap and asks Lajjo to do gadh bandhan, she does it happily. Varun makes Devika hold his hand and says when wife doesnt to things then husband have to do it, I waited long for this day. Maasa says to Jaggu that he acts like he really loves her. Alek sees them marrying from his bucket. Groom and bride stands up for pheras. Varun puts garland around her and makes her put one around him too. Varun asks everyone to sprinkle them with flowers. Priest says first promise is to always be with each other in happiness and sadness. Devika thinks I promise to make his life fill with sadness. Varun promises to be always with her. Devika promises to make his life hell, he promises in heart to make her life heaven. Devika promises in heart to never let any dream of his fulfill. Varun promises to fulfill all her dreams. Devika promises that he will regret this, all days of his life will be hell. Varun says I promise that from now on, all your problems are mine and all my happiness is yours. Varun takes mangalsutra and makes her wear it before she can move away. Dhani is in tears. Varun says now you are officially my wife and cant be away from me. Priest ask them to take blessings, Devika breaks bandhan and leaves. Lajjo goes behind her. Maasa says to Varun that you did what you promised. Varun thinks that I married her not because of Maasa but because I want to protect her from you and any harm and that is my oath from now on.

Scene 2
Devika tries to remove sindoor but Lajjo asks her to stop it, this is bad omen, you promised to live life with Varun now. Devika says I did it to save Alek. Lajjo says it was your fate, you had to marry Varun so dont go against it. Devika leaves. Lajjo says I just hope she takes Varun as her husband,

Lajjo brings Devika to mandap. Varun says see my bride is here. They touch Maasa’s feet. They hear a noise. Alek comes out of bucket and takes off his ties, all are stunned that he was near mandap all the time. Alek glares at Varun. Varun smirks.

PRECAP- Devika comes to her room which is all decorated, she tries to break things but Varun holds her hand. She asks to leave her hand. Varun says I didnt hold your hand for life to leave it. He moves closer to her and says we are married, you are my wife now, I have right to be close to you, no rule can stop me from coming close to you. Devika pushes him and says you showed your colors, you will do this with me to show your manliness? Varun moves closer and says yes.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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