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Ishqbaaz or nafratbaaz.. shivika – one new story which is special (PART-6)


Anika says Shivaay to stop the car. Anika jumps out and starts dancing in the rain. Shivaay asks Anika to get inside the car.Anika refuses and says Mr. Bhagat billa get out of the car and see. Shivaay gets out of the car. Anika slips , Shivaay catches her. They have an eyelock.shivaay says I love…. Anika says yes , you may love the road or the car or may be the rain . I don’t care. I am going. She walks. Shivaay says I love you Anika. Anika stops and turn back. Shivaay again says I love you Anika. The first day I saw you. . I never hated you. Actually i gave you job in my office to teach you a lesson . But I can’t. I really love you. Will you marry me. He sit on his knees. Anika gets surprised. Anika walks two step behind and runs. Shivaay say Anika stop. Shivaay reaches mansion. Omru asks Shivaay why is he wet. Did he play in the rain? Shivaay says it was not me it was her. Omru asks whom. Shivaay says in mind if I say it was Anika they will tease me. Shivaay says that it was a old lady who jumped in front of the car. I went to move her from the front of my car. Omru asks seriously, I thought you were with Anika. Shivaay says Anika. Where on earth did Anika comes.??.

Next day, Shivaay reaches his cabin in the office.. Anika gets in and took her seat. Shivaay asks for reply. Anika says what reply. Shivaay say yesterday I told you something.Anika says oh that, you were joking right. Shivaay gets up from the seat and says I was not joking I am serious. Anika says I don’t care . Shivaay says I really love you. Anika stands up and walks near to the door. She opens the door and says I don’t love you Shivaay. My resignation letter will be soon sent to you.

Anika goes out and get in an auto.Shivaay follows her.. Anika reaches her home and at the moment she was closing door Shivaay stops it and get inside. He closes the door. And asks Anika look right into my eyes and say that you don’t love me. Anika says Shivaay what nonsense , get out of my home. Shivaay catches anika’s hand and keeps it on his head and  asks her to say touching his head that she doesn’t love him. Anika takes her hand from his head. Shivaay walks out. Anika runs and hugs him and says that I love you Shivaay.

Precap: Anika and Shivaay hangs out at the beach. They starts understanding each other.Omru suspect Shivaay.

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