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Ishqbaaz FF: My Brothers Are Everything To Me- Chapter-42

….My Brothers Are Everything To Me..

Chapter 42:


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Chapter 42:

“Well.. The secret bride you are all so waiting to see.. Let me introduce my wife.. Annika.. Mrs. Annika Shivaay Singh Oberoi”

Annika’s heart stuttered and all he could concentrate was him extending a hand towards her direction..

Annika was standing a little far away from the media interview along along with Oberoi family members.

She honestly thought that he’s going to introduce Tia… Pinky aunty and whole family had various expression from shock, disbelief to happy.


He said that he doesn’t want to introduce her as wife..

But the way he introduced her..

Mrs. Annika Shivaay Singh Oberoi..

The way he said her name…

There was not a usual arrogance in Oberoi name but in fact she understood that his eyes screamed possessiveness and pride in her being his wife..

Annika felt ashamed to doubt him.. There must be some meaning behind when he said he doesn’t want to introduce her as wife..

It seemed like love alone isn’t enough in a relationship. She has to learn to believe and trust in him..

After all the arrogant Shivaay Singh Oberoi who destroyed her life was the one who proposed her, asked her help, married her even after knowing that she’s of no class and an orphan, stood up with her against his family’s accusations, saved her, respected her even promised to start this relationship seriously….

She has to trust in him…

And also stand up beside him in everything so far what he had done for her.

So looking at the azure eyes which was staring at her with such intensity as if telling her, warning her that there’s no going back from this point…

Annika cannot even pay attention to all the medias attention were on her. Usually it would’ve made her nervous but right now her whole world’s attention is on him, his hands towards her to take..

Annika without even realizing anything, her feet took her to him.. She didn’t know how she crossed the distance of where she was standing before to where Shivaay is.

With trembling hands she placed her hands in his and all but shuddered when he squeezed her hand in a possessive grip.

“Mr. Oberoi.. Who is she?”

“What family does she belongs to?”

“Why was her identity kept secret?”

“What is she doing?”

Annika cannot even listen to all the questions they are shouting at Shivaay because the way he pulled her close, staring at her in front of all the people, acknowledging her as his better half.

Shivaay then turned towards the media and answered all their questions with a single answer of thanks for coming and the bodyguards formed a circle around Annika and Shivaay to keep the media people away.

Shivaay pulled her closer, as if protecting her from the whole world.

After the media people were cleared away, Pinky Aunty was angered with Shivaay and that’s when she noticed that Tia was nowhere to be found.

“Shivaay what had you done? We thought Tia..”

“Tia what mom? Annika is my wife. Why would I introduce someone. Have you forgotten that easily of how Annika had saved us all from the scandal it would have been. Do you want me to disrespect her?”

“Its not Tia’s fault Shivaay.. She was kidnapped…”

“Tia this.. Tia that.. Why would you believe in someone instead of your own son..? Frankly, I didn’t want to break your heart but it looks like I have to say this truth to you. Tia is not innocent mom. She’s already married to this Dushyanth guy whom we all thought of him as her brother. They were all trying to fool us mom since their company is already on the verge of going bankrupt. What do you want me to do? To introduce such a woman as my wife?”

“But… How.. Impossible..”

Pinky aunty was speechless and her expression was horror struck. Annika felt bad for her because she did notice that how much Pinky Aunty liked Tia during her time of wedding planning their marriage.

“Well if you want to believe her instead of your own son by all means go ahead.”

Jhanvi Aunty and Dadi moved towards Pinky aunty to comfort her while Shivaay dragged her towards their room and locked it.

“Why? Why did you say you didn’t want to introduce me as wife.”

Shivaay pulled her in to a hug and his arms around her were tight enough to squeeze her.

Annika rested her head against the crook of his neck and hugged him back.

She’s not the kind of girl to let him go.. Even if he introduced Tia as wife, she would have made a scene ignoring everything because he’s hers and hers alone.

“I want to show the world you’re mg wife but at the same time I want to hide you from the whole world and to keep you to my eyes only”


Possessiveness… So raw that it made her shudder.

“And also… There is another reason..”

He pulled her from his hug and looked at her straight in the eye.

“I am afraid whether you will be able to fulfill the role of my wife”

“Why? Are you underestimating me Shivaay?”

“No, Annika.. You don’t understand. You’re an ordinary girl who had led ordinary life till now.. But from now on, there will be people who want to get close to you to take advantage of you.. You have to be careful of who you speak, what you eat outside and how you speak. There may be even attempts to kidnap you just so kidnappers get money from me or to get back at me. You should take bodyguards wherever you go.. You won’t be just an Annika anymore. You will be an Oberoi too.. I was afraid because you’re a free spirited girl and it will be like a cage to you. That’s why I wanted to keep your identity a secret but it will be a great insult to you if I didn’t acknowledge you as my wife in public.”

This time Annika was the one who hugged Shivaay..

Hugs are becoming natural in their relationship.

She shouldn’t have doubted his intentions. And now she understood his worry and knew that this is not just a simple marriage and she has to be extra careful, extra alert and has to fulfill the place as his wife.

Even if she’s an ordinary girl, Annika will proudly stand as his wife and fulfill all the duties. Yes, she doesn’t like the fact that she will not be as carefree as before but if he’s beside her like this then there’s nothing to worry.

But speaking of which,

Annika abruptly pulled from the hug startling Shivaay,

“Why were you caressing Tia’s neck?”

Annika asked in anger..

This she will not tolerate it..

“What..? Why..? Oh… You saw that.. I was not caressing her neck Annika.. I squeezed her neck as go warn her to not insult my wife”

Annika gulped realizing that the Devil Singh Oberoi is back.. It looked like Tia insulted her and Shivaay was angered enough to squeeze a girl’s neck and Annika misunderstood.

She didn’t know whether to scold Shivaay or be happy..

“Oh.. So jealousy huh?”

Shivaay pulled her again closely and pushed her free hair all to the left side of her shoulders and leaned to the exposed right side of her neck.

“Why would I caress anyone’s neck when I have a beautiful wife and her pale neck to caress or to bite or to lick..”

With that he boldly sank his teeth in her neck making her mind to go on a vacation now of all time.

His teeth was sharp enough to draw blood that she almost winced but as if to apologize for the pain, his tongue came out to lick her spot where he bit as an apology.

He sucked her neck making her hazy mind to wonder again whether he’s a vampire..

The way he bushed her body against his, close enough that their breaths mingled.

Annika clutched his shoulder, pressed her lips from moaning aloud when he licked her neck again so slowly..


He bit her again when she called his name and looked up at her.

He looked satisfied and had an expression that he had achieved something great.

He told her to come to breakfast and left the room.

Annika with wobbling legs moved to mirror and saw how reddish the place he bit and the teeth mark was so obvious.

How did he expect her to come down for breakfast?

She will look suspicious if she put bandaid on her neck but she can’t ho down like this because she will die of embarrassment.

So when she came to breakfast, part of her hair covering her bandaid, the table was void of Jhanvi aunty and Dadi who is still probably convincing Pinky Aunty and also Shivaay, Tej uncle and Sakthi uncle who all had left to office already.

Rudra looked at her strangely and she cursed Shivaay silently when he asked,

“What’s the bandaid Annika di?”

Annika in embarrassment stuttered out,

“Bug b-bite…”

“Oh… Shivaay bug, huh?” Rudra smiled at her, wiggling his eyebrows to which Annika all but escaped to kitchen saying she wants something.

But she could still hear Rudra and Om talking to each other.

“Bug? But there are no bugs in our home since we call pest control right Rudy? And why were you calling Shivaay bug?”

“O… I really feel bad for your future wife because you’re too innocent in these kind of matters”


Shivaay sat on the bed and caressed the blanket, all of a sudden feeling so lonely like his heart is being pierced by thousands of arrows..

He could remember a particular memory which always left him feeling happy now made him feel so alone.

~~~~Shivaay almost ran towards Oberoi Mansion in hurry to surprise his family, especially his brothers that he had finally finished his degree and even returned India earlier than he planned.

It’s almost half an year since he last saw them except speaking with them in phone.

Shivaay left his luggage for the servants to pick up and greeted Dadi and his parents excitedly. They were really surprised who it was that came this late night to Oberoi Mansion.

After asking where his brothers are, Shivaay moved towards their room and was surprised to find Rudy’s room is empty and it was even more surprising that Om’s room is empty too.

Shivaay was confused to find that their rooms are empty when Dadi said that they’re asleep on their rooms..

Shivaay even searched the gym room to find it empty..

Where are they..?

Shivaay searched everywhere and finally went to his room so as to change his dress before asking Dadi again.

He opened his room and was net with a nostalgic sight of his brothers Om and Rudra sleeping on his bed..

Shivaay even noticed that there was a spot left for him to sleep like they usually do if he was there..

Shivaay’s uneasy heart settled finally because somewhere he was afraid whether during his stay in abroad for studies will create even a tiniest bit of distance between them.

Now looking at this, his worries were nothing and that his brothers still valued him a lot.

But still sleeping in his room and in his bed were unchangeable habit of Rudra but to see Om too was surprising itself.

Suddenly Rudra tossed around in the bed and started muttering Shivaay Bhaiyaa in his sleep, his hands roamed around the empty part of the bed as if searching for his Shivaay bhaiyaa..

Shivaay didn’t know why but even when Rudra is a teenager now too he found him just as much as adorable and cute as he was in his childhood.



Shivaay shook him up to wake him..

Shivaay caressed Rudra’s hair away from his face,

“Baby Ru..”

Rudra slowly opened his eyes and squinted to see that it’s his Shivaay bhaiyaa sitting beside him


Shivaay nodded and all of a sudden the teenaged Rudra burst into tears..

Some things never change..

“Hey.. Ru..”

“Bhaiyaa.. Is it a dream..? It’s definitely a dream right? You’re fooling me again”

“Come on, why would I fool you? Is it the welcome I get from Baby Ru?”

Rudra hugged him tightly just like usual and started to wail loudly of how much Rudra missed his Shivaay bhaiyaa and how lonely it was.

Shivaay hugged him just as tightly and consoled him..

Shivaay never ever wanted to go through this again. Just then due to all the sound and drama Rudra made, Om too got up.

“Rudy, is it another nightmare?”

Om slowly opened his eyes and found them hugging. Om’s eyes widened in disbelief and then he too pounced on them, making Shivaay to lose balance and they all fell in the bed, tangled.

Shivaay hugged them both after getting untangled from them, happy that he could feel them alive and sound against him.

Shivaay laid between Om and Rudra, finally he could sleep peacefully after so long and everything can wait till morning.~~~~

Shivaay felt a hand on his shoulder and he was surprised to see Annika trying to get his attention for sometime.

“Shivaay, how many times I’ve been calling you..? Are you ok?”


Shivaay got up and moved towards the room he and Annika is staying.

It looks like he too has to get used to the changes of being married. Shivaay always felt that nothing will separate them but it looks like time and age will separate them a little with new relationships and responsibilities.

Shivaay sighed and sat on the bed after reaching the new room.

Annika all of a sudden hugged him, his face against her neck.

He looked so sad and Annika could not take it anymore.

“What happened Shivaay?”

“I.. Annika.. Are you angry that we are not staying in my room?”

At first she wondered why they are staying in a different room but didn’t have the heart to ask him so she let it go.

“I know its not fair for you to know that your husband and you has a different room.”

She did notice almost all the things of him are in the room except some of his dresses.

Annika let go of him and sat beside him on the bed.

“I.. That room is not just a room Annika.. Om and Rudra always stayed in that room, in fact Rudra had never slept in his own room till now. It’s just.. That room has so many memories ever since I was a child. I…”

Annika rested her head on his shoulder and smiled,

“You don’t have to explain anything Shivaay. I do understand”

In fact she had witnessed how close the brothers were so many times and how Shivaay valued his brothers above everything.

She had never seen any brothers like they are. Annika had realized it after speaking with Rudra on the day she got married that these three are dependent on each other for their life.

She would have been sad if he never paid attention to her. In fact he made time for her separately and cared for her needs.

It has oy been two weeks since she married him and she’s witnessing all sort of emotions from Stone Singh Oberoi. She loved every moment of it and accepted his every side, every emotion.

They are slowly getting to know each other. And they are getting to know what the other person likes and dislikes.

Annika didn’t bring the topic of her confession not wanting to force him into his feelings. It seemed like he has his own pace and she can wait for him till her last breath if necessary. And more over why the need to know how he feels when she exactly can see what he feels with his actions.

Annika felt lucky to have him as a husband because he is not how he behaved before marriage.. The Devil Singh Oberoi is in fact an Angel and Cute Singh Oberoi that he sometimes left her breathless. Like the time how he introduced Saahil to his family members and how the family members adored Saahil including Pinky Aunty, making Saahil to feel that he is not an orphan but has a family in Oberois.

Shivaay had even arranged furniture in this room the way she wanted and even said she could change the paint or designs the way she liked. He even made sure that she’s comfortable here and also sleep in the bed almost four days a week..

“I don’t want to replace anyone’s place in your heart Shivaay. I want to make my own place in your heart”

She didn’t have to lift her face to know that he’s smiling because she did get to know him a little like how he’s touch about his gelled hair and his height.

Annika lifted her head and saw that he had changed his expression.

He really hates to show his emotions too..

He got up and looked at the mirror, took his coat and put his watch on, getting ready to go to office.

“By the way, Haven’t I told you to not wear a saree..?”

Annika too got up from the bed and put her hands on her hip in defensive position.

“Why? Just because you’re Shivaay Singh Oberoi and my husband. I don’t have to listen to your every orders.”

Annika didn’t know why instead of calling her beautiful he’s so against her wearing a saree just like last time.

He raised his right eyebrow and moved towards her, she took a step back and retrieved her hands from her hip.

He soon wrapped his hand around her bare waist and leaned towards her ear.

His cologne is going to be the death of her one day for sure..

“I want to take this relationship slowly but If you want me to be super fast go ahead and wear sarees.. But let me remind you that I won’t be responsible the next time you wear saree if I do something to you..”

He bit her ear lightly and took two steps back from her.

His azure eyes took it’s time to analyze her from head to toe, making her legs tremble when they stared at her as if he wants to devour her.

He then stared straight at her eyes and smirked as if he knows what affect he has on her.

“You are irresistible Annika.. You make me want to lose my control”

He then went away from the room not caring about her legs finally giving out or the fact her heart beat has gone into crazy mode.

The way he becomes a cheapde sometimes..

Annika blushed knowing she loves this side of him too.


Om got down from the bus and looked around the street he had arrived…

It looked like he’s the only one who liked to travel like this in Oberoi family.

Shivaay doesn’t even know about how much a fare is and Rudra doesn’t know where is even a bus stand.

Shivaay owns so many cars and will never travel in ordinary transports saying all about the hygiene and such.. Rudra will always whine about his skin and how people will bump at him. Even if Rudra is convinced Shivaay will never allow his Rudra baby to travel like this.

Om shook his head at his thoughts of his rich, pampered brothers.

Om smiled thinking about their antics and dramas..

Sometimes Shivaay is as much of a drama queen as Rudra is..

Om asked around the address he wanted to go to the people around the street.

He was startled seeing Oberoi car around the house he wanted to visit and Om quickly hid behind a tree to find Mr. Oberoi staring at the house Om was going to visit..

Just when Prinku came out of the house, ready to go college..

So it seems Ranveer allowed her to study. Om was glad looking at Prinku with a smile on her face.

“Hey Priyanka.. How many times I told you to not forget your lunch box..?”

“Ranveer, I told you it’s fine and you don’t have to cook..”

“Come on.. It makes me happy to look after you”

Prinku smiled at Ranveer and put the box in her bag fondly..

“Ok then.. Wait for me.. I will go and dress up. I will drop you”

“Ranveer, I can go by bus”

“Yeah.. You don’t even know which direction you should take the bus.. I will drop you”


Prinku whined and Om snickered knowing Prinku was a pampered princess to all.

Om was happy that Prinku is really happy.

Om looked up at Mr. Oberoi to find him with a pained expression.

Om remembered all those times Mr. Oberoi had visited his art galleries secretly as if Om didn’t know..

This is why…

Damn it he cannot take Mr. Oberoi from his heart.. No matter how cruel he is that sometimes he did show his love to his children.

That’s why Om always ended up getting hurt if Mr. Oberoi does something wrong because Om still has hopes for Mr. Oberoi that he will pull himself together one day.

It seemed Prinku noticed Oberoi car and dropped her bag, ran towards the car startling Om and also Mr. Oberoi.

It looked like Mr. Oberoi wanted to run away before Prinku reached him but one word from Prinku had made Mr. Oberoi to come out of the car.


Mr. Oberoi hugged Prinku while she started crying. Om smiled at them and backed off from there.

Because Om can see her anytime and they all three only get to see Mr. Oberoi showing affection rarely.


Rudra smiled at the phone when Sumo picked his call.


“Yeah Rudra..”

“Why didn’t you call me or text me Sumo.. Are you still angry with me? Haven’t you forgiven me?”

“No, it’s not like that Rudra.. I am little busy”

“But Sumo…”

“Seriously Rudra I am busy.. I will call you later”

She cut the call and Rudra smiled mischievously standing in front of Sumo’s house.

Who is she trying to fool..?

He’s Rudra Singh Oberoi..

Rudra chuckled and moved towards the door, ringing the call bell.

Someone opened the door and he was surprised to so many of people there, probably guests.

So she really is busy..

Rudra felt silly standing in the doorway while everyone of the guests looked at him..

He rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly and said,

“I.. I.. I will come later”

Just then Sumo’s mom came towards him..

“No Rudra.. I am glad you came”

He looked confusingly at her.

“Arey, Didn’t Soumya inform you?”


Just then Sumo descended the stairs, all dressed up with make up and jewels.

Strangely Rudra felt that she’s just as beautiful if not even more than all the slim girls he had dated..

“Who is he?”

Someone in the guests asked about him to which Sumo’s mom replied back,

“He is Soumya’s best friend and studies in the same college, Rudra Singh Oberoi”

Just hearing his name, Sumovwho had been looking at the stairs looked up at him instantly, eyes widened in shock.

“And Rudra.. This is Riyan, Soumya’s fiancé. Today is her engagement. Didn’t Soumya tell you?”


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