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Ishqbaaz 20th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer spares Anika’s life

Ishqbaaz 20th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika struggles in the water and calls out Shivaye. Shivaye gets up and says Anika….He holds his head. He calls her up. He hopes she is safe. Roop calls him. She asks where are you, don’t you worry for your wife. Shivaye says I need to talk to Anika, where is she. She thinks even I don’t know where is she, my plan will fail if Shivaye knows this.

She says just worry for the evidence, I have it, game is again in my hands. He looks for the folder. She says Anika is where she is supposed to be. He says I have to talk to Anika first, I have to be sure she is fine. She says if you don’t remarry, I don’t need to say what I can do. He says until I talk to Anika, I won’t listen to you. He ends call.

She says if I have to make him dance on my fingers, I have to keep Anika alive. She

calls Veer. He says you will get Anika. She says I want her alive. He says you will get her, but dead, she has challenged me. She says you are crazy, idiot, everything will end if Anika dies, what about my revenge. He says I also want my revenge from Oberois, I will seek revenge on Anika, she has questioned on my manhood, she will pay for this. She says I have tolerated a lot since years, everything will be over if she dies, Shivay will get mad, you know what will happen, tandav/destruction. He says let it happen, I want to be satisfied, Anika won’t be alive. She says I won’t exact my revenge, spare Anika please. He says I won’t listen to you today.

She says if we had to kill Oberois, we would have killed them before, we have to make them live a miserable life. He says Anika will die here and Shivaye will live a painful death. She says but it won’t help me, just decide, will you spare Anika alive or see me dead. He says don’t emotionally blackmail me. She says drop her home, then get underground, police is searching for you, once Shivaye comes back and preparations for marriage begin, I will meet Anika and tell her something shocking. Veer throws the phone angrily. Shivaye drives away. He says where are you Anika, why aren’t you answering, why isn’t anyone answering at home, I hope she is fine. Veer gets Anika home. He puts her down and leaves.

Shivaye calls Anika again. She wakes up and looks around. She sees her phone beside. She feels ache and gets up. She answers the call. Shivaye stops the car hearing her voice and asks are you fine. She nods and holds her head. She says yes I m fine. He asks where are you. She says at home, Veer…… He gets shocked and asks did he harm you. She says Veer….. He says whatever he did, he will have to pay for it, I won’t spare him. They cry. She says I know, where are you, please come back home. He says I will come, I have to finish small work, I will come soon, remember I will fix everything, you trust me right. She says more than myself. He says keep the trust intact, take rest, I will come back and tell you everything. She asks everything, even that you are hiding from me. He says everything, promise me you will wait for me, until I come back, whatever anyone says, don’t believe it, you will listen to me first, promise you will wait for me. She says I promise you. He says I love you. She says I know, I love you too. He says I know, wait for me Anika, I will come back, I will surely come. He gets Roop’s call.

Roop asks are you happy now talking to Anika, just come here, else Anika’s dad’s misdeeds will come out and she may kill herself out of shame. He says I m coming. She laughs and thinks the real game will begin when you come here. He drives off angrily. He comes to Roop and throws things. He says deal with me if you have a problem with me, don’t trouble Anika, if your son dares to touch her, I will forget he is your son, I will forget you are related to me. Roop says baby, so much anger on your Bua, I was eagerly waiting for you, I m very happy. She hugs him and asks what happened, you got hurt, its bleeding. She asks Charlie to get medicines. She says I m planning to get you married, you got a wound on forehead. She does the aid. Shivaye says enough of your drama, come to the point.

She says you had fled with the evidence, if you agreed to me, I would have not done this, Veer would have not escaped from jail, you made us do this hard work, forget it, focus on marriage, don’t you want the tika, see the house, I decorated it beautifully, its my fav nephew’s marriage. Shivaye throws the plate. She says throw as many things as you want, I will break your pride, your relation and marriage with Anika, also Oberoi family, you can’t do anything, your love won’t let you do anything, love….. being in love is not an easy thing, I will go and get a sherwani for my cute nephew, you all keep an eye on him. Charlie takes Shivaye.

Pinky and Shakti see Shivaye. Pinky asks what’s happening. Shivaye signs to her. She asks where are you going. She says stop, I need to talk. Shakti hugs her and says our Shivaye will do something. She says what will he do, when his own aunt has become his enemy. He says he is Shivaye, once he gets determined, he never fears anyone. Omru look on. Om says Pinky is right, how many people will Shivaye fight alone, we need to go to him. Rudra asks but how will we reach him. They see the goons. Rudra says Shivaye must be in that room. Om says they won’t let you go, bullet doesn’t see body and muscles when fired. Khanna says it pierces the body and the person… Om says they have guns. Rudra says we also have a gun, I will just pretend to scare them. Khanna says there are no bullets in it, you can just pretend. Rudra asks are you carrying it just for show off. Khanna says it was Shivaye’s order that I don’t keep loaded gun, as its of no use, he felt I m worthless…. Om says Shivaye felt right, you are useless. Rudra says take it back, we need to think something else. Om says there is one way, we need to divert the goons’ attention. Khanna says good idea, who will do this. Om says you…

Shivaye says Bua got mom and dad here and played safe game, I can’t run away even if I want, I have to get proof and mom-dad’s safety too, I will call Omru. Roop comes and asks him to see sherwani. She says take it, get ready, wear it. He throws the sherwani away. She says I need to remind you, I will tell Anika that her dad is a murderer. He says you won’t do this. She says wear this sherwani. He holds sherwani. She clicks his pic and laughs. She goes and asks goons to keep an eye on him. Omru ask Khanna to go and push him. Khanna says I think I came at a wrong place. Goons ask who are you. Khanna says I m security guard, Roop hired me, I m different, I got my own uniform. Goons see Omru and ask who are you, tell us fast. Khanna hits the goons and faints them. Rudra says Khanna turns superhero. Khanna says anything for Shivaye.

Shivaye thinks I need to get out of here. He hears someone coming and takes a vase to hit. Rudra bends down. Shivaye throws the vase. Rudra gets saved. Om comes in next. Shivaye sees Omru and gets shocked. He hugs them, and Rudra is he fine.

Roop says I will tell you the truth behind your dad’s death, your dad Harsh was a foreman in kalyani mills, Oberois have set fire in mills and framed your dad, he couldn’t carry the burden of this blame and committed suicide. Anika cries. Shivaye says I have to gather evidence at any cost so that Roop doesn’t prove the charges on Anika’s dad true.

Update Credit to: Amena

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