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ISHQ Bepanaahh!! #TS by Anee (Last part)

Hi Guys Thankx for your response on my first part of this TS…that’s really means a lot for me…guys this is the last part hope you will like it.


Zoya join the Job…. days passed… Aditya and Zoya became very good friends 😂… slowly slowly Aditya forgot to Pooja and her betrayal he liked to spend time with her…actually Zoya was new in this field so Aditya make her understand everything… both are coming close to each other, time was passing they were starting care for each other started liking to each other but they were denying their feelings because they didn’t want to do the same as their partners were did with them….. But after lots of trials they wasn’t successful to keep away to each other from getting close to each other.


One day Aditya admitted that he cannot living without her…he went in her room to express his feelings to her where he found Yash’s pic….he remembered puja’s pic with Yash….he frowned his all old wounds we’re freshen…his eyes were red in anger…he saw in mirror where Yash and Puja were holding their hands and romancing with each other to see Aditya they were laughing on him…


Aditya took vase and threw on the mirror…. mirror Broke down….Zoya comes from washroom to see Aditya like this…she scared because before that day she didn’t saw to Aditya like this….she came near to him… Aditya what happened?? She asked


Aditya saw to her…and pulled her more close by waist he looked straight in her eyes….and asked who are you??

I’m Zoya, Aditya what kind of this question??

I know you are Zoya but who was your husband??

Aap yeh kiun pooch rahen hain??

He tighten his grip…give me answer of my question..

Aditya chhodiye humen you are hurting me?? It’s paining.

Paining?? You are saying it is paining?? Yeh toh kuch bhi nahi hai it is nothing I show you pain. What is pain??

He leaved her and took piece of glass and pinned in own palm…his palm was bleeding..

Zoya screamed ahhaaaaa…she held his palm….he tried to free his palm from her held..

Tears welled from their eyes..


What did you?? Are you out of mind?? Zoya yelling during looking at his palm. While Aditya gazing at her….you didn’t answered me….who was your husband…Zoya didn’t answered him. He jerked hand from her…

You damn it I’m asking you something. Who was your husband? He asked very angrily.

Yash…in the fear his name came out from her mouth.

Yash he shows his pic this Yash??

Yes…she replied

You know what he was cheating you by having an affair with someone else??

No my Yash wasn’t like that. She pretested.

Really?? He asked

Yes I have complete trust on him..humare yash aisa kabhi nahi kar saktey..hum achey se jan’te thy apne yash ko..

You was blindly loved her but he wasn’t able for your trust…he said to her

Aap ke kehne se kiya hoga..kiya suboot hai aap ke paas?? She asked

Sabot he little laughed sabot toh bada hai ms. Zoya Arora…he brought dairy from his room and conferred her. Read it properly…he went from there.


Zoya took the dairy and start reading that..




21 April 2017


Today I met with Yash Arora he is working on the same project on which I’m working.


28 April 2017


Today was very good time I was spend with Yash Arora Now we became good friends on working same peroject….it is really nice to work with such an amazing guy.


1 May 2017


Tonight I have party on my office all are coming Yash also.


25 May 2017


OMG what is happening to me….I really like to spend time with Yash Arora.


5th June 2017


I’m really excited me and Yash are going outdoor to complete our project.


30 June 2017


I like Italian food Yash is also like that…how much our choices our matches na??


18 August 2017


After so long time I’m going to write in my dairy about something YASH


1 Sep 2017


OMG Yash has one wife…but why I’m feeling so sad??


23 sap 2017


What??? I can’t believe Yash is also feeling about me like that as I feels for him…

But wait what I’m doing?? It’s wrong…I’m doing wrong with Aditya …I’m confused between my heart and mind.


15 October 2017


Today is Yash’s Birthday and I’m going to give him surprise…he really deserves that…My heart is won over my mind and my heart says I found my love in the shape of Yash…I doesn’t love Aditya…who toh mom ne kaha shaadi karlo Adi ne propose kiya mene bina kuch soche samjhe Adii se shaadi karlee….but I can’t bear this marriage anymore.


Zoya’s heart was breaking at every single line of the dairy.


30 November 2017


Today Yash propose with beautiful diamond ring….OMG I’m flying in colors of love.


20 December 2017


Today we are going on trip it will very romantic trip for both of us.


18 Fab 2018


Today’s my Birthday and Yash promise me that he will celebrate my birthday with me…that’s why I’m going to out of station to meet with him..


Zoya close the dairy tears made their way for falling from her eyes to cheeks.


Next day


Zoya was missed from her room….Aditya came to see her after that night when he left her he knew that she will definitely heartbroken….Aditya shocked by didn’t found Zoya in her room he thought might be she went office….he reached office where he didn’t found to Zoya anywhere…he became worried about her…he immediately went out from office to find Zoya…then suddenly he remembered something and hurriedly sat in the car and reached on the same cliff where they first met…he took sigh of relief when he finds Zoya over the cliff….but this time she was about to jump but on the nick of time Aditya held her hand she looked at Aditya while hanging….they share eye contact. Soon Aditya pulled her up…her head touched her chest….both felt something very special…soon they broke their hug. Aditya sees tears in her eyes…he grabbed her shoulders tightly.


What were you trying to do?? Aditya asked her angrily

She remained silent

Didn’t you think even once about me??

She looked at his ayes which was uttering lots of emotions…

About you?? She asked.

He thought about seconds what he was uttered just two seconds ago..

Boliye aap ke bare main kiun?? Kiun hum sochen aap ke bare main?? Haan boliye??


Because I Love you Dammn it…

She was remained shocked. She didn’t believed what he said…


She pushed him back and ran from there…Aditya shocked and goes behind her he held her hand and stopped her..

You won’t go without listing me..

Leave my hand…log humen dekh rahen hain.

I don’t care…I only care about you..He said

Toh khuda ke liya humare wastey choddiye humare haath ko..Zoya pleaded

Aise nahii..Aditya

Aap boht badimag aur badtameez qism ke insaan hain?? She turned towards him…app ne humare mutaliq aisa socha bhi kaise?? Hum aur aap?? Joh Yash aur puja ne kiya who aap chahte hain hum bhi wahi Karen…toh maaf keejey ga aisa kabhi nahi hosakta…


She went from there rain is happened Aditya sat down and cried and shouted Zoyaaaa.


At office


She gave him resignation letter. He looked up and asked what this is??

My resignation letter I wants to resign from this job.

He came close to her she took two step back he took step forward she pinned to wall he came near to her put hand on her waist pulled her close gave her intense looks….do you want to go from here?? ok fine go I won’t stop you..

He leaved her then he said to her she need work 1 month more to get resignation.

She agreed.


In the whole month Zoya was avoiding to talk with him but she was working as his secretory that’s why she was helpless….she need to talk with him for work…but very rudely….Aditya tries to come close to her tried to make her realize his love….Aditya doesn’t want to lose her anyhow….slowly time passed Aditya didn’t leaved any stone unturned to get her love….


One day Aditya called her on the office terrace she reached there it was well decorated place where one table on the center….she was surprised…..she was thinking what this is??  Then Aditya hugged her from behind she immediately freed herself from his grip…and shocked


Allan Miyan what are you doing??


Zoya please just calm down….he came close to her held her hand and knees down…And looking at her eyes…both have an eye lock…Zoya I want to tell you that I can’t live without you….I don’t know when where and how but I fell for you….in your company I leaved to hate the puja I totally forgot that what she did with me…she betrayed me he had an affair with another guy. Whish was enough to leave me shattered…but when you came in my life I started to live again….before your entry in my life I was searching for that guy who snatched my puja my love my life from me but when you came in my life I was like incomplete and completed by your entry.

Zoya please don’t get me wrong but I think I didn’t loved puja it was my infatuation that turned into ugly turn by her death she didn’t loved me that’s why she found love in someone else.


She snatched her hand …and put on her ears…Bas keeje khuda ke liye bas keeje…..hum aap se keh chuke hain ap jaisa chahte hain waisa nahii hosakta…aap samjhtey kiun nahi hain??


He stands up ok theek hai…you want to see my ISHQ bapanaahh ok so wait… he reached to the edge of the roof…Zoyaaa ager tum nahii toh main bhi nahii…Alvida Zoya…Zoya turned to see him and got worried as well as dumbstruck he smiled….he was looking at her flew both arms in air and about to fall down by back…Zoya ran ran and ran held his hand and shouted Adityaaaaa!!


Aditya lay down by back Zoya was holding his hand….Aditya smiled again looking at Zoya…

Zoya pulled him up and hugged him tightly…he reciprocated at hug….soon they broke hug….

Aditya aap khud ko kiya samjhtey hain ager aap ko kuch hojata toh?? Aap ne humare bare main ek baar bhi nahi socha ke hum pe kiya guzregii?? Aap ke bina hum keise….she stopped..


Aditya looking at her lovingly and asked Ap ka bina kaise kiya???

Ahh humara matlab…woh hum woh

Zoya tell me aap ke bina hum kaise matlab??

Matlab hum bhi aap ke bina nahi reh saktey…she confessed


Jee haan


But why you not accept this before??

I was not able to face my feelings… finally I lost…now I’m telling you I Love U Aditya I Love U Humara ISHQ bepanaah hai aap ke liye..


I love you too Mera bhi ISHQ bepannahh!! Hai tumare liye.

They hugged.


“There’s all kinds of reasons that you fall in love with one person rather than another: Timing is important. Proximity is important. Mystery is important.”


Hope you guys like it..

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