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Ikyawann 20th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Leela drugs Jessica

Ikyawann 20th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Susheel getting up. Satya smiles. Sejal says I m going home to keep an eye on Soumya, enjoy the match. She cheers for Susheel. Susheel recalls everyone’s taunts and fights with Jessica. Mehul cries seeing her on tv. Susheel slams Jessica again. She wins the round. The man says the final competition will happen day after tomorrow, till then wait for it. Susheel meets the family. She sees Satya smiling. Satya signs to discourage her and goes.

Soumya wakes up and sees some shadow. She calls out Satya and goes to see. She worries. Sejal comes home. Soumya stops. Sejal asks what happened to you. Soumya says someone came here. Sejal asks who is there, tell me, this happened with Susheel also, its happening because of marriage excitement, sorry to take Susheel’s name, Satya would

be coming home. Soumya says I m fine, I will go and sleep. Sejal smiles holding the shoes. Dada ji sees people outside house. Mehul, Nitish and Shivam see everyone dancing on dhol and praising Susheel. Mehul says everyone felt Susheel can’t do anything, today she used her weakness as strength at right place. Susheel says I will have sweets. Fighter Didi says you have to take care and stay fit. Kali does aid to Susheel. Susheel sees Satya and talks aloud to make him hear. He smiles and goes.

Shivam says I think Dada ji’s heart melted, he was playing dhol artists. Mehul says dad would be happy too. Dada ji doesn’t eat sweets and goes. Mehul smiles. Satya says yes, I remember I had gone to meet my friend, what are you doing with Soumya, is there anything I should know. Sejal recalls the pic and says Soumya has…. He asks what. She asks him to talk to Fighter Didi. He says how did you know reverse psychology will work on Susheel. Fighter Didi says like you valued her after her leaving, congrats for her win. He smiles and eats sweets. Jessica sees news and gets angry. Leela comes and tries to convince. She gets the ring. She asks her to have food.

Fighter Didi says you played well today, have sweets. Susheel says you asked me not to have it. Fighter Didi says this is Methi laddoo, have this and cheat your mind, like you have to play with Kessica’s mind, make her feel overconfident that she can win, then you have to win. Jessica argues with Leela. She likes the pickles a lot. She scolds Leela and asks for more pickles. Leela says if you kill me, who will give you pickles. Leela feeds her more food. She recalls making the food especially for Jessica and adding some drugs in it. She says Jessica will lose her control and attack Susheel. Satya asks Soumya to stop the drama. She keeps her hand on diya and scolds him for going to his friend.

Sejal looks on and smiles. Sejal says tolerate her Satya, as you left Susheel for her, I will handle her in desi style. He says I have to tell something, I don’t think this marriage…. Sejal stops him. Susheel prays. Everyone joins her. Fighter Didi smiles. Soumya shows wedding invitation card to Sejal and says no one is excited about my marriage. Sejal says Leela isn’t interested now, is she going to change her decision. Leela comes home. Soumya gets angry and talks rude to question Leela. Sejal says now Leela will understand she invited a trouble. Fighter Didi says all of them were against you, now they have hope from you. The girl shows her drawing and says dad lets me play cricket now. Susheel gives prasad to everyone. She sees Satya there. Fighter Didi gives him aarti and says you should say thanks to one who don’t respect you. She taunts Satya. He takes aarti and says all the best Susheel. Susheel sees him and goes.

Leela says Susheel will lose her life, you will take first round with Satya. Soumya gets ready. Susheel and Jessica go for the final round.

Update Credit to: Amena

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