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His Destiny Awaits – Porus FF – Part 12

Kanishk fights with Alexander while Barsin runs to help Darius. Barsin reaches there and starts killing the Macedonian army soldiers. She gets stuck of many soldiers but Darius comes there and help her out.

She smiles. They fight continuosly and manages to kill a good amount of soldiers of Macedonian army. Barsin shouts at her father saying, “Some Macedonians are in palace too we have to guard there” Darius agrees. They run towards palace.

Barsin and Darius enter the palace and gets shocked of the glimpse. Alexander was about to stab Kanishk from sword but Barsin shouts to stop. Alexander looks at her and says, “why should I?” Barsin says, “I’ll give you anything you ask for but leave him, he hasn’t done anything wrong”

Alexander replies, “Of course he has done something wrong. And that is helping Farsis in this battle.” Barsin asks, “What do you want” Darius warns her “Don’t be an emotional fool. Let him die. We will kill this so called Alexander too”

Barsin looks at him surprised. Alexander speaks, “No one asked for you advices old man. Princess let me tell you what I want”

He looks at Kanishk and then Barsin and says “you” Kanishk and Barsin gets shocked. She tries to talk but is surrounded by Macedonian soldiers again. Alexander says, “If you give your daughter to me I will let you live” (to Darius)

Darius gets thinking. He, without looking around, replies, “I agree” . Alexander smiles and leaves Kanishk. Kanishk tries to attack Alexander again but is surrounded by Macedonian soldiers again. Alexander says, “Don’t try to act smart. I keep my word so you should too” he orders Kanishk to leave Persia at that very moment.

Kanishk becomes heartbroken as well as Barsin. Barsin thinks of Puru’s words, “He will use you for his own will” A tear falls from her eyes. Kanishk looks at Barsin in a sad way. He becomes helpless to do anything against Alexander at that time. Alexander makes him leave and turns to Barsin and Darius.

“Finally Persia ksmine now” he says. Darius thinks , I’ll snatch my Persia from you so soon. You did wrong by trusting Farsis” Barsin thinks “I would have believed Puru’s words.” She gets sad thinking about her future.



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