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His Destiny Awaits – Porus FF – Part 11

Puru reaches the place where Ripudaman was shot with arrows. Laachi questions him.

“What’s the plan now?” Puru says , “Laachi find atleat one of the arrows which Baba was shot with. Then we can prove” Laachi gets happy. “That’s a great evidence. I’m sure this will work” Puru smiles with her and asks to search. They start searching.

Puru walks around the place. Laachi walks opposite side. They are unable to find any. Puru says , “I don’t think we will find any from here. ” Laachi looks at him worriedly. “What shall we do now?” Puru thinks a bit and says, “We will have to think of something else” Laachi nods. Laachi steps to leave. Puru catches her. He looks down and finds an arrow which is covered with so many leaves.

Laachi smiles. Puru picks it up. He says we will have to find Hasthi now. Laachi says maybe Dasyus have found him already. Puru says maybe. They turns to leave and gets a big shock seeing Hasthi there.

Puru says Hasthi, I have something to tell you about Baba’s death. Baba was murdered by Farsis.

Pritha says but he was dead because of your family.

Laachi speaks. “He tried to save royal family but was murdered by Farsis.

Puru looks at Hasthi. He doesn’t utter a single word but stands looking at the arrow.

Puru says Hasthi Baba was attacked here by Farsis. This is proof for it. He shows the arrow. Hasthi looks at Puru. Laachi and Pritha also look at him. Hasthi says , “how can this be a proof for it?”

Puru speaks, “Baba was shot with arrows here and few have fallen aside. This is one of them. Farsis killed him and Darius ordered to do so.”

Hasthi is shocked. He gets angry and says, “I will take revenge from him”

Pritha gets surprised to hear this. “Son are you sure of Puru?” Puru says , “I don’t get anything by lieing to you, try to understand”

Hasthi looks at Puru and Laachi. “I believe you” he says. Puru and Laachi gets surprised and happy. Puru says ,”Then let us take revenge for Baba’s death.” He gives his hand to Hasthi. They shake hands. Laachi looks at them happily.

She says , ” how did you escape from Dasyus?” Hasthi replies, “I didn’t. They must be searching us now too”

Laachi says , “then first we must inform mom and dad about this.” Dasyus come there in search of Hasthi.

They see Hasthi and Pritha and unfold their swords. Laachi shouts stop!! Dasys look at her. “Don’t harm them. They are our friends now”

One of the soldiers says , “But King and Queen ordered us to bring them to Dasyu Lok. They are traitors.”

Laachi gets angry and says, “will you go against my word?” Puru stops her and says, “I will get them infront of King and Queen. It’s a promise.” Dasyus look at him. They keeps quiet for a while and agrees because of Laachi. Puru gets relieved. Dasyus leave.

Pritha looks at him in an angry way and questions. “Will you give us to them?” Puru replies, “Nothing will happen to both of you if you unite with us” Pritha says, “But they think we are traitors” Puru says , “they thought the same about me before but I proved I’m not a traitor.” Pritha looks at Hasthi , thinks for a while and agrees to his decision.

Laachi asks “What now?” Puru replies, “We will go to Paurav Rashta now. ” Hasthi questions, “What for?” Puru replies, “to prove yourself” They leave.


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