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He drew away her darkness by priya – part 9

“He held my left hand and took me to a room on the first floor..’Ragini come I will show you my room first’ Said Laksh taking the lead. Sanskar let go off my hand when he heard these words from Laksh. I nodded in yes…..I followed Laksh thinkig about sanskar, why did he hold my hand that tightly? he didn’t really love swara, did anything happened between them after marriage? ahhh god! am going crazy….I was lost in my thoughts when Laksh said ‘Kiske khayalo me khoye hue ho Ragini…’ I came to my senses by his voice. I felt that someone from behind was watching us. I turned around to see if anyones there or not. no one was there….but why did I feel that? okay, leave it…Laksh was constantly staring at me while I was doing this unexplainable actions..’umm nothing Laksh…’ I sat on the bed saying this…the bed was so fluffy, cozy….. ‘Ragini, today we aren’t going anywhere…papa wanted to see you and wanted to show our house thats it..I know you are tired, you can sleep here if you want’ wow I can sleep on this cozy bed? really? ‘no Laksh am not that sleepy’ I said while getting out of the bed. ‘Laksh if you are done, can I borrow Ragini for few minutes?’ Swara said while entering to the room Laksh was like ‘what??’ ‘Ragini, you can sleep in my room if you want to Lakshs room is all messed up’ Hearing this I started looking around his room….It was really messed up but the wall colors made the room look pleasant and and and????? ‘Whats this?’ I saidd grabbing an instrument kept on the table, it has holes in it…oh wait I can easily guess what it is..I closed my eyes and touched he instrument, its made of wood, light weight ohhh wow its a flute ‘wow Laksh you play flute???, its really awesome can I please hear to your music pleaseee???’ I said this opening my eyes, I wasn’t able to control my happiness on seeing y first instrument ‘hahahahaha….Laksh aur flute?’ Swara was laughing hearing to my sentence ‘Swara…’ Laksh shouted in anger ‘sorry Laksh..ahahahhaha I can’t stop imagining that’ I was confused here…did something happened between flute and Laksh? ‘Swara..kuch baat h kya?? why are you laughing?’ ‘No no Ragini nothing..I was just imagining Laksh playing flute thats it’ ‘whats so funny in that?’ I asked her, she stopped laughing all of a sudden ‘umm Ragini, sorry nothings wrong..I just can’t imagine Laksh playing flute thats it..’ She said with a slight smile… ‘Ragini, papa plays flute’ Sanskar answered my question whle entering the room.. ‘Come I’ll take you to papa’ I was so excited to hear that, uncle plays flute <3 wow without even thinking I followed Sanskar out ‘Ragini before going to garden…Do you wanna see my room?’ ‘yeah yeah Sanskar’ I answered with immense energy in my body. We both entered his room…I don’ know what are swara and Laksh thinking now? are they thinking that I ditched them because of this flute? ‘Ragini…’ He murmured my name taking the flute from my hand ‘yes, Laksh?’ oh shit what did I do? oh no! what is Sanskar thinking now? ‘Sorry, Sanskar, yes’

What is he gonna do? confess? no no, it can’t be done? this early??? oh wow! confession! Sanskar is gonna confess.

‘Ragini…you are really special to me, infact to my whole family. You don’t know how much we love Sharmishta maa. We are not able to come out of the world which she created…We love her so much…we just want you to stay with us for few days..your presence will make us feel good, will make us feel us Sharmishta maa is still with us….I kow you can’t leave Babu sir, and am not asking you to leave them…Can you please stay here for few days? just for few days, you can go back to your place once everything is sorted out and when everyones is ou of trans..Please Ragini…I plead you to saty, Please..’

Seeing him like this, made my heart feel so weak..not only my heart but also my body, I fell down on the ground. Tears were flowing around his round rosy cheedks…I couldn’t stop letting my tears come out seeing him like this. I held me with my shoulder with his two hands..’Ragini..am sorry if I have said anything wrong.. I want you to stay here for few days..its okay if you are not willing to’  no no I should stay, I should stay here for Sharmishta…She is the one who donated my family, She would never want her family to suffer like this..I should stay here for Sanskar..he is the one who helped me during my studies..I can’t leave them like this ‘Sanskar, I have decided to stay here..’ I smiled at him with confident and made him assure that I won’t leave them in a situation like this. “Thank you Ragini…Thank you so much’ He hugged me saying this. We bith were on the floor that time, I hugged him back. I wiped off my tears after releasing the hug…

‘Chalo Ragini, we will hear to papas music’ ‘umm Sanskar can I wash my face first?’ ‘yeah yeah sorry…Come I will show you the washroom’ He showed the washroom in his room. I went to the washroom and washed my face with water.

We went to the garden after washing and cleaning our faces…’Papa….Ragini wants to hear to your music..’ Sanskar asked his father.. ‘Oh Ragini…sure beta.. come sit here’ He took the flute from Sanskars flute..he started playing it….He was playing it so eloquently, I could feel the soulful music played by him….I was overwhelmed by his music…I felt that this music has a deep meaning than am assuming it to be….’

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