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Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 20th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Chaitu breaks his fast

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 20th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Imli worrying for Chaitu. He says I m fine, no one can stop me from having food. Fasting commission people come to keep an eye on Chaitu and protect his fast. Chaitu says I m CM, will you teach me how to fast. Jha says public made this fasting commission as many people are mocking fasts these days. At night, Malai asks Chaitu to have much food at night so that he doesn’t feel hungry in morning. The lady clicks his pics when he is about to eat food. Malai warns him. He gets shocked. The man asks what are you doing here. The lady says misleading people on the name of fast. Chaitu says no, I didn’t have anything, delete the photo, I will put the bowl. They scold Chaitu. Chaitu asks do you respect CM or not. They ask him not to mock fast else they will expose

him. Chaitu says I was going to washroom.

Its morning, Media reaches the place to cover Chaitu’s fast. Khoji asks party men about the secrets. The man says Chaitu is acting to keep fast, he will have food kept hidden there. Khoji says I doubted this, I won’t tell anyone. They ask Khoji to make them famous. Khoji gives the news byte about the big secret coming up. Imli and Chaitu do the aarti. Chaitu says I m feeling weak, give me prasad. Chaitu doesn’t eat laddoo and gives it. Jha says we need to reach the venue. Chaitu prays. Chaitu reaches the venue and sits for fast. Everyone gets seated. They get good smell of snacks. Family members enjoy all snacks. Chaitu sees them. Jha asks him to give message to public. Chaitu asks him to go and get tea for them. Party men sign Khoji.

Khoji takes Chaitu’s interview. He sits there and tries to check the food around Chaitu. He falls down. Chaitu asks will you sit in my lap and take interview, go now. Khoji says there is no food hidden there, I will expose him, don’t worry. Malai likes the place. Imli praises the snacks. Chaitu feels hungry. Genda says its just the start. She asks uncle did he keep fast. He says I make others fast, I made Chaitu fast on my behalf, he will give up till the evening. Chaitu sleeps. Khoji says I don’t think there is hidden food, else he would have eaten it. Party men say he is acting, he is a big actor, there is hidden food. Khoji says fine, I will expose him. He shows Chaitu sleeping while observing fast, I will expose him today. He checks under the mattress. Chaitu beats him and scolds him. He says I will ban the media.

He coughs and doesn’t drink water. Imli and Malai ask Chaitu to break the fast and drink water. Chaitu refuses. He falls down. Khoji says Chaitu’s state is worsening, can he complete his fast or lose his life. Genda sees the news and tells uncle about Chaitu. Uncle says we will gain from Chaitu’s state, we have created problems in his life, we will enjoy his plight. Khoji says Chaitu has fallen sick, there are many people coming to see him, everyone is requesting him to break the fast but he is refusing. Everyone asks him to have water. Chaitu says I can’t break fast. Genda and her uncle come. She asks him not to lose life like this. Chaitu refuses. Uncle asks him to have water. Janta comes and says this man has kept the fast for 12 days, he has come to break your fast.

Chaitu asks what. Janta says yes, he was sitting here, but no one saw him, as everyone was seeing you. Chaitu goes to the old man and asks about his fast. He asks didn’t you get hurt. Janta says some people are on permanent fast in our nation, ministers and media don’t know hunger and thirst. Chaitu says I realized it, what’s the problem. Janta tells the old man’s problem that his daughter is missing. Chaitu asks Jha to find the old man’s daughter. The old man gives water to Chaitu. Janta says break your fast, one who can’t do anything keeps fast, you have to break many people’s fast, have water. Chaitu drinks water. Everyone claps. Khoji goes to check under the mattress and sees a party sign.

Chaitu says there is no water in bathroom. Imli says there isn’t any water in kitchen. Khoji takes Chaitu’s interview about water scarcity problem. Genda and her uncle plan against Chaitu.

Update Credit to: Amena

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