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Half Marriage 20th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Maya changes DNA report and traps Arjun

Half Marriage 20th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arjun checking the DNA report and throws papers on Maya’s face. He says this is not my baby. Chandani is relieved. Maya makes a sad face. Arjun goes to Chandani. Janki thinks now Maya will be kicked out. Sulochana slaps Maya. Maya holds her cheeks. Sulochana says I trusted you so much and went against my own son, but you…are a liar. She says I told that I will support you even if the baby is not of Arjun, but you have broken my trust and played games with us. Janki says don’t know whose crime pot, she wants to break on our head. Maya cries and says sorry. She tells that she will go far away from their lives. Arjun holds Chandani’s hand. Maya acts to apologize. Manohar comes there and says it is wrong to keep quiet. He says Arjun and Chandani’s trust is truthful. Janki

says because of girls like you, people doubts on women.

Maya acts to go and starts walking. Arjun asks his family to come and says we shall go home. Doctor comes and stops them. He says there is a mistake. He shows CCTV footage of the reports room. They see Maya changing her report, Maya tells in CCTV footage that she don’t want to come in between Chandani and Arjun’s happiness. Doctor says baby is of Arjun only. Sulochana says Maya has done a big sacrifice for us. Janki thinks she is a big naagin and tells Sulochana that they have done injustice with her. Sulochana regrets to slap her. Chandani goes out..

Maya is still in the hospital and cries seeing Chandani coming there. Chandani sees her crying and asks her to come to her house. Maya refuses and says I don’t want to go anywhere. She says I don’t want to see hatred in Raj’s eyes, and says my Raj is not my Raj now, he is now your Arjun. Chandani says we can talk later and asks her to come. Maya says we have to talk now itself and says she has a small wish and asks will you fulfill. She says she wants to give birth to Raj’s baby, and look at the baby and handover baby to them. She says Arjun said that he wants to adopt the baby and asks her to adopt Arjun’s baby. Chandani is shocked. Maya folds her hands and asks her to agree. Sulochana comes there and apologizes to Maya and hugs her. She says you were leaving everything and I couldn’t identify you. She says you will stay with us. Arjun is shocked.

Maya signs Janki. They go home. Chandani and Arjun are shocked. Maya recalls hearing Arjun’s conversation with Doctor and getting an appointment, Chandani asking him to confirm it. Maya thinks to do something and thinks it was good that I met that old man in the hospital. She recalls meeting an old man who gets DNA test done. She tells that she needs positive report. Man says he needs negative report. They call the ward boy and asks him to exchange the reports. Maya smirks and says she will do something. She says Police will not check the computer/original reports, and says she will become great and asks him to take her to CCTV room. She smirks. Fb ends.

Chandani and Arjun get down infront of their house. They bring Maya home. Maya smirks at her plan and enters inside before Chandani can enter. She smiles crazily. Arjun holds Chandani’s hand and gets inside.

Arjun tells Chandani that he don’t know what is happening. He asks her to believe him and says nothing happened between Maya and me that day. Chandani says I believe you, and you don’t remember anything as you was unconscious. She says I don’t hold you responsible for that night, and says if anything had happened that day, then also you was unconscious. Arjun says but still I am saying truth. Chandani says what we can do before the DNA report. She says you had said that if reports are positive then you will accept that baby.

Janki asks Maya why she is not happy still. Maya says she don’t want half happiness and says Arjun has accepted my baby, but not me. I want to be his wife and I can’t accept less happiness than this. Manohar hears her and says a big betrayal. He says you have been fooling us, I will expose you. Maya is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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