Wednesday , September 30 2020



Jhanvi is sitting  in sofa watching a album.. Zoya comes there…

Zoya : What happened maa .. why so happy

Jhanvi : Where is maya??

Maya : I am here mom.. What happened.

Jhanvi : Nothing.. I was just asking..

Zoya : What is in your hand.

Jhanvi : Its few photos we clicked when we were in India.. come and see..

Maya and zoya sits next to both side of jhanvi and watches the pics.. Maya notices a pic where 2boys are also playing with them.

Maya ( pointing towards that pic) : Who are those to kids..

Jhanvi : Pointing on one child this is my friends son and the other is his cousin..

Zoya : And there names..

Jhanvi smiles remembering something..

Maya : She just asked there name what is there to laugh on that mom..

Jhanvi : I remembrred something.

Zoya : Tell us maa. we also wants to laugh..

Jhanvi : They ussually visited our house and Maya and Arjun was so much stubborn na you to always ended up fighting and when they are about to leave you both always cried..

Zoya : Oh Maya cried .. huh..

Maya : Very funny.. Mom i am sure she also have aomething like that na tell me..

Jhanvi : Zoya was more friendly to aditya.. When ever arjun and aditya fights na she alwats stands with Aditya and She and he always used to say that they will get married to eachother..

Zoya :  I really did..

Jhanvi : Haa. .. you both were so close .

Maya : Where are they now..

Zoya : Stupid they will be in india or whereelse..

Jhanvi : You guys are getting late na so go.. and ..

Maya : And mom..

Jhanvi : nothing just go..

Maya and zoya leave from there in car and she drops zoya to the library and Maya goes to office..


After all those plays and crazy things the khurana sibblings are tired and having their lunch.. Aditya after finishing his lunch excuses him self and goes to washroom..

Aditya walks into thw washroom and takes out a small bottle of alcohol from his pocket and starts to drink .. He suddenly feels a hand on his shoulder and turns to see arjun again

Adi : You scared me again

Arjun : Can’t you see its a public space

Adi : But the pain i am carrying is personal Arjun

Arjun : Its been years and now please son’t spoil your future..

Adi : She was my future right and was my bestfriend  She just gone from me like that and..

Arjun understands that Adi was getting emotional and he huggs him


Zoya for the first time choose to read a lovestory other that dectative ones and she is engaged in her thoughts.. and smiles

One the other side Adi’s face is shown with a deep red teary eyes..



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