Wednesday , September 23 2020


The episode starts with Aditya looking into the infinity sky a teardrop falls from his eyes.

A hand holds his shoulder and he turns to see Arjun..

Arjun : You woke early..

Aditya : I was never asleep Arjun..

Arjun : But they are in a deep..

Arjun and aditya looks at his sibling who are sleeping peacefully..

And wakes up them..

Aarti : Good morning..

Shivanya : Good mor..(yawns)

Abhimanyu : Khumbkaran is still tired..

Shivanya : Stop calling me that..

Aditya goes to sameer and karan taps them gently..

Sameer : Morning..

Karan : ummm..

Aditya : Guys it is getting late we should get ready..

Aarti : So what is sunday plans.

Karan : Outing or what!!

A knock on their door shivanya opens the door.. it was Kavya..

Kavya : Aren’t you still awake..

Shivanya : We all are..

Kavya : What is your plan today..

Aarti : Badimom, sunday free day right..

Kavya simles : Your food will be in your room

All goes to there respective room to get ready and after a few minutes all are seen in the hall ready for outing..

And all of them except adithya bid bye to everyone

As they went a jeweller enters the mansion..

Dada : Aare you came..

Jeweller : You have called me so i have to come..

Dadi : Yashji .. what was the need of calling him..

Dada : I want to make some jewellery for our grand daughter..

Dada ji invites the jeweller to his private space..

Jeweller : Is this for any spl occasion..

Dada : No.. anything speical but I just felt to gift them something..

Jeweller : what type of desing do you need explain me..

Scren shifts to the youngsters who are travelling in a jeep..

They are so happy as karan is teasing Aarti by pulling her hair again and again .. Aditya is somewhere in his own thiughts.. Arjun is driving..

Screen shifts to Dada..

Dada : Shivanya (shivu) must have something simple and she always is taking care about the families sanskaar and respect..

Screen shifts to youngster..

Where a scooty is comming next to their jeeps and The scooty is driven by to girls..on seeing them shivanya whistles them… The girls looks at shivanya and she points towards Sammer and the girls badmouth him and speeds up..

All smiles at seeing a confused sameer and he gives an angry glare to shivanya..

Screen shifts to Dada

Dadaji : Ragini (Ragu) should have a simple diamond uncut jewellery as She is more like modern and simple..

jeweller : If she does have any tattoo.. so we can desing the jewellery matching her tatoo

Dadaji : She is modern but she is not that modern to have a tatto with out our permission..

Screen shifts of youngster..

Ragu : Di .. i forgot to tell you about my tattoo

Sameer : You made a tattoo.

Ragu : Yep..

Arjun : But why..

Ragu : All my friends  had one and i was also curiose..

Karan : But who came with you..

Aditya : I went with her.. she was eating my head.

Aarti : Show us Didi

Ragini turns and pulls her hair up. her tattoo was at her backneck and was of her name..

Screen shifts to Dada.

Dada : Third one is for Aarti . I think she should have a simple chain with a locket of saraswati as she is always good in her studies and are not into loosetalks like others..

Screen shifts to Aarti..

Aarti : Ha..  A new boy came to our school and he was so hot and all were looking at him loveingly..

Karan : so what did you do??

Aarti : I teased him..

Arjun : What did you say??

Aarti : I said to him he is ugly.. his fave was worth to see..

Ragu : Is he really cute..

Aarti : He  is cute but .. i wanted to tease him..

They all laughs.. Arjun stops the ride in front of a mall and they all went inside to paly different games..

Aditya took a seat near where they are playing  and watching them..


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