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Chandrashekhar 20th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandra gets insulted

Chandrashekhar 20th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chandra throwing a stone at Watson. He misses the shot and takes a wicket to throw. Manohar stops him and takes him away. Watson warns Brij. He says my mood to play got spoiled, lets leave. Manohar asks Chandra to think what could have happened. Chandra says they would have shot me. Manohar says think about Jagrani. Brij comes and greets them. Manohar praises Chandra.

Brij says I m working for britishers. Chandra asks are you paid for work or beating. Manohar stops him. Brij says this work is of slavery, I got late to find ball. Chandra says take me along, I will find ball and break their head. Brij says no, where will we go fighting with them, Lord will see them. Chandra asks why, you should see if you got beaten up. Manohar says don’t feel bad, he tells anything.

Brij says don’t joke like this outside. Manohar says Chandra is a good player. Brij says it will be help for me, but britishers won’t let him go, we are slaves. Chandra recalls Sindhal’s words. He gets sad. They have food. Chandra says I m missing my mum’s handmade food. Manohar asks where are you going now. Chandra says for a walk. Brij says let him go, everyone is good here. Manohar sleeps. Chandra runs back to his village.

He reaches home and sits on a tree. He sees Sitaram feeding cow. Jagrani makes food. The cow doesn’t eat. Jagrani tries to feed cow and says you maybe missing Chandra too. Sitaram calls her. He jokes on her words and asks her to cook food. Chandra waves to cow. Its morning, Manohar and Brij think where did Chandra go. Chandra comes. Manohar asks where did you go, you are my responsibility here. Chandra says I went out for a run. Manohar says you can’t go anywhere. Brij says get ready if you want to come. Chandra goes. He gets ready. Brij gets Chandra and says he has come here to see the game. They don’t get permission. Chandra asks is it now allowed to watch the game. Brij says bow down your head, that’s the high rank officer. Guard asks Watson if he can allow Brij’s nephew. Chandra says I won’t bow down my head. Guard says Watson allowed the child, but he has to work.

Brij asks what will he go, I will make a request. Guard says no, take him. Chandra says I will do what they say. He enters the club and watches the cricket match. Brij asks Chandra to give juice and water to the players. He says don’t answer them. Chandra serves juice and asks do they get tired so soon. Brij says yes, be quiet. Sukhdev says let me study. Jagrani says have food while studying. A britisher asks Chandra for water. He throws water at Chandra’s face and asks can’t you hold the water tray property. Brij says forgive him, he is new. The britisher says let me train him. Brij says Chandra you will serve him today. The britisher asks Chandra to get a towel. Jagrani asks Sukhdev to be careful on the way. He says dad isn’t here, I have to leave. She says tell Chandra that I miss him a lot. Chandra gets a towel. The britisher scolds him and asks him to wash the towel. He says you stare at me, you fool. Chandra gets angry and goes. Its night, Chandra runs to his village. He gets shocked seeing a wild animal.

Chandra throws a ball at Watson and hurts him. The britisher commands to arrest Chandra.

Update Credit to: Amena

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