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Bhootu 20th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Shona Blasts Cylinder By Mistake

Bhootu 20th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vikram tells Anandita that he wants to marry her to take care of her and Pihu. Anusuya slaps him and shouts how can he stoop so low, she is his brother’s wife and cannot forget Subodh even if he is dead, he should leave her house right now. She slips and Vikram holds her. Their eyes lock. She corrects herself and pampers Shona/Pihu who arrogantly makes weird faces.

Vikram packs his bag and tries to leave. Sooraj stops him and says he should not go like this. Vikram says Anandita does not need him. Daadi stops him and says this house belongs to her elder son Subodh, she will stay here and even Vikram cannot leave. Vikram says this house belongs to Anandita. Daadi yells this is her son’s house and she will rule this house now, she will get him married to another girl, he should not

take that chudail/Anandita’s name. Mohini thinks of luring daadi and getting Vakram married. She tells her plan to Bobby. Bobby says good old lady saw all the drama, now she will keep Vikram away from Anandita.

Pihu asks Gopal if Vikram chachu will become her papa. Gopal says some issues cannot be understood by children and they should stay out of it. Shona’s arrogance continues and tells Daadi she will make sure Vikram and Anandita don’t meet, asks her to bring soup, then goes herself to bring soup. Anandita goes to kitchen to prepare something, but walks out keeping gas open.

Mohini walks into Daadi’s room and presses her legs. Daadi asks what is her name. Mohini says Mohini sharma. Dadi asks if she is brahmin. Mohini nods yes. Daadi asks if she is married. Mohini says not yet, her parents are searching a boy for her. Daadi gets happy.

Daadi lights temple lamp and prays Gopal to keep chudail/Anandita away from Vikram and make Anandita severely ill. Pihu switches blows off lamp and asks Gopal not to fulfill grandma’s wish. Gopal asks her not to blow off lamp. Pihu repeatedly does. Daadi sees match sticks empty and asks Pihu/Shona to bring matchstick. Shona goes to kithen and picks matchbox. Vikram passes by and smelling gas sees Pihu in kitchen and asks her not to light match stick. Pihu also warns Shona to stop. Shona lights match box and cylinder blast. Everyone bear the impact and fall down. Vikram lifts Shona and rescues her, but Shona falls unconscious. Everyone get worried for her and try to wake er up in vain..

Precap No precap.

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