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Bepannaah 20th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Zoya decides to celebrate Aditya’s birthday

Bepannaah 20th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Noor and Zoya reach the Dargah. Noor was excited to have ice cream; she hurries to stall while Zoya goes inside to pray. Arjun stops the car watching her run on the road. He looks on the find Chocomati then says it must be God’s signal to him. He looks again to find Noor wasn’t there.
In the Dargah Zoya prays about some clue to find Yash’s innocence. Aditya comes from behind to the same Dargah. A man offers a sheet to Aditya, but he says he isn’t going inside. A elderly man fell at the door of Dargah and asks for Aditya’s help to guide him the way to Dargah. Aditya takes him inside. Zoya was procrastinating inside. The elderly man calls Aditya as a pious and kind hearted person. Aditya passes by Zoya and reaches the front. An old man brings a thread to Zoya to tie on Dargah, her wishes

would come true. Zoya and Aditya can’t confront each other. The same old man asks Aditya if he has nothing to pray. Aditya says everything has ended, he has no wish in his heart anymore. The old man says when its dark everywhere, the first ray of sun shines. A thread flies to Aditya and he goes to tie it,
Arjun finds Noor on the street and mentions the gola while she now had ice cream. Noor asks if he was stalking at her. Arjun challenges Noor with a bid of Rs. 100. Noor accepts the challenge. Some police men were passing by, Noor begins to cry to pose Arjun is teasing her. She laughs as he is taken by police.
On their way back, Aditya decides to go to office remembering Harshad’s warnings last night. Zoya calls Mithelesh and was happy to hear about a new contract. She also heads to office. Mahi comes to speak to Aditya in the office. She shows him a photo of Yash and Aditya together. She asks if he knew already about their affair. Aditya watches the photo carefully. Mahi asks if he planned to take over the company after they die together. Aditya considers it a photoshop and leaves the room haunted by the vision of this photo.
Zoya reaches the office. Mithelesh brings the file to Zoya.
Aditya reaches the bathroom. He recalls his birthday party where his friends sang birthday songs for him to irritate. Pooja had thrown the party and had invited a number of people. She introduced Aditya to Yash as a friend there. Aditya says she brought Yash at home three years ago; he was an idiot and they must have laughed over him. She always invited a lot of people to get a chance with her love. He tries to imagine where she must have taken him to.
Mithelesh tells Zoya that the contract has been paid already. Its client’s husband’s birthday party, her name is Pooja Hooda and she is deceased. Zoya says she is Aditya’s wife. Mithelesh asks if Aditya’s wife has paid already for his birthday party, he was now nervous. Zoya decides to celebrate Aditya Hooda’s birthday right as Pooja planned. Aditya will then realize his wife only loved him, and there was no relation between Yash and Pooja. Mithelesh decides to turn the event to a success.

PRECAP: Noor wasn’t sure about Zoya’s plan of Aditya’s change of plan. Zoya spills water over Aditya, then photographs him in the new shirt. He ties her with his shirt saying if she wish to stay with him, this is the best way.

Update Credit to: Sona

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