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Bepanaah _ Mohabbat Hai Meri (Part 11)

hi guyzsiam back withnext part of my ff. guyzs do tell me how was it .so here we go

arjun and adi was sitting i their car and arju was driving the car.aditold everything to arjun

arjun_ bhai dont spoilyour life bhai. stop all this bhai.  evey time u u hurt zoya u end upnhurting yorself. look at u bhai.ur feeling guilty right

adi_ nothing like that arjun .zoya is only yashs wife for me  man who ruined my life. i want to take revenge  form him and theonly way is zoya.and she have to suffer  i will make her suffer

arjun_ oh so u want to make hersuffer thats why u saved her life after sangeet. you saved her cell phone. u saved her from goons and got hurt.isint it bhai.

adi_ may be because i to be the only and soul reason to hurt her and i cant give her small unishment like death

arjun_ stop lying to ur self bhai. dont run so far from emotions and love that u regret it later

adi_ itsbecoz of your bhabhi only bestfriend . my soulmate who found her soulmate in someone else thaks pooja . poja r u litneing. i hate u… i hate.   u

he started drinking

arjun_ STop it bhai

adi_ i cant even if i try

@zoyas room

zoya- ( to yashs photo graph ) ami m so bad yash . you yash why uleft me . that aditya said that im born to live alone. is it true? i wanted to live my life with u . ( she recalled all the moments she spend with him) ( naina song lay of dangal)  do i deserve such hatred

yashmom_ zoya… zoya… see who came to meet u

zoya_humse milne kon aaya hai . comming muummy

zoya went in livig room

girl-apii.( ran and hug her)

zoya- noor aap

yash mom_ u both girl sit in zoyas room( she haveaceeted zoya)

noor – apii lets go ibhave to talk a lot

zoya- ha.. ha come

both went to her room

noor_ apiii show me your eyes

zoya_ what ( ignoring her)

noor _( hugging her ) aipii u were crying . but my now everything is fine na. yash jiyajis mom have accepted u. company is always fonethe.n why wre u cring

zoya- nothing noir

noor_ apii..

zoya told her evertjin

noor _ enough that aditya hooda what does he thonk of himself . how canhe talk to my api like that. he is gone no i will break his bones. lets go appii

zoya_ no noor.

noir_ why not but before that api tell me why is he affe tingu so mucjh


noor_ apiifor him u lied to ur mother in law. u tayed in hisbhouse. u helped him when he was fully talli. u risked ur life to find him yesterday  when it was not safe to step iut of house u stayed with him in juglee. walked aloe in junglee to call doc for him.and u are saying that u both are enemies .do u think im mad

zoya_ shut u noor  . im getting late i got to go


noor_ isqh or mushk chupaye nichupta apii i have to find out truth


adi was wIting forhe in hr office

adi_hooo zoya u are owner of almost bankrruptrdcomany and still so late to work .no one can save this company

zoya_ any work mr hooda

sadi_ ( holding his ears) plzz fogive me. plzzzzzzx. i can do any thing to make itfor yesterday

zoya_ adi leave

adi_ no first u say that u forgived me

zlya- ok i forgave u

adi _ not like that with a big smile on uour face

zoya_im busy adi

adi_ 1…2m.  3…

zoya_ what areu doing adi÷ she turnrd and found tgat he was doing sit ups)

adi_ lzz forgive me 1. . plzz forgive me.. 2 ahhh my legs are paining

zoya_only 2 ( she clickrd his ic in that state) continue

adi_ 2 ..10.  20….3o…

zoya- its ok i forgave u ( smiled)

adi_ finally .. bye i need rest now.

zoya_ bye…

he went

zoyav_ pagal ..  ( mad)

  1. how was it guyzs do tell me via ur comments .im waiting.â

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