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Belan Wali Bahu 20th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Laddo’s insurance policy costs 2 crore

Belan Wali Bahu 20th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Prem comes to scrap seller and asks for papers he got from him. Seller asks if it was something important? Jitendra says yes 2crore papers. Seller says you can give me 10,000 and check these papers. Prem gives him money and searches papers. Seller locks shop and leaves. Prem and Jitendra doesnt find any paper. Prem says lets buy samosas so family wont be disappointed.

Prem and Jitendra comes home. Dada asks if they found policy papers? Prem says no. Roopa says papers were given to scrap seller, dont know where they went. Prem asks family to eat samosas. Laddo’s ghost says my policy is missing and they are enjoying samosas. Laddo’s ghost sees Dada eating samosa off paper, he sees papers of samosas are his policy papers. He shouts that these are my policy papers. He

runs to Roopa and tells her they are eating samosas on my policy papers. Roopa runs to family and says dont put sauce on paper, its Laddo’s policy papers. Prem checks it and says we did good by buying samosas. Laddo’s ghost says when I see them happy, I want to celebrate them too.. but I cant.. but I can celebrate with you. Laddo’s ghost says to Roopa that I want to make everyone happy with money of my policy, make Naren get a new bike, send Lata and Prem to Goa for vacations and get Dada an automatic wheelchair. She says you think about others so much, he asks what you want? she says you, how much you will cost? he says free. She says I dont take anything for free. Laddo’s ghost says your husband used to want everything for free. Roopa laughs. Laddo’s ghost says you keep laughing, I want everyone happy now.

Roopa comes to family and says the money which will come from policy.. Dada says we have thought to give it to charity, we want to do something good for Laddo, we are thinking about opening an school, helping orphan kids. Laddo’s ghost says I am thinking about them and they are thinking about me. Jitendra calls agent and says we want to claim Laddo’s policy, yes we have everything, come in evening, he ends call. Jitendra says he said that we have to show him Laddo’s death certificate or his body so I told him to come in evening. Dada slaps him and says you are oversmart, we dont have death certificate. Jitendra says we can show him Laddo’s deadbody. Dada slaps him. Roopa says we have to think something. Shalini says someone can become Laddo’s deadbody. Lata says what? I cant let my son’s money go waste but this? Jitendra says she is right, we can act like Laddo’s deadbody soemtime. Roopa asks them to stop it, we will not act like deadbodies, we dont want money like that.

Scene 2
Insurance agent come to house. Roopa says we dont have his death certificate. Agent says then show his deadbody, Roopa says but.. Suzzi comes there with Dada on wheelchair. She says this is Laddo’s deadbody, agent says isnt he too old for Laddo? Suzzi says he is Laddo only, I have to freeze his deadbody, make papers ready, she leaves with Dada. Lata comes there with Prem on wheelchair acting dead. Lata says this is Laddo’s deadbody, my son left. Agent says then whose body nurse showed us? Roopa sasy Dada came as deadbody. Lata says it was Laddo’s dada, he has been in shock and wants to leave this world too. Agent says nurse said its Laddo’s deadbody. Lata says she talks as Dada wants. Agent sees Laddo’s blur photo on papers and says he doesnt have mustache in picture? Lata says he didnt shave before dying, she leaves with Prem. Roopa says listen.. Shalini and Naren brings Jitendra on wheelchair and says this is Laddo’s deadbody. Roopa rolls her eyes.

PRECAP- Roopa says to family that we dont need money for which we have to lie. Jitendra says I will bring Laddo’s death certificate.
Jitendra comes to commissioner and asks if he can make death certificate for his brother? Commissioner says I can do it but need 10 lacs.
Family gives their jewelry and other stuff to make up for 10 lacs. Jitendra gets fake death certificate done by commissioner and asks if it can be caught? Jitendra calls Shalini that we has got death certificate, where I am, get it from here. Insurance agent asks family who got this certificate made? Prem says my son Jitendra. Agent asks where he is? All look on.

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