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are Daughters REALLY BURDENS?: description

what is a woman’s role in life?

to be hid behind a curtain the minute she is born. to be uneducated. to lose all her freedom the second she enters the world. to be taught only households. to be married at a young age to someone they don’t even know. to give birth to children. to die if they don’t give their husband a son.


about them, they married when gauri was only 14 and om was 19. one year later, they had their first child, a daughter.

om, with a secret in his heart, couldn’t accept his daughter and this leaves gauri upset.

three more pregnancies later, only daughters. by this time, gauri has only been able to give om daughters. this leaves om disappointed and more scared than ever.

gauri, on the other hand, loves om and her daughters a lot. she gives them the love their father can’t give them.

as for rikara’s daughters, considered burdens in their family, yearn for their father’s love but instead they get nothing but the title: burden

what is going on?

what secret does om have that he needs a son?

will om always consider his daughters burdens?

note: om loves gauri a lot but daughters, 2%


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