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A new YRKKH with Humour

Hey guys..i am gonna start the episode where it ended in TV.


(It is Shubam and Suhana’s Mehendi function)Naira and Karthik are romancing. He asks do you like makeup? She ask why you wanna know? He says you have put a lot of makeup, you look scary when you put makeup and i am scared how you will without makeup. She says dont worry i will never show my real face to you. He smiles and says I wish everyone get a wife like you. She becomes happy and says ooo shooo shweet of you. He asks have eaten paan or what to speak like that and i wasn’t praising you. I wanted to say that why should i only suffer, let everyone suffer. Dadi, Rajshri, Badi dadi etc sees this and says they ate are couple goals.

Suhana, Savita and Rahul are discussing their plan. Suhana says this Naira thinks she is smart but she doesn’t know she is a foolish girl. I will show her the real place and smiles evily. 😏

Naira is applying Mehendi as she rubs the Mehendi which was applied by her lovely hubby. She says what rubbish mehendi he has applied. I apply better Mehendi then him. She starts to draw a monkey. Karthik comes and sees her mehendi. He starts to laugh badly and says it looks exactly like you but he is more natural than you. He asks why did you rub the Mehendi which i did. She says it was rubbish so i erased it.  He sighs and says Kash i would be able to erase you. Dadi etc sees this and sees this and says they are couple goals.

Suhana is drinking water. Naira comes there and asks are you drinking water? She gets irritated and ask cant you see? and thinks how can someone be so foolish. Naira says yoir plan is gonna be exposed. Suhana accidentally spills water on her face. She says o i am sorry. She gets scared and asks who is she? Naira says this is me Naira. Naira touches her face and says o shit my makeup spoiled. She gets angry on Suhana and says i ill see u later. Suhana still shock and says but i dont want to see you ever. Aryan comes near her and asks what happened? She says i was almost about to die today.


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