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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 20th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanak Taunts Meera

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 20th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Meera asks Kanak that she has come here for the first time, then how does she know about this place. Kanak says Uma will tell this answer and asks Uma to speak. Uma says when she came home from office, he saw Kanak here and thought of showing her whole house. Kanak says she can trust her husband. Meera says Uma likes this place a lot and spends hours here. She picks sindhoor and taunts Kanak that she is not married and cannot apply sindhoor. Sindhoor falls on Kanak. Meera angrily wipes Kanak’s sindhoor. Kanak says some is left, she will wipe it at home. Uma slowly comments some relationships don’t end easily. Kanak then gifts champagne bottle to Meera. Meera says this is of no use for her. Kanak says she thought they are modern family. Meera says Uma does not drink

and she follows Uma. After sometime, Maasa meets Kanak and asks her to go far away and never return. Kanak asks Uma why everyone are behaving like this with her.

Shiv meets Saras in market and tells Uma dadusa is engrasped in thoughts always and keeps silent since Kanak returned. Saras says even Saras does same.

Kanak sits for lunch with Uma and Meera. Uma does pooja before starting food. Kanak silently looks at him. Meera says she should be surprised as Uma is very religious. Meera then calls her managers. They walk in greeting her. Kanak asks why did she call them. Meera says she heard old woman in her house talking about her marriage, so she thought of arranging a match for her. Kanak angrily says she is her bhabho. Meera says whatever, her managers earn 5 lakhs per month salary with officer car and accommodation as perks, she can chose one among them. Kanak points her fingers at them and then stops at Uma. Meera shouts. Kanak says Mr. Uma is most successful doctor and businessman, he is the most eligible match here. Meera shouts Uma is her husband. Kanak says she is also joking like Meera, she does not believe in marriage and life partner anymore. She says she does not need Meera’s husband and Meera can keep him and walks away from there, leaving Meera frustrated.

Kanak gets into car and via mirror sees Uma looking at her from balcony. Channaa Mereya….song..plays in the background. Kanak leaves. Meera shouts at Uma why he is getting so attracted to Kanak. Uma says seeing off guest is their culture and says he warned her not to entertain Kanak, she is very shrewd. Meera angrily shouts.

Saras and Shiv plan to clear Uma and Kanak’s differences. Kanak sees Saras in market and stops car, asks what is she doing here. Saras says Shiv told he is leaving house and he ran away. Kanak says she has to stop Shiv. Saras smirks. Shiv informs Uma that Saras is leaving home and she was in distress. Uma gets tensed and leaves home to stop Saras.. Shiv smirks.

Precap: Meera calls driver and asks where is sir. Driver ssays sir went in Delhi bus. She asks if someone was with sir. Driver says he did not see properly, but it must be Kanak.

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