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Swasan TS – Made for each other (Part 2)

Rag: swara.. (yelled)

yes it’s our sherni only. He gets shocked seeing swara. Swara looks very angry..

Sw: first of all, he is not mad, he is just mentally unstable. He will be alright soon. Secondly who r you to decide my life. It’s my right with whom I will get marry. For u may be marriage is a joke but not for me. I’m not ur toy.. What did u say I shouldn’t marry sanskar? Then listen to me, I will marry sanskar, that too now only. What did u say I won’t get anything by marrying him? But u r wrong Mr. Laksh Maheshwari, I will get a handsome husband, I will get a gentleman. He is not a creepy creature like u, may be he is now mentally unstable but he knows the difference between the TOY and a Human Being… Ram uncle, sujatha aunty I am ready for this marriage..

Ram: but beta don’t take any decision in anger

Sw: I am not taking in anger uncle. I really mean it. I will marry sanskar..

Sujatha became happy and hugs her.. In all these someone seems very tensed. That’s Aman only

Aman:(monologue) they decided the marriage. OMG what will boss do( then he looks at his boss but get shocked seeing him smiling) oh God my boss is smiling? (he follows his gaze). Oho so my boss is falling for this Sherni.

Yes, his Boss is our sanskar only. So he is acting as mad. But why?

Sw: anty I want to ask u something?

Suj: first call me mom, secondly will u do something for me (swara nodes) will you dress like a Bengali..

Sw:thus is only I’m going to ask you..

She is going to Bose house but stopped seeing Aman and went towards him

Sw: pls be here and attend my marriage.. OK?

Aman: OK ma’am..

Sw: hey call me swara only. umm…umm.. Can u do me a favor? (Aman nodes,swara said pointing laksh) don’t let him go from here. He should see my marriage.. Plz..

Aman: OK ma’am.. Sorry swara..

She smiles and went from there. Just then his mobile rings, it’s a message from sanskar..

San: block laksh, he should see our marriage.

Aman shook his head.. These both are made for each other in everything. Both are very dangerous..

Ap: sujatha, look Ram doesn’t like this marriage, he is going from here.. (everyone looks at him)

Ram: no bhabhi u r getting me wrong. I am going to take sanskar’s shervani which he removed in car.

Shobha: Ram I have bought a shervani for shoru’s husband. But laksh didn’t take it. Now iits good. If you don’t mind….

Ram: Ofcourse kakisa sanskar will wear that only. It’s made for sanskar only, then how could laksh takes it… (he tauntingly looks at laksh who is looking frustrated)

Then only swara notices sanskar. He immediately changes his looks..

Sw: mom sanskar?

Suj: we will handle him, u go and get ready..

Sho: ha shona come with me..

Sw: no need MA.. I will go to dida’s house. Dida will help me..

Swara went to Bose house ignoring her.. Dida gave dress to Ram. Ram and sujatha takes sanskar to another room. Aman also went with them.

Swara and dida go to swara’s room in bose house. When they enter into the room, swara breaks down.. She starts crying.. Dida hugs her..

dida: shona if u r not ready for the marriage, then we can cancel it..

Sw: no I’m not crying about it dida.. But maa… 😥😥😥 she doesn’t bother my pain and hurt or accident.. She cares about her status… I said a lie but she didn’t catch it..

Dida: which lie?

Sw: my accident.. I didn’t come because ragini… Ragini pushed me into temple river…

Dida gets shocked..

Dida : then why didn’t you tell it..

Sw: I told them I had an accident, then also they don’t believe me.. If I said ragini pushed me, then will they believe it.. Now it’s good she did that, else I would have been married to a coward..

Dida: but shona this marriage?

Sw: I have to do that. Else that laksh Won’t Leave me. How can he says like that…

Dida: but shona do you think you are safe at Maheshwari mansion

Sw: yes dida, there I have father who cares my decision more than respect.. I have a mother who listens to me. I will get a sister who cares me.. U know dida I’m not doing this marriage because of laksh. I don’t know but I feel protected when I’m with sanskar. I feel so happy to think that I’m marrying him… (she smiles)

Meanwhile in other room

San: why did we come here mommy

Suj: u know her na… Ur dost ki behen? (sanskar nods childishly) now she will become ur dost. Like ur dost become laksh’s dost. (sanskar jumps excitedly)

San: will she came with us. Will she sleep in my room?

Suj: yes for that u have to do what pandit ji says… OK.. Will you do it?

San: OK I will do it.. (RamTa smiles and starts to dress him.. In between ram got a call and and he went.. Sujatha couldn’t do it alone )

Aman: aunty, u go to Mandap I will help him..

Suj : sanskar he is ur new dost ki friend. He will help you now.. (sanskar nodes and she went from there. Aman locks the door and looks at him keenly. He is now setting his his hair looking mirror)

San: what r u looking Mr. pa.. Don’t u know ur boss doesn’t like this type of behavior? Do you forget ur limits?

Aman: I know my limits Mr. Boss, but before that I am ur friend sanskar.. But I can see that ruthless, devil, arrogant business man is falling for a sherni.. Is it love at first sight..

San(smiles): I don’t know Aman is it love or not. But definitely I like her. I feel very happy when she is with me. I can feel her pain when her mother ignore her.?. How could she? So I did everything to stop this marriage. He doesn’t deserve her. She is a gem.. Ragini Did wrong with her but it became a favor for her.. She is such a sherni (smiles thinking about her)

Aman: exactly, she is sherni, so u should be careful now. If she get to know that u r doing drama then u r gone.. Did u see that laksh 😱😱😱😱??

San: I have 90% trust on her. If I get 100% belief on her then I myself will tell her everything. Then what’s her deci, I will respect it. (gets serious). I have to do this drama to destroy Laksh Maheshwari. (looking upward) I will give u the justice KAVI.. SWEAR ON MY LOVE…

San: did u do what I said?

Aman says something mute.. Sanskar laughs..

San: good job…

Aman: do you know u both are made for each other. ( sanskar looks at him confused) she is asked me to do the same job (sanskar laughs)

They get distracted by a knock. Aman go and open the door.. It’s sujatha. She looks at sanskar, he is so handsome..

San: am I beautiful mommy..

Suj: na.. (sanskar pout) u r looking handsome. (she put her kajal on his behind the ear)

He smiles and went outside with them. Swara is also came from her room. She is looking divine..

San: dost ki behen. … U r looking like a princess of that prince in that movie.. I will call you only princess…ok..? U r so handsome.

Swara smiles at him. Everyone also smiles hearing his talking..

Sw: it’s not handsome sanskar it’s beautiful..

San: but mommy said its handsome.. (pout)

Sw: for boys it’s handsome and for girls it’s beautiful.

San: (excitedly) so u r beautiful and I’m handsome…??

Swara nodes.. Then she forwarded her hand, hold it. They went to Mandap.

Without anyone’s notice swara asked Aman about laksh. He signals her something. She looks there and see that laksh is sitting furiously and ragini is standing beside him. There is something bandages on his hand and leg..

Sw: what did u do ?

Aman: I didn’t do anything. He came to convince u but fell from the staircase. A nail penetrated into his knees. So doctor told him not to move his leg for 2 hours..

Swara looks at him in open mouth.. Sanskar smiles seeing her expression..

Ap: thank you Dr Aman to helping us. (she went from there)

Sw: are you Doctor?

Am: u asked me something for doing that I became a doctor too.. (dramatically)

Swara couldn’t help. She starts to laugh slowly because everyone is present there..

Pandit ji calls swasan. Both went and sat on Mandap.

Pan: bride’s parents can come now to do kanyadaan..

Sw: pandit ji plz call dida to do that..

She: we r alive swara…

Sw: but I want her to do that. She only will do that..

Sho: u r not doing correct shona. U will regret later..

Dida came and did kanyadaan. Sanskar wear Mangalsutra on her neck and fills sindoor on her forehead.. Pandit ji declared that marriage is completed. Just then sanskar pecked on her lips

Everyone looks shocked. Swara didn’t know what to do. Laksh is looking at him furiously. Aman is looking at him teasingly.

Am(thinks): my desperate boss..

Suj: what did you do sanskar..

San: in that movie prince also did this to princess.

Hearing his innocent reply all are speechless.. After that swasan and Raglak did bidaai and went to MM. AP is about to do welcome but laksh went from there furiously. Ap did welcome of ragini. Seeing laksh went from there uttara became sad.

San: doll what happened why r u crying?

Everyone looks at her..

Utt: I’m not crying bhai..

Sw: but why r u become so sad uttara.?

Utt: I always wanted to see that my bhai taking bhabhi in bridal way and go to room. But laksh bhai went in anger..

Ap: uttara is this the time to say jokes?

San: badima don’t scold doll. She is crying (to Uttara) are saying about prince takes princess in movies..

Uttara noded and sanskar smiles

San: can I take her?

Sw: no sanskar u can’t do that. U r my husband u can’t pick her..

RamTa looks at her surprisingly. Uttara is looking at her teasingly.. Then only she realized that what did she do now. Sanskar is smiling in mind seeing her possessivenes.

San: OK princess. I won’t pick her..

Swara is not looking anyone of them. Sujatha didn’t welcome to swasan. Swara enters into mm as Swara Sanskar Maheshwari..

Suj: uttara u take them to sanskar’s room

San(shout): no u can’t go to room like this..

Swara became worried. Ragini looks at her with a smirk.

Suj: what are you saying sanskar

Utt: then how will she go bhai…

Sanskar happily : this way.. ( saying he picked her in bridal way )

Sw: (gasped) Sanskar… Leave me. Ur hands will pain…

Utt: bhabhi u said laksh bhai naa u got a gentleman and handsome husband. U can add this too that u got ROMANTIC husband.. 😜😜😜😜

Swara gets shy hearing this hided on sanskar’s chest. Sanskar smiles without anyone’s notice..

San: what r u saying doll?

Suj: nothing sanskar.. Uttara stop ur talks now.. Swara is right his hands will pain..

San: come princess I will show you my….. ( he childishly close his eyes and bites his tongue) sorry.. Our room… (swara smiles. They went to their room..)

Ragini looks at them with jealousy. She did everything to get laksh but didn’t get him. Even after sanskar is mad he is doing like a mature romantic husband.. As laksh locked himself in room ap sends her to guest room..
To be continued..

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