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Porus 20th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru finds out Farsi Hideout

Porus 20th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Puru rides his horse. Laachi follows him. Masked archer also follows him. Puru reaches jungle and gets down saying this is the place where Barsin told Darius has hidden his wealth. Laachi watches him hiding. He thinks if this is the place, then why don’t he see anything. He pricks his sword into ground. Laachi thinks what he is trying to do. Puru thinks he should try a bit away. Sword starts shaking. Puru thinks Farsis are intelligent and hid wealth in ground away from everyone.

In Macedonia, Posenius walks to Philips’s room. Philips pampers him and asks to forget what he told earlier. Olympia with Alexander looks hiding. Alexander says looks like Posenius will not kill Philip. Philip turns. Posenius pulls knife and is about to stab Philip. Phlilip removes cloth from his

statue and turns and asks Posenius if this statue is looking like his replica, is he not looking like a powerful king. Posenius says yes and raises hand to stab him, but hides knife when Philip turns. Philip asks what happened, Posenius is his very old bodyguard and just with one incident, their association should not end. Posenius says yes my lord. Philip asks him to establish this statue in the middle of city and make people realize power of their king. Posenius says yes my lord. Philip leaves. Olympia fumes. Aelxander says Posenius did not tell their name to Philip, so they can give one more chance to Posenius. Olympia says she should meet Oracle immediately, let us go.

Puru continues searching Farsi wealth hideout and sees Farsi soldiers walking into deep jungle and follows them. He sees fire torches around and Farsi soldiers disappearing, thinks there is a secret place somewhere, sees cloth on ground, and thinks he knows how to get out these Farsi rats. He gathers wood and sets fire and thinks let him wait till Farsis come and hides. Farsis start coughing in their hideout. Their leader scolds them to go and find out from where this smoke is coming. They come out of hide out. Puru notices them. Laachi follows Puru.

Back in Macedonia, Olympia and Alexander meet Oracle who says Alexander should kill Philip tomorrow, else he wikk not get throne in life. Alexander says he will Philip tomorrow when Philip inaugurates his satatue among his people. People will remember their helpless king. Posenius walks in and says he will finish Philip tomorrow and needs one more chance. Olympia disagrees but Alexander gives him another chance.

Laachi sees Puru disappearing anf then sees Farsi soldiers around her. Soldiers praise her beauty lustfully. She changes tone and says she is faltered by their praise. Masked archer watches from distances and pulls arrow but stops. Soldier tries to touch Laachi, but she cuts his hands and kills all soldiers.

Precap: Kanishk tells Bamni that he wants to marry Barsin. Puru sees Farsi soldiers’ hideout and thinks they are up to something

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