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Meri Zindhagi (AvNeil – Naamkaran Fan Fiction) (Episode 4)

Hi friends.I hope you all liked the 3rd episode . And yeah I can’t be regular so after the episode I’ll tell when will I update the next episode . As I’m currently in 11th grade and I have exams now so I can only post short episodes. From April 3rd I’ll try to give big episodes . if there’s any grammatical mistakes I’m sorry . Please bear with me as this is my first Fan Fiction . And I might be adding some AvNeil scenes from the serial but it will be a bit different. Hope you all will like it .

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Enjoy the episode

Scene 1:
Sparsely populated area – road

Avni gets shocked as when Aman tells that Dayawanti got heart attack .

Avni starts running and she leaves the place

Neil : what happened to her ? Crazy girl .

Neil then sees avni’s bag inside the car.

Neil : what the … she left her bag .

Neil takes the bag.

Neil : now how will I go and give this to her? I don’t even know her name !

Suddenly Neil gets a call from DD

Neil:(receives the call) Yeah DD

DD: Sir where are you ? Everyone are waiting for you .

Neil : Ah … I’ll be there in 5minutes .

DD : fine sir .

Neil cuts the call and starts driving the car.

Scene 2:

Dayawanti is in ICU . Doctors are treating her.

Mehta family members are tensed. Neela is also there in hospital .

Doctor comes outside

Ketan : Doctor is ma fine ? Can we go and meet her ?

Doctor : Sir we can’t say anything now . She’s critical . Anything might happen . So please pray for her.

Everyone are shocked

Ashish : Doctor please save her . Please .

Doctor : I’ll try my best . (He goes inside again)

Deeksha : I hope ma is fine .

Neela : don’t worry deeksha . Dayaben will be fine . She’s strong.

Asha goes near ashish

Asha : don’t worry ashish . She’ll be fine .

Ashish : (in an angry tone) I didn’t know My Avni would do like this . If anything happens to ma … I won’t forgive Avni .

Aman : (thinks) I hope Avni comes here soon and everyone will understand her .

Avni calls Aman

Aman : (receives the call) where are you?

Asha and ashish see Aman

Avni : bhai I’m outside the hospital . Is Daadi ok?

Aman : Avni doctors are treating her now come to 2nd floor.

Avni : fine.

Avni goes inside the hospital

Ashish : (to Aman) Were you talking to Avni?

Aman : ugh …. dad…

Asha : where is she ?

Ashish : (Shouts) WHERE IS SHE!

Nurse : (to ashish) sir please Don’t shout .

Ashish : ok fine …

Avni comes there and Everyone see her . Ashish and Asha angrily stare at Avni.

Ashish walks towards Avni .

Ashish : (angrily stares at Avni )

Avni : (in a sad tone) Dad … how’s Daadi.

Ashish slaps her . Avni starts crying .


Asha : SHE DESERVES THAT! (To Avni) why did you do this to us Avni ?

Avni : (in tears)

Ashish : because of you my ma got heart attack . I won’t spare you if anything happens to her Avni !

Avni : papa, ma I’m sorry

Asha too slaps her

Asha : (in an angry tone) you don’t call me ma ! And what did you say ? Sorry ? What sorry ? If you are sorry why did you run away ? I don’t even want to see your face.

Avni : (cries)

Neela gets worried seeing Avni .

Neela : (goes near Avni and hugs her) asha ji , ashish .. why are you hitting her ? (To Avni ) What happened ? You tell me . I’ll help you .

Ashish : (To Avni) see Avni ….. you insulted all of us and Neela ji’s family too but still she’s supporting you . I’m ashamed to say that you’re my daughter . I feel like …

Ashish is about to slap Avni but Riya stops

Riya : no bade papa . Don’t hit her.

Ashish angrily stares Avni

Avni runs away from that place.

Riya : you all are judging Avni because she left the marriage and we all got insulted because of her . Do you even know she didn’t want to get married so soon ?

Neela : (gets shocked)

Asha : but she was …

Aman : Don’t say anything mom . Did you even ask her opinion ?

Asha : we were asking her ….

Aman : please mom don’t knit stories . You all were like do it for Daadi she’s already not well she’ll be happy if you’re married . How many times she tried to convince you she doesn’t want to get married so soon .

Neela : (to Asha and ashish) you both did a very big mistake .

Ashish : Neela ji …

Neela : (cuts ashish in between) you all were forcing Avni . You didn’t even ask for Avni’s opinion and you all wanted her to get married . (To Asha) you didn’t understand Avni .

Asha : but Avni promised to her Daadi that she’ll marry the person whoever she chooses …

Neela : So you’ll force her? Ashish , asha you both are her parents . If you both don’t understand you child’s feeling what would she do ? To be honest if I were in avni’s place I would have done the same thing .Now I feel very bad for that child.

Neela leaves from that place .

Ashish and Asha see each other .

Scene 3:
Sukoon ghar

After the hospital incident Avni is shattered . She goes to sukoon ghar .

Tara sees Avni crying

Tara : Avni What happened ? And your cheeks are red ? Did anyone slap you ?

Avni breaks down

Saisha , samrat and other kids are shocked to see Avni in this state .

Saisha : Jaan didi what happened to you ? (Sees her would as she hurt her head) Wait here . I’ll comes .

Saisha goes to get medicine.

Tara : I’ll get you a glass of water

Samrat makes Avni sit .

Saisha tends to avni’s wound . Tara gets a glass of water and makes Avni drink .

Saisha : didi I’m sorry … because of my idea you’re suffering and even Riya didi got slapped .

Avni : (cuts saisha in between) no saisha . You don’t be sorry . And what did you say ? Riya got slapped ?

Samrat : ketan chachu slapped her as he thought she was the one who helped you.

Avni : WHAT! It’s not at all her fault ! (Starts crying) everyone are suffering because of me .

Kids : jaan didi please don’t cry !

Kids get sad seeing Avni like this . They try to make Avni laugh but Avni is still sad . Finally Mowgli starts doing some funny steps .

Avni starts laughing seeing Mowgli .

Saisha : (gets happy) finally someone made jaan didi laugh !


Avni and other kids Hug each other .

Avni : you know what guys ? Whenever I come here I feel very peaceful .

Samrat : that’s the main speciality of our sukoon ghar . No matter what happens whenever you come to sukoon ghar you’ll definitely feel happy.

Avni smiles .

Tara : Avni .

Avni : yes ?

Tara : come here

Tara and Avni go to a room

Avni : tell what happened? Is everything fine ?

Tara : actually … no .the goons are troubling us everyday.

Avni : Goons?

Tara : And they are calling us and threatening us a lot . One day they even came here .

Avni : WHAT! Since when ?

Tara : since a month . We even complained to police


Suddenly they get a call

Avni : Tara I’ll pick it up

Avni picks the call

Avni : hello ?

Goon : (in an evil tone) you filed a case against me ? How dare you !

Avni : hello ? Who’s this ?

Goon : Vacate the house within 3 days

Avni : Who the hell are you to ask us to vacate our house ? For your kind information this is our house and we are not going anywhere!

Goon : (in an angry tone) VACATE OR ELSE….

Avni : or else what ? You can’t do anything until I’m alive you monster!

Avni cuts the call

Goon : ok fine then . I’ll kill you and your lovely kids (he laughs evilly) and burn your house into ashes.

Tara : (worried) I’m so worried now .

Avni : nothing will happen Tara . I’m with you all . I’m in contact with Mr.Faiz Khan .

Tara : he’s a very successful lawyer right ?

Avni : yes I think he might help us . I have his number . You wait here I’ll get my bag .

Avni searches for her bag . The kids See avni

Saisha : are you searching for anything jaan didi ?

Avni : did you all see my bag ?

Saisha : didi you didn’t bring any bag when you came here

Avni : then … where did I leave it ?

She remembers Neil’s car hitting her and she was lying unconscious and fighting with him . After that she even remember Aman called her and informed about dayawanti’s condition. And she in a hurry leaves her bag unknowingly and she started running.

Avni : (to herself) What The hell ! I left my bag ! In that crack’s car ! Now How will I get it !

Samrat : jaan didi were you saying something ?

Avni : Ah no ….

Tara comes there .

Tara : did you get his number ?

Avni : I lost my bag

Tara : now how can we contact the lawyer ?

Avni : I’ll find a way .

Avni assures Tara that nothing will happen to sukoon ghar .

Scene 4
Police station

Neil enters the police station

Suddenly commissioner calls him

Commissioner : ACP Neil khanna

Neil : yes sir

Commissioner : A lady who’s running orphanage came and gave a complaint that some goons are troubling the kids and they even gave death threats. I want you to handle this case .

Neil : yes sir .

Commissioner : so go and enquire them so that we can take the necessary action .

Commissioner gives the sukoon ghar’s address to Neil . Commissioner leaves from the place.

Neil : Sukoon ghar…. I need to go there .

Episode ends.

Precap : Asha and ashish apologies to Avni . Dayawanti Is out of danger . goons enter and try to attack the kids when avni is out . Neil reaches sukoon ghar. Neil gets stabbed .


I hope you all liked the episode . I know today there were no AvNeil scenes . But I’ll be adding more scenes in the further episodes .And sorry if it was boring And I won’t drag it , I’ll try to end it soon in 20 to 25 or 30 episodes . And silent readers do leave your feedbacks .

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