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Dil Se Dil Tak 20th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Shorvari and Teni agree to select a single legal wife for Parth

Dil Se Dil Tak 20th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dada ji tells Parth that any one of the wives must surrender all her rights of being called as Parth’s wife, only on papers. Parth was worried that she will otherwise have to lose her right to be called as Ipshita’s mother. Mohini spices up saying one will be the queen and other as maid otherwise. Shorvari explains to Parth that society will never accept their relation, how far can we fight. Parth wasn’t ready to accept this, he understands someone is taking an advantage of their relation but they had created this relation on the basis of equality. The one who surrenders will gather into complex, their relation might scatter. Teni says everything will scatter if they don’t take this decision now. Parth was sure everything will settle in time. Shorvari says they have no time, if once ruined

their family will never get its respect back. Teni was ready to surrender anything for the sake of this loving family. She and Shorvari hold hand with each other. Shorvari wish she had left to never return. Teni says she interfered between her and Parth’s relation and must leave. Dada ji warns that whoever surrenders will lead a life of testimony, they should take time of this whole night and take the decision thoughtfully. Mohini was happy that her plan was accomplished and this relation will now end.
In the room, Parth suggests his wives to leave the country. Teni says they aren’t at wrong, why run away. Parth was upset that it’s all very wrong, and will only hurt them badly. He didn’t accept this division. Shorvari leaves the room to put Ipshita to sleep. Teni thinks he can’t see Parth hurt and will sure find a way to decrease this pain. The three watch each other’s photo separately, wondering for a way out from this problem. Teni thinks about a way.
In the morning, Teni tells Parth and Shorvari that they must leave the decision to God now. The family was enjoying tea with each other. Mohini was restlessly waiting for the trio to come downstairs and was sure there must have been a fight between the two wives of Parth. They finally appear. Teni announces they have decided to leave it to God, they will write their names and will toss the papers. Whichever name is selected will remain as Parth’s wife. Dada ji says it’s a huge decision, but Shorvari qualifies this way none will blame each other. They were sure about the way they had decided and put two papers into a jar. Teni places it in the temple, then asks Dada ji to select one. Mohini thinks she is happy as their interesting relation will end today.
Dada ji selects a paper, he says the name on the paper will be the one rightful of being called as Parth’s wife. She is Shorvari.

PRECAP: In a press conference, Teni surrenders her right of being called as Parth’s wife. Parth has only one legal wife from today, Shorvari Bhanushali.

Update Credit to: Sona

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