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Honest Ishqbaaaz Analysis (Chapter – 3) by AditiB

Well, Hello people! I know TU has gotten new, and many people must have forgotten me, but it’s good to come back with an analysis.

The story of Ishqbaaaz started from a fresh source. And it’s ending in the worst way possible. I know Ishqbaaaz is about to end later this June. But I hope it ends sooner. Because all I want to say is, the way Ishqbaaaz has turned down my expectations, is just mindless killing of faith. It needs to end, so that it can get a fresh start in the distant future.

The story has been annihilated. It has no power to thrill and make you happy, leave thinking altogether. I am not going to get through the storyline because it has lost the explicability as well. I can not plunge into it to kill my peace of mind et al. It’s not worth that anymore.

Now the thing that has prompted me to write all this after months of ignoring it, is that, Rikara is getting killed like the pawn used to hunt an animal. The animal here is getting hunted sooner or later, but the fate of the pawn makes me feel sad. Kunal and Shrenu deserve better, much better opportunities should come to them. I just want Indian television to find a purpose, to display the talents of good actors through good stories. No wonder the lack of all this has made the informed youngsters to turn to web series, that tell a story in the most compact and interesting manner. I can’t think of the Indian television churning out one “the Mentalist” or “Scandal”, but it can at least make a breakthrough from the worthless Saas bahu feud nowadays.

It is quite satisfying to find out that shows like Ishqbaaaz, while keeping the family as a base, build a different structure over this. But it all kills the interest when our expectations go down the drain as it takes the same ol’ road. I just want to say, I shouldn’t have wasted time in writing this, because everyone knows the truth, but everyone chooses aloofness over improvement.

And yes, I would never invest my time on any Indian television series other than Tedx. I am not afraid to say, that we need to stop gulping in shit in the name of entertainment. We need to stop killing creativity, and we need to bring in proper stories that deserve a watch. Indian television industry is the brain eating industry now. Either the country gets brain washed, or it’s brain gets eaten. Either way, we are killing our own minds that would run the future. For the sake of greater interest over petty money made of Saas Bahu stories, get a proper story dear makers, or get a life dear audience. We certainly can do better than Saas Bahu, wealthy family and dowry stories. Much better indeed.

Note: informed opinions welcomed. This is not a rant, but a logical point of view. If you’re bad at logic, better not comment.
Sorry people, I am updating my story “The Last Chance” on Wattpad. Search for AdiitiB there if anyone wants to read it. Thanks again.

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