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Vighnaharta Ganesh 19th November 2020 Written Episode Update – Savitri devi gets all her wishes fulfilled from yamraj.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 19th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with yamraj seeing savitri crossing the fire pit while mata gayatri is appreciating savitri’s devotion to narad & whatever she has earned by meditations in which mata kamdhenu has also blessed her.
Yamraj tells savitri that inspite you are helped by mata kamdhenu & due to your good deeds but then too till what place you have reached it’s better for you to return from here itself but savitri is pleading him saying i can’t return from here when i have reached till here then i’ll take my husband along then yamraj tells her to ask for boon for anything & i’ll bless you that so she asks him to bless with eyesight of my father & mother in laws & yamraj is seeing them what they are doing while they both are trying to go & search savitri & their son who have not returned since long so yamraj blesses them with eyesight & they are delighted appreciating their daughter in law due to whom this has happened.
Yamraj tells savitri that now you can go & meet your in laws as well as show them their son’s condition but instead she is thinking what’ll happen if she returns back so she again follows him while he warns her to not to come in devlok as you are not allowed there but she is following him thinking atleast devlok will understand my difficulty & as yamraj enters but savitri isn’t able to enter so she is weeping for help & she gets help by a trishul which is appreciated by narad to mata gayatri for helping her but instead mata tells him she has not helped her but instead she has earned all those powers due to her meditation itself & savitri enters devlok.
Yamraj again tells her now if you have reached here then ask one more wish which i’ll grant you because due to your devotion so strong towards your husband i am unable to stop you & she asks him to return the king & queen status of my father & mother in laws which they had lost & he blesses them with it. The king brother of satyavan’s father comes to plead him along with his affected son who got paralysed & also to return his throne again.
Yamraj tells savitri this has also being fulfilled so now atleast you can return but then too savitri tells him now when my in laws are safe then what’s the use of going to them again if my husband won’t be with me so i’ll follow my husband & yamraj tells her that now i’ll be entering in brahmadev’s area where you can’t enter so return from here itself but then too she follows him & enters praying brahmadev by which narad is also happy.
Yamraj is shocked savitri entered so he is telling her brahmadev’s place blesses everybody then you ask one more wish which i’ll give you but you should return & she asks him to bless her parents with a child who can take care of their throne in future & he blesses them the same.
Yamraj tells her now to return back but she insists saying what the point to return back so i’ll also come with my husband but he is saying that now i’ll go to my yamlok & you can’t follow me there as you have to return back & i have fulfilled all your wishes but then too she follows her saying i’ll also come with my husband but yamraj says addressing her as daughter that all your wishes are fulfilled so there is now no point following me but savitri tells her you called me your daughter so as father won’t make his daughter fall in any kind of trouble so you will definitely see my life blessed with all happiness but yamraj appreciates her saying you are so smart & created fatherly love in me so now you can wish whatever you want but only for yourself except your husband’s life & she asks him to bless her with hundred children’s & he blesses her & tells her to leave now but she does not while narad comes to explain yamraj that you performed your duty as a loving father but your wish should not get betrayed or you will be cursed then tell me that how will she get children’s without her husband & yamraj is stunned what he did.
Yamraj appreciates savitri blessing her with life of her husband & also this day will be known as vat savitri’s fast day on which any woman who is devoted for her husband so much & prays the tree which savitri did her meditation all those woman’s will also be blessed in future for their husband’s well-being & also if savitri’s husband gets affected in future he’ll be blessed again without losing his life.
Savitri returns to her husband who gets his life from yamraj & her father & mother in law also come along in their king & queen costumes appreciating that all this is happened only due to savitri’s prayers & meditation.
Satyavan’s uncle also comes along with his son who is paralysed & his son is pleading savitri saying henceforth i won’t humiliate parents which i have learnt by this punishment & he is holding her feet while satyavan signals her & she blesses him saying who accepts his mistake has chance to get forgiveness & he becomes better with the touch of savitri & they all praise her.
Mata laxmi & ganesh come to savitri as she appreciates & welcomes them while laxmi mata tells her i wish to complete my tour by doing haldi kumkum with you & they both do for each other accordingly & mata laxmi blesses her saying on this day my blessings will also be there with all the woman’s who complete all these rituals & ganesh also says my blessings will also be there with all those woman’s.
Ganesh asks mata laxmi now which story you’ll tell me next & she tells him of devi parmar who married rishi guru but this time test was of rishi as her husband for his wife.

Precap : Devi parmar & rishi guru weds but devi falls down dead & he holds her taking oath of bringing back her life with deep meditation.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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