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#RiAnsh #Fan Fiction #Ishq Mein Marjawan #Naagin 5 #Part – 13 She Is…

Hello all… 🙋🙋

I am busy and enjoying Diwali and Post Diwali celebrations so I’ve not updated earlier plus there are certain things in this part which is difficult for me to write rather to say express so I was deleting and re-writing it but finally now I am at point where I found it to good enough to post. So here I am updating now. 🤗

BDW one warning this part contains Mature content so do not read it if not comfortable… 😉😎

Okay so finally moving to the update.

Ansh was about to be settled on driver seat but before that Riddhima started crying grabbing all attention of Ansh and getting inside car he spoke

Ansh: What happened why are you crying? 🤔

Riddhima: I want to stay here don’t want to go anywhere. (She pouted while crying) 🤪

Ansh: You can’t. 😔(Refused politely as he don’t want to make fuss by provoking her)

Riddhima: Why but?🧐 And you know I am feeling drowsy and my head will go somewhere if you start car😝🤪 and I am listening a voice from club calling my name and you know. 🤪🤓

Before she can continue her nonsense blabbering Ansh with bit high voice speak rather to say scold her.

Ansh: Enough, not a single word now else I know other ways to keep your mouth shut. 😠

Riddhima zipped her lips for a moment or so listening to him but within few second she spoke

Riddhima: What are other ways? 🤔🤔

And very next moment Ansh slammed his lips on hers taking her breath away and stunned Riddhima tried her best to keep her lips shut but by now Ansh’s greed to explore more of her mouth take over him so he bite her lips making her ouch out of pain and taking it as opportunity he entered in her mouth and started exploring every corner of her mouth and once he felt sort of breath he broke the kiss and looked at Riddhima who is having shy as well as puzzled and angry face and before Ansh can speak anything she spoke

Riddhima: How dare you steal my first kiss? I’ve saved it for my… 😒🤨😏

But before she can complete her sentence Ansh once again kissed her and the moment he broke the kiss he grab opportunity to speak before Riddhima can start and spoke

Ansh: Even a single word and I’ll shut you like this only. 😉😍

And instead of speaking anything she pouted at him and after making weird faces at him she turned to window side and Ansh who was trying to control his laughter looking at her antics come out of car and dialled a number

After Ring or two it answered with irritated voice from other side

Voice: Vansh Raisinghania( Yeah many of you’ve assumed perfect that Ansh js Vansh) reason should be better to disturb me at this moment else you’ll be dead tomorrow. 😡🤬

Vansh: Veer, because of you I am stuck right now with a drunk girl so help me out getting out of it else I’ll not spare you.😣😤

Veer: Go get a room near to club and loose your virginity to her one and only best solution right now. 😡🤓

Vansh: I don’t want to take her benefit in her such state so I am not doing such thing.😒🙁 (Aww he is sweet I love such quality 😍🥰)

Veer: Do whatever you want to do man but don’t disturb me now. 😖😣

And before Vansh can react anything call went dead from other side.

And with a groan he dialled Angre’s number and it answered immediately with sleepy voice

Angre: Yes boss what happened? What do you want me to do? 🧐

Hearing his sleepy voice Vansh didn’t said a word to him and within few seconds he heard snoring from other side and he disconnected call and looked at Riddhima who have went to deep slumber by now and making some decision in his mind he entered in his car and started driving.

After drive of half hour he was standing out side his own home and slowly he tried to wake up Riddhima but his attempt failed so he came out of car and opened her side of door and swiftly scooped her in his arms and started moving towards entrance.

Once inside home he took her to his own bedroom and he was about to put her on bed but before she wake up and puke at him

At first Vansh was about to shout at her but Riddhima who have seen mess she created was looking at him with puppy eyes and her eyes were wet too 🥺🥺so he controlled himself and speak

Vansh: Have you ever drink this much before? 🧐🤨

Riddhima decline by nodding her head.

Vansh: That’s why come I’ll saw you bathroom clean your self. 😌

Riddhima: No I don’t want to. Will you please help me call a cab I want to go to home.😔😔 (Seems like she have been sobered up bit after puking out)

Vansh: You’re not going anywhere in this state. 😒

Riddhima: I’ll and you’re no one to stop me. 😠

Vansh: I am your friend remember we became friends at bar. 😎🤓

Riddhima was trying to remember when this happen so she can have next argument of her ready based on that but Vansh already have other plans in his mind so he immediately scooped her in his arms and bring her to bathroom and meanwhile Riddhima was trying to get down but she can’t, once in bathroom Vanah didn’t put her down holding her in his arms he started cold water shower and after that he make her stand beneath it but water was to cold for her so she hugged him immediately out of nowhere and Vansh was stunned too. But he reciprocated to her hug and speak

Vansh: Relax you’ll feel fine after this. 😌

And after few minutes he turned off shower and looked at her to ask her if she fine now but instead he started staring at her as her dress is hugging like second skin and wet red dress is making her look even more tempting he started having urge to kiss her but controlling himself he spoke

Vansh: Have this towel and dry yourself outside, I need to have shower too. 😣(😆😁)

And he handed over towel to Riddhima and Riddhima who have caught him staring at her was feeling shy standing in front of him so just went out in fraction of seconds.

And Vansh turned on shower and started having conversation with self

“What have happened to me? Why I am feeling attracted to her? Every damn time I am able to control my physical needs but looking at her I am feeling like I need to take her which I can’t rather to say I should not. But she is irresistible”

And he stand there for few more minutes calming down his desires.

Meanwhile Riddhima who was drying herself was thinking

“Why I am feeling attracted towards him? I don’t know why his gaze is burning me and I don’t know why I want him right now which I’ve never felt earlier even when I was with Kabeer I’ve never felt this and I know I should not even right now as I am married but he is irresistible. ”

And soon she heard bathroom’s door knob’s voice and next moment she saw Vansh who have only towel draped around his waist and he is moving in her direction Riddhima started feeling weak on her knees and her cheeks are burning and have turned red by now thanks to her open hair else by now he can see that and Riddhima hated his effect on her body but still she is not able to move her eyes from him to anywhere else and once Vansh reached to her he looked at her and speak

Vansh: I actually don’t have any girls clothes at my home so can you please…

But cutting him in between Riddhima answered

Riddhima: Don’t worry I am fine it’ll dry out soon.

Vansh: By then you might catch cold so don’t refuse my help have my shirt it’ll fit you as same length as this dress so you want feel awkward.

And Riddhima didn’t say a word and Vansh handed over his white shirt to her and she went to bathroom to get changed and once she out after changing she saw clean room and neatly tied bed and even two bowls are waiting for her so she walked towards bed and settled and handing over one bowl to her Ansh spoke

Ansh: I don’t know much of cooking so only thing I can serve you right now is this Maggie hope you’re a… 🤞🤞

But cutting him one more time Riddhima spoke

Riddhima: I love it. 😍😍

Ansh: Great than have it while it’s hot.🙂

And both of them started enjoying own bowl and once done Ansh informed Riddhima

Ansh: Make your self comfortable and rest here for today night I’m at next door if you need anything let me know. 🤓🧐

And even without looking at her for another time he left from room with empty bowls and Riddhima was touched with his behavior all this while and unconsciously her mind compared his behavior with Kabeer who was treating her like princess when they got engaged and suddenly all bitter memories of past started making their way to her making her cry a bit but soon she wiped her tears and lay down on bed.

After few hours or so she felt a hand roaming around her waist and before she can look at owner of hand she felt a pair of lips slammed on her lips and she very well knows the owner of lips and unconsciously she closed her eyes and let him explore every corner of her mouth and after taking his sweet time enjoying her mouth he broke kiss and looked at her and her eyes were still closed and he pressed his lips against her ears almost kissing her earlobe and in husky voice speak

Ansh: Open your eyes, I want you to look into my eyes.

And obeying his orders Riddhima opened her eyes and looked at him with desires in her eyes and neither of them speak anything but both knew that they needed each other right now and Ansh took initiative and started roaming his hands over her belly and started moving upward and he stopped when he felt corner of her bra and next moment he moved his hands downside and finding the hook of her bra he unclasped her bra and moved it to explore her br*ast though Riddhima want to stop him but her body betrayed her and she moaned when he pinched her nip*les and moves towards her lips to kiss her.

And this time Riddhima responded to his kiss without any hesitation and without breaking the kiss they started removing each other’s clothes and soon they were in their birth suit.

Ansh kept started teasing her by pressing his erection on her vagina and after few moments without any prior warnings he entered in her making her scream out of pain and he stopped for a moment and kissed her and once she is ready he started thrusting inside her and both of they started enjoying it and Ansh was kissing her lips, her nip*les while Riddhima digged her nails in his back out of pleasure and Riddhima opened her eyes to looked at him

And the moment Riddhima opened her eyes she didn’t found anyone and she checked her clothes they’re safe too and she face-plam herself for having such a wild dream.(Have breath of relief and I am already hiding at safe place so don’t throw anything at me 🤭🤭)And once again she checked other side of bed and this time a chit catch her eyes and she picked it up which reads

“Breakfast is ready enjoy it, later my driver will drop you. ”

And a small smile crept on her lips.

Meanwhile at Vansh’s office

As soon as Vansh entered in his cabin he called Angre inside and showing a picture in his mobile he speak

Vansh: I want all damn information of this girl as soon as possible.

Angre looked at picture and his eyes went wide out of shock and surprise both and all he answered Vansh

Angre: Where do you meet her boss?

Vansh: Seems like you already knows her.

Angre: Yeah I mean not (And he started fumbling on words)

Vansh: Clear it out now.

Angre: She is your wife Boss.

Now it’s Vansh time to be stunned he didn’t utter a word later.


Biggest update till now because I wanted to apologize genuinely for not updating this long but I was busy with Diwali celebrations and later my lil nephew is here so my whole day pass around him only. Hope you all have enjoyed Diwali. 😊

Now time for you all start dropping comment for this update and share with friends only. 😉🤣

Last but not least stay happy  and safe with family and friends. 😇🙂

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