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#RIANSH – A CUTE LOVE STORY – Episode – 12 – What’s Angre and Riddhima’s relation?

Episode starts with…

Angre: Guys we need to jump. Sejal, I have unlocked the doors just jump off the car with Riddhima.

Sejal: What about you guys?

Vansh: First you both jump and then we’ll too

Sejal tried to drag Riddhima to jump but Riddhima was in trauma and wasn’t moving when Sejal pushed her hard Riddhima came back to senses and realized that she was supposed to jump off the car with Sejal.

Riddhima: Guys I can’t leave you and go. We all will jump together. Please, I can’t risk losing any dear ones again. Pleaseeeee

Vansh and Angre were shocked to see her state. Vansh couldn’t take risk so he asked Sejal to jump first but when she asked about Riddhima, he signed that he’ll push her out so she should first go. Sejal jumped off the car and landed on the road and had some injuries and as soon as Sejal jumped Vansh turned towards Riddhima, who was not ready to leave them and jump but

Vansh: I am sorry Riddhima but it’s needed

He pushes Riddhima forcefully, she falls and rolls down the lane. Sejal runs towards Riddhima and making her get up they both look at the vehicle.

Vansh: Angre jump

Angre: Vansh, if I jump, then we’d lose balance and wheel would get out of control. So, first you jump then I’d

Vansh: Angre I am not going to leave you alone. It’s okay if the wheel gets out of control. But we need to jump

Angre: Vansh please go, I’ll jump once you get down. Just JUMP!!!

Angre pushed Vansh and while he tried jumping down, his door was jammed and he was unable to open it. He tried handling the wheel but it was getting out of control and the car started moving in zig zag manner. Meanwhile, Vansh hurt himself in the process of being pushed by Angre. Riddhima and Sejal came running to him and helped him in getting up. While they were worried for Angre, they saw how the vehicle was moving in zig zag manner creating panic in Riddhima. She asked Vansh why did he jump without Angre. That’s when Vansh told them what all happened. The all 3 were equally worried for Angre but Riddhima had double worry as she had already gone through that experience, she was unable to control her emotions and she was getting panic attacks. Sejal was trying her level best to calm down but in vain. Vansh was shocked as of what happened to Riddhima as few minutes back she was fine but then again, her condition was worsening. Whereas Angre was trying to control the vehicle he wasn’t able to. He tried to open the door but that was jammed and it wasn’t opening. Riddhima was terrified by the way the vehicle was moving. Suddenly, they saw the vehicle hitting the median and rolling in the opposite direction and hitting the road once again and flames arose and the car burst …

Riddhima: BHAIIYYAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Riddhima’s shout was on high volume which attracted every on goer. Vansh was clueless of Riddhima’s state but as Sejal knew everything so she understood what’s Riddhima going through. She tried hard but Riddhima was inconsolable. She was broke. She experienced the same thing once again. She felt like she lost everything once again. She fell on the road and was weeping in Sejal’s arms while Vansh tried consoling her but their every try was all in vain. She was shouting bhayya bhayya bhayya and was literally crying.

That’s when they saw a person walking towards them as the effect of smoke was high, they couldn’t clearly see the person but as he approached, they could identify the person and their happiness had no bounds. Vansh ran and hugged his friend when Riddhima out of happiness of finding someone alive whom she thought was lost a while ago was finding him alive in front of her was the happiest. She ran and hugged him tight and was murmuring

Riddhima: Bhaiyya, you are fine! Did anything happen to you? You are ok right!! Did you get any injury?

Vansh and Sejal were observing how concerned and broke Riddhima was. Vansh signed Sejal to ask her but her eyes spoke that she’ll tell him everything.

Vansh: Angre how did you come out? Do you have any idea what we went through!! Just see her (pointing Riddhima. She’s still struck onto Angre). Her condition was the worst

Angre: Vansh, my door was jammed and I tried opening it but couldn’t. So, I jumped from the passenger seat door before the vehicle hit median and burst.

Angre was staring at Riddhima who was still hugging him and weeping. He recollected how she shouted Bhaiya when the car burst. He wanted to make sure he didn’t have any illusion and so breaking their hug, he looked into Riddhima’s moist, worried, concerned eyes staring back at him with utter fear.

Angre (his voice trembling): Riddhima, what did you just call me out.

Sejal and Vansh worried as they knew that Angre doesn’t like anyone calling him Bhaiya as he had special connection with that relation so till today none called him Bhaiya neither Sejal nor Siya. So, Vansh and Sejal were worried that may be Angre would vent his anger on poor Riddhima who didn’t knew that. They tried to stop Angre but he pointed his hand towards them to stop. Riddhima who was in shock of the accident collapsed in Angre’s arms creating panic among them. They took a cab and rushed her to RS Mansion and called a doctor to check Riddhimaa and even to do the first aid of others as they too had injuries.

Its 11am, RS Mansion,

As the doctor was checking Riddhima in Vansh’s room, others were being treated in the living room while the elders were worried of what happened and how, Sejal narrated them everything that happened. Everyone was shocked while Chanchal and Rudra were worried for Riddhima as they know how difficult it was for Riddhima to cope up with that happened in her childhood, and now the same happened. Angre was lost in thoughts as to what all happened and what Riddhima called him. He was adamant to learn the truth at any cost. Doctor came down breaking his thoughts, Angre rushed towards doctor to know Riddhima’s condition

Angre: Doctor, how’s she? Is she fine? Is there anything serious?

Doctor: She’s perfectly fine. She received a shock of witnessing something that made her collapse. Did she witness something that brought her some memories from past?

Chanchal: Yes doctor, she witnessed an accident similar to something that happened many years back.

Doctor: That’s the reason for her reaction. I gave her medicine; she’ll be fine by an hour.

Saying so doctor left but Angre had mixed emotions in his eyes. He felt like his only dream was coming true. He just wanted one confirmation. He was thinking all that happened from almost past 24 hours and was wondering if this can be true. Vansh gave him a jerk to bring him back to reality.

Vansh: Angre, where are you lost? Didn’t you hear what doctor said! She’ll be fine don’t worry

Angre without paying heed to what Vansh was saying he rushed to Sejal

Angre: Sejal, tell me one thing please, Is she your own sister?

Everyone was observing as how desperate Angre was to know Riddhima’s reality. Vansh knew Angre’s desperate attempt as he shared his thoughts with him previous night.

Sejal: Angre why are you asking me all this now.

Angre: Sejal please it’s very necessary for me. Please speak the truth

Sejal: NO!!! She is not my sister. She is my best friend and she is not my parents own daughter. My parents adopted her 15 years back.

Angre’s happiness had no bounds and he was jumping of happiness.

Angre: Sejal, how did you meet her

Sejal: Angre I was 10 years old when I joined new school and she was my classmate, she used to stay in orphanage as she lost her parents and brother in an accident when she was 5. She was the only one who escaped that tragic accident and was rescued by some passer byes and then handed over to police who in turn had handed her over to the Orphanage and she used to stay there and the orphanage used to take care of her studies too. So, in this way we met and I felt connected to her and she became my best friend. I told Ma and Pa about her and they were sorry for her so they decided to adopt her and after few months of legal procedures we finally got her guardianship and so she became my sister and daughter to my parents.

Chanchal: She accepted us as her parents but never called us as Ma and Pa as she always regarded her parents deserved that relation in her life so even, we never asked her to call so. She calls us as Mom and Dad but even in that we hear it as Ma and Pa.

Rudra: It’s true that we adopted her but we never treated her so. She was, is and will always be our daughter no matter what!!!

Angre was the happiest, he never thought that his dream will come true.

Sejal: She still misses her family and mainly her brother, she loved him the most and she told me that he used to call her with different name and she hates anyone calling her by that name. Her brother used to call her

Angre: “Riddhu”

Everyone was shellshocked by the way how Angre took the name. Angre turned towards Vansh who by now understood what Angre wanted to tell. He smiled while Angre ran and hugged him and started shouting

Angre: Vansh I found her. Vansh I found her!!!

Vansh: Angre I understood you found her. You have been searching her for years and finally your handwork paid off. Your instinct was right that she is alive. You were right she was alive and missing you

Others were clueless as to what were they discussing. They were wondering whom did he find and whom was he searching since years?

Sejal felt something and rushed towards Angre and stared at him in questionable manner asking if is he

Sejal: Are you seriously the same I am thinking of?

Angre (Smiling): Yes (tears rolling)

Sejal couldn’t hold her happiness and in excitement hugged him tight and he too reciprocated

Angre: Sejal, I just need one confirmation

Sejal: What?

Angre: Can you once check and tell me if she has any mole behind her neck towards her right corner.

Sejal: I’ll go and check just wait

Precap: Vansh and Angre were patiently waiting for Sejal but she doesn’t answer any of their questions. Angre feels that his instinct was wrong

So that’s all for today. Hope you guys are enjoying and please do comment and let me know your views and suggestions if any needed.

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