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RadhaKrishn 19th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Banasur To Attack Dwarka

RadhaKrishn 19th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Sam plans to make Banasur and Krishna fight and says he will see how Krishna will escape. Banasur returns to his kingdom. His soldiers chant his name. He says asur’s good time has arrived and with Mahadev’s blessings, nobody can defeat him now, he will win over the whole world. Princess Usha walks in and soldiers chant her name. Usha stops them and asks Banasur if he is so powerful, why don’t he save her friend Laxmana. Banasur solds Maid Chitralekha to take lock Laxmana in a room and not let her house. Maid says how can she stop Usha from meeting her father. Banasur asks her to return to her room and when he returns after winning the universe, he will perform her swayamvar with a most compatible boy. He warns maid not to make this mistake again or else he will kill her and addresses his soldiers that they will start their journey now and will attack his most oldest and biggest enemy Krishna.

Krishna informs Balram that Banasur has headed to win the universe and will attack them first. Balram says they both are enough to defeat Banasur and his army. Krishna says Banasur has many superpowers and they cannot win over him. He orders to alert soldiers and guard whole Dwarka as they don’t know Banasur will attack from which side. Sam gets happy seeing soldiers running around and thinks he watch Banasur killing Krishna and then will leave this place, thinks where will he go as he doesn’t have any friend and how to get out of Dwarka. He walks to Radha who is praying Mahadev and says he wants to know about Dwarka’s history. She asks if he doesn’t want to know about Krishna. He says he doesn’t want to. She asks him to walk down the stairs and meet a maha pandit who will inform him everything. Sam walks to Maha Pandit who greets him without noticing him. Sam asks how does he know he came. Maha Pandit says he can sense by his rays. Sam asks who are Krishna and Dwarka’s enemies as he is Dwarka’s future king and is worried about its enemies. Maha Pandit pandits informs that Banasur is the biggest enemy. Sam asks what is Krishna’s relationship with Laxmana. Maha Pandit informs that Laxmana is Duryodhan’s daughter and after Pandavs via Krishna’s help killed Duryodhan and his brother, the remaining family hates Krishna; not only him Chedi dynasty hates him aas he killed Chedi king, Ang dynasty hates him as he got Karn killed via Arjun by trick, and many others hate Krishna, so he should be careful and not enter those territories and to take Krishna’s permission before going out of Dwarka. Sam turns and sees Krishna, Balram, and Radha standing. Balram asks what is he doing here. Sam says he is worried about Dwarka’s safety and came to know about its enemy. Balram praises him.

Sam walks out thinking he will escape with his mother from Dwarka and let Krishna fight with his enemies. He then thinks how will he go without Krishna’s permission, so he goes to Jamvati who is busy praying god for Krishna’s safety and tells her that he liked Panchal princess and wants to marry her in swayamvar, so he wants her to accompany him. Jamvati gets happy and walking to Krishna tells that Sam wants to marry Panchal princess and wants her to accompany him. Krishna denies permission seeing war situation, but agrees on Radha’s insistence.

Precap: Krishna submits himself to Banasur. Banasur orders to become his slave.
Krishna says he is crossing his limits and now will die, attacks him with sudarshan chakra.

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