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Qurbaan Hua 20th November 2020 Written Episode Update:Chahat cures the face of Neel, the entire family rejoices

Qurbaan Hua 20th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Chahat advises Neel to not remove the bandage till five hours, Neel mentions that he is not hopeful and she should also not keep high hopes as he doesnot feel that the mix would do anything.
Jamuna explains to Viyas jee that he has brought more things which he asked for the pooja, then questions what it is, Viyas jee says that he desires that this day be the same as any other day because Chahat has brought the flower so he prays that the face of Neel heals and is like before.
Chahat is praying when Neel comes explaining that he is feeling pain in the face, Chahat pleads with him to let her remove the bandage as the time has come but he refuses mentioning that he doesnot want to look more hideous as he already cannot come in front of the family members, she tricks him into thinking that there is a cockroach so cuts off the bandage, even then Neel doesnot look at his face she forces him to open his eyes and he is shocked to see that his face has been cured by the paste which she applied on his face, he is left amazed and is not able to control his emotions so hugs her with all his might, she also exclaims that she is grateful that he is okay. She explains they should thank those because of whom the flower came to life and she was able to break it, they both mention that the love which those would have towards each other would be unconditional and they would be ready to die for each other, both of them think how the other was ready to for the other.
Ramavtar mentions that he went to check and the old age home as taken care of Mr Baig, Ghazala mentions that she is worried why Chahat is still in the house even when Neel has died, then she thinks that Chahat has become a liability for them so she wants him to go and kill her in the house, Ram Shankar mentions that he cannot go into the house as Chahat would recognize him, she orders him to go and find someone else who would fulfil this job for her, Ramavtar leaves, Ghazala exclaims that she would be able to kill Chahat as now Neel is not there to protect her.
Viyas jee is praying that god should listen to the prayers of Chahat as she has found the flower for Neel so doesnot want that she face any problem, Chahat calls from behind exclaiming that his prayers have been accepted, then reveals the face of Neel, Viyas jee mentions that the moon ahs come back from behind the clouds, Viyas jee calls Jamuna who is not able to control his feelings so hugs him, he even calls Godambari and Naveli who both exclaim that he is looking even better than before.
Godambari suddenly calls someone as a scary face, it is Baleq who comes with his face covered, Viyas jee inquires what has happened with him, he explains how he went to get the original honey for Kripa but some bees stung him which caused his face to be like this, he mentions that he is ashamed he called Neel as someone with a ruined face so desired to do something that would make up for his actions, Neel however is not ready to accept his apology.
Chahat in the room is preparing the camera, she asks Neel to make a pose as she would take new pictures of him because he mentioned that he doesnot look like the old Neel, also advising that he should do the same pose as Shahrukh khan, Neel however refuses saying that he will do no such thing but Chahat forces him to wear the new jacket so as to pose, he removes the stall mentioning that he has a better use then he ties her with the chair explaining that the only way she would be controlled is if she is tied, he brings the books for her ordering that she should study as only then would she be able to fulfil the dream of her father. Chahat is sure that she would fulfil the dream of her father, he mentions that he has to buy some groceries for the cooking show,
Neel is in the market buying some groceries for the cooking, Ghazala is also waiting for the person whom Ramavtar has hired to kill Chahat, she bumps into Neel but doesnot know that it is him because of his changed face, she seeing the knife asks why is he carrying the knife then Neel thinks that he would act as the killer till she reveals the truth that she was the one who tried to kill him.
He asks what work she has for him then she reveals that she wants him to kill Chahat, he inquires if she is her own daughter but then Ghazala mentions that she is her stepdaughter which is why she wants her to die, Neel questions why did she not kill her before, Ghazala explains that she tried but in the attempt her husband died which she never wanted but she is not sorry for it, she further says that she went to the factory while following her which makes him realize that there is someone else who wants to kill Chahat, he hurts his hand out of angry and when Ghazala questions he mentions that he doesnot have concern for such small injuries, he assures her that he would kill Chahat, she hands him her number then leaves, Neel wonders who might have tried killing her.
Neel wakes up, when Chahat is trying to kill him, he inquires what is she doing and is shocked to see that all of his hands and legs are plastered so inquires how did they break, Chahat mentions that she had to do this for a medical routine and gave him such strong sedatives that he fell asleep so she was able to apply the plaster, Chahat once again asks him to pose for the photo as she has to show that she went for a medical routine, Neel however refuses demanding that she give back his mobile as he cannot even walk however she is running and in the chase they both fall on the sofa, Chahat is on top of Neel and is not able to take her eyes off him.

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